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Berryburst slot


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Does not include bonus games

Berryburst is the lucky one slot online Della Netten, ready to surprise the players with a fun and tasty fruit explosion! This review explains how to play the slot, which bonuses offers, and from what advantages and disadvantages it is characterized.

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Berryburst: main information

Those who love having fun with Fruit Machine cannot help but try Berryburst Slot for free. This brand new title branded Netent has the theme of fruit as its protagonist, but proposes it in an absolutely modern key. A Excellent aesthetic sector and a dynamic and lively gameplay, the setting of the Games Old School bring back to new life, making it worthy of the gaming offer in the best online casinos.

Rules of the game

The rules of Berry Burst Video Slot are very simple and follow the style of the latest slots. The basic grid is offered with a traditional layout with 5 rollers and 3 lines, on which winning combinations can be made from left to right, from right to left and in the central section.

To start playing you have to choose a basic episode, assigning the level and value to the same. These options are all present in the main screen, which proves to be functional and very intuitive. The minimum amount of the allowed bet is equal to 0.01 tokens with level 1, which correspond to $ 0.10, to play a small deposit on its game site is also fine to play. The maximum amount of the episode, however, reaches 2 tokens and level 10, corresponding to $ 200.

To start the lap of wheels, you must click on the Play key placed at the bottom of the center, represented by two concentric arrows. To the left of the latter is the command for automatic laps, which allow you to start from 10 to max 1,000 rpm. On the right of the Play key, on the other hand, there is the command that allows you to make a ride with the maximum episode and value of the current tokens. Further information is present in the lower section are: the current amount of the bet, the number of tokens available to the players and the winning report.

To access the game regulation, you must click on theicona “i” lower left. To customize your games more you can: activate or deactivate the sound, set the fast lap mode and activate the play option with space bar.

Developer and software

Berryburst is a title produced by NetEnt following the success of the Videoslot Starburst, released in 2012. The provider Netent also confirms its great experience and reliability in terms of online game rooms online, positioning itself at the top of the ranking of the most loved and appreciated producers. Among these are the famous names of Pragmatic Play, Playtech and Big Time Gaming.

The Netent has distinguished itself over time for an offer of varied and extremely valid games. The perfect example is given by Slots Rome The Golden Age, Gordon Ramsay, Codex Fortune and Parthenon Quest for Immortality, all present in the offer of the most famous online casinos with ADM/AAMS license, according to American laws.

Features of the Berryburst slot

Videoslot is characterized first of all by excellent graphics and an extremely pleasant basic sound. The first responds to the Standard of the most recent games, the second is able to accompany the game sessions without being annoying in any way.

Berryburst Slots mechanics include the system Cluster Plays, according to which the winnings are obtained thanks to groups of figures of the same type and not with icons aligned on the classic winning lines. During the sessions, symbols can be obtained Wild, Expanding and the bonus function Free Spins.

The slot is available in the Berryburst version real money and Berryburst Demo, on almost any American ADM casino site.

Berryburst: payout and combinations

The Berryburst payments table and all the winning combinations provided can be consulted in the section Discover Regulations. The winning spins take place by group of figures of the same type and range from a requirement minimum of 5 tokens to a maximum of 5,000null Also the jolly It is a paying icon, an element that is certainly appreciated by all passionate players.

Any malfunction caused by the software or connection cancels the bet and returns the relative amount to the player's balance.

Payment table and lines

The cards present in the grid participate in the winning combinations as the group is made up of 5 or more of the same type. The Payout table, present in the "I" section or discover the regulation, shows 4 characteristics icons and 3 minor symbols. The first are: raspberry, orange clove, three blueberries and half lime. The latter depict three of the seeds planned in the poker cards: hearts, spades and paintings.


As for the payment of the individual characteristic symbols of Berryburst expressed in tokens:

  • Il raspberry pays from 30 to 5,000;
  • lo orange clove pays from 20 to 3,000;
  • i Three blueberries pagans da 10 2.500;
  • Il mezzo lime pays from 10 to 2,500.

The minor icons instead offer a PAYOUT in tokens ranging from a minimum of 5 to max 1,000.

Berryburst game bonus

Berryburst offers two types of extra gameplay. The first is activated by the Jolly symbol, which replaces all the other icons and allows you to create winning combinations. The icon is represented by a yellow cube containing the letter “W” bright, appears on all wheels and, participating in a winning combination automatically expands on all lines. In the second case, the figure takes the name of Expanding Wild.

The second bonus is defined Re-Spin And every time the Expanding Wilding is activated, a method of obtaining a win with free laps.


Unfortunately, the slot machine does not include a bonus jackpot function. Fall mechanics and the re-Spin bonus, however, ensure a dynamic and compelling gameplay, capable of offering interesting payouts and frequent bonuses.

Berryburst Free Spin

This title It does not include a scatter icon Which activates the classic free laps mode (Free Spin), however there is the Re-Spins function that activates every time an Expanding Wild participates in a winning combination.

Initially the first winnings are assigned as all the Jolly figures have expanded and the combinations present have been calculated. Subsequently, the tour is automatically starts, which maintains all the expanded jokers on the grill and as a bonus makes the remaining wheels turn again.

If in the course del Re-Spin New jokers are obtained, these too expand and the winnings are calculated. By getting new jokers, moreover, the player enjoys a new additional free lap.

Theme and graphics

Berryburst Slot Online makes the graphic sector one of his own Main strengthsnull Fans of the old style Fruit Machine, in this title, find the classic theme of fruit on the rollers, although the icons do not represent the traditional ones. Instead of cherries, lucky 7, oranges and watermelon here are exotic fruits here: raspberry, blueberries and a juicy lime.

Il design is modern and particularly pleasantnull All icons appear rounded, shiny and bright colors and bright colors. The minor figures have also been treated in detail: hearts, paintings and spades appear incorporated into a soft sphere, perfectly in line with the style of the entire slot.

Another valve of the Netten video riverworks are animations. The figures, on the wheels, are never stopped and float slightly. The winning combinations instead give life to an explosion of lights and colors, especially when the joker expands on all the rollers and optimizes the winning combinations already present with the other bonuses.

The basic soundtrack is lively, pressing, cheerful. Remember, in detail, the beach music typical of the shores on the most fun and frequented sea.

RTP and volatility

With regard to l’RTP Estimated by Berryburst, this review considers it quite satisfactory while the volatility offered stands out as medium-low. This combination therefore allows you to create frequent and satisfactory value winnings. The player also participates in session hours that guarantee him to obtain, within an example of 100 tokens, a potential return equal to at least to 96,56% of the same.

These data are perfectly in line with the slots in the best bookmakers on the web from the year 2020 onwards. This certifies that Berryburst is still an excellent title to play to, despite being released in August 2018.

How to win in Berryburst?

To win in Berryburst Slot online you must first check the balance present in the gamer account. To participate in the laps it is in fact necessary to have a minimum credit of 0.10 $. After opening the main screen of the game you have to set the episode you intend to bet and start the first lap by clicking on the play key, located in the center of the lower bar. All the icons pay in any position land.

Free Berryburst: play on the demo version to practice

Those who play several hours for the slots machines (such as Starburst) on the casino on the web, often prefer to test the various games in the Free version And only later, if satisfied by the gameplay, try the version with real money.

Berryburst Slot Free allows you to play and understand the mechanics present within the title in a completely free way. Mode Berryburst demo In fact, it makes available to the 2,500 virtual tokens video game, corresponding to 5,000 $.

To participate in this type of web gaming, you must click on the Tab for free on the page dedicated to the Games Casino and open the page dedicated to the software. When users consider themselves satisfied with the number of free turns tried in Berryburst Demo, they have the opportunity to move true money to Berryburst. To this end they simply have to close the screen of the free version and access the one that opens by clicking on the "Play" button.

Playing Berryburst with real money

To have fun with Berryburst real money you must first of all choose a casino site on the web and register. To validate your account it is often necessary to send an identity document, which will be validated within a short time by the assistance team.

In this review we want to remember that all bookmakers with regular ADM license according to American laws ensure compliance with privacy policy and support the responsible game. Some good habits how to take pauses every total hours of play, and putting limits in their games are highly recommended, even for more experienced players.

Once you have recharged your account, you have to search for Berryburst Slot Machine among the Games Casino on the site. Passing the mouse pointer on the slot you will notice the two tabs "Play" and "Play for free". To access Berryburst real money you must choose the first and open the page dedicated to the software.

Conclusion: our opinion on Berryburst

Berryburst is a slot machine on the web that enjoys all the experience and reliability of its manufacturer: Netent. The latter is famous for its dynamic and fun games, characterized by a graphics with attention to all the details and effective and pleasant basic soundtracks. Berryburst also counts on all these advantages, also adding one Good volatility, while remaining faithful to a simple and relaxing gaming style.

In Berryburst There are no bonus games, nor a fixed or progressive jackpot. This choice proves to be in line with the gaming style based on simplicity, characterized by easy rules to understand also for novice players. The Payout table, however, has a rather satisfactory payment. The basic betting variety of Berryburst also meets both the needs of the cautious players and those of those who love to confront the most daring software games.

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