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Piggy Riches

Piggy Riches is still today one of the most pleasant slots to play in online casinos. Fast action, detailed graphics and fun animations that manage to keep attention high. The bonus phase with many free spins and capable of giving excellent winnings are engaging, shame does not activate easily. Perhaps the lack of a half point of RTP is missed.

Fast and dynamic action
Non -intrusive sound
Multiplier integrated with the Wild
Only 15 payment lines
Bonus phase not easily activated

There are some particular slot machines which, for a circumstance of lucky events or thanks to a precise strategy, manage to become three the most famous. Netennt is not new to amazing successes so much that the prolific Swedish house has accustomed us to this type of commercial exploit.

Piggy Riches, although it is not the first slot that comes to mind by appointing this developer, is one of the greatest successes of this developer. Lancied for over ten years Piggy Riches, with its nice pair of piglets protagonists of the rollers, is still one of the most fun, appreciated and challenged video slots in the lots of Aams online casinos.


Piggy Riches: main information

The image of the piglet has always been linked to abundance. Nothing is thrown away from the pig, says an old adage. We do not know how much consciously or not but, in 2010, he consecrated himself, with Piggy Riches, the association between these animals and the world of slot machines.

However, it is impossible to deny that the Piggy Riches slot machine does not reveal all its age. For example, a real soundtrack is missing, the graphics are perhaps a little too detailed by forcing the player to sharpen the view, especially on the first shots. Colors, shades and details that almost seem to seem the chiseled icons rather than drawing. Obviously we have to relate everything with the era in which Piggy Riches was launched.

The absence of a soundtrack today could represent a defect but the Piggy Riches abounds with acoustic effects. First of all, and pleasantly suitable, it is that sort of launching that acts as a background to the movement of the rollers. An effect that seems to really transmit the vibration of the slot machine in use.

The slot includes both the normal game and a special phase. This is activated when at least three scatters land on the grid, represented by Lady Pig. The arrival of the female protagonist on the game area is underlined by another sound effect: the typical grunt of the pig. The slot has the right rhythm: it involves but does not stun. The action is slightly more syncopated in the special phase where, there is the possibility of collecting a beautiful sum.

Rules of the game

Piggy Riches adopts classic game rules. The area consists of 5 rollers and 3 lines on which the 15 payment lines are placed. The win is obtained by aligning a minimum of three symbols equal starting from the roller more to the left of the grid. This applies to all symbols except for the scatter and the icon of maximum value (a sack with the gold coins) where only two are enough.

Lady Pig, with his permanent blonde, the fur neck and a gift pack in his hand, has the functions of Scatter. This makes access to a special phase represented by a variable number of free spin. Lady Pig's effigy can land everywhere generating the bonus phase, there is no need for alignment on one of the payines. A minimum of three are needed to activate the special function.

The Wild is instead represented by Gentleman Pig, the other protagonist of the game. The male alter ego of the Scatter is represented by a pork in a jacket and tie with a cylinder hat that wires a rustling bull of dollars in the left paw. The Jolly takes on the value of each symbol to be able to close a combination by also providing a nice 3x multiplier.

Developer and software

Netennt has been one of the protagonists of the video slot market for years. Piggy Riches confirms the leadership of this developer in the sector. The company was officially born in 1996 by inheriting the experience, starting from the 70s, on the production and distribution of traditional slots in Sweden, its hometown, and other countries of Europe.

The subsequent online landing was almost a godsend for the newly formed company, which was able to start immediately on the right foot. The Piggy Riches was launched in 2010 and was suffered one of the major successes of the house. The game mechanics fishing with full hands from the slots of the early 2000s, both for its mechanics, quite traditional, and for sounds. However, with over two lifestyle on the Piggy Riches shoulders, it is still a fixed presence in the best AAMS online casinos.

Features of the Piggy Riches Slot slot

With a minimum episode of only $ 0.15, Piggy Riches manages to entertain players with a not high Bankroll. The maximum bet that can be set is $ 75.

Average volatility means that the behavior of this slot is quite fluctuating. Maybe there are no euphoria peaks that a high volatility slot could give in the moment of a nice blow but, in every situation, this slot is never too boring. The official RTP is 96.38%, perhaps an extra percentage point could make Piggy Riches even more interesting.

Piggy Riches Slot: Payout and combinations

For the period in which Piggy Riches was launched was considered among the most interesting for playing mechanics. This slot combined several functions and related winning possibilities.

However, the way to set the episode is always not very intuitive. Those who play set a number of "coins" to associate a value. The player can then decide the number of coins and the Cadauno value. The minimum bet is 15 coins to which to associate a value of 0.01 (equal to $ 0.15) up to a maximum of 150 coins, adjustable with the "Level" button, up to a maximum of 150.

The maximum value that can be associated with each coins is 0.50 generating a maximum of 75 $. In order not to go crazy there is an inscription under the game area of the set episode, directly in $.

Payment table and lines

Piggy Riches is equipped with its payment table that we invite you to consult before starting to play by inserting real money in this slot. It is important, as in all slot machines, take a look at how it is organized to decide what the right episode can be or what a fork is settled.

The winnings range from a minimum of 5 coins (the trio of 10) up to a maximum of 2000 coins (the cinquina with the highest value). The combinations closed with the help of a Jolly symbol increase the three -time prize.

The 15 Paylines are represented by the classic three horizontal lines and twelve zigzag. The win is considered valid if the combination of equal symbols starts from the roller more left.


In addition to the aforementioned Gentleman Pig and Lady Pig, the Piggy Riches slot is full of other icons. All symbols are well made graphically with a good depth that gives a three -dimensional effect.

From the highest value symbol to the pay one less on the rollers:

  • the bags with gold coins;
  • credit cards;
  • keychain and the key to the luxury car;
  • Portamonete from which banknotes come out;
  • piggy -shaped piggy bank.

To these are added the symbols of the playing cards that go, in decreasing order, from ace to 10. All symbols pay with at least the trio aligned on the line but for bags with gold coins only two aligned symbols are enough.

The details of the figures are interesting. Note the key ring that imitates the symbol of the double R of the Rolls Royce but putting a double P. small details that once again indicate the attention to the detail of this slot.

Lady Pig, in addition to operating the free spin, pays a premium. In this case they can be everywhere on the grill and only two are enough to get a win. When they land three then there is the phase with the free spin.

Piggy Riches Slot game bonus

Two Piggy Riches gaming bonuses: the free spin and the multiplier integrated in the Wild symbol. When the Jolly closes a combination, the Massimo award is multiplied by three. This determines that in the event of a symbol of high value for a combination of 4 or 5, of which a joker, the prize is really high.


Piggy Riches is not a progressive slot. The manufacturer, for this video slot, did not include any type of jackpot or special winning in random mode.

Piggy Riches slot free spin

The functioning of the spins is interesting. The performance of this phase is implemented on a slightly different grid. The sounds change and the game appears a little faster.

When at least three Lady Pig land the phase of free shots is activated. The user who play is asked to choose one of the combinations proposed between free laps and multipliers. Greater free spins with lower multipliers and vice versa.

During the special phase, each additional run that landed adds another free lap. This is the phase where Piggy Riches can be collected.

Theme and graphics

As can be seen from this review, the graphic theme is one of the best successful ones of the Swedish house. The longevity of this slot testifies to the fact. The pigs are always associated with money and wealth and as a type of animal it is always one of the most used by the creatives of companies in the sector.

Piggy Riches still represents a milestone when it comes to slot machines on animal theme and money at the same time. It is no coincidence that Piggy Riches was recently relaunched with Megaways mechanics allowing you to play in this new version.

The graphics reveal its age with typical settings of the time. Among these, the indications of the payines on the side of the game area and an abundance of colors a little exaggerated for the current canons appear a little desuel today. However, the three -dimensionality of the images, the study of details and the animations still do today from a reference point for the slots with these nice animals protagonists.

RTP and volatility

Average volatility and a Return To Player higher than 96% are an approach as classic as it is difficult to predict. You can make series of non -paying shots like as many winning shots but it becomes difficult to try to adapt the mail based on the current behavior of the slot.

The advice could be to play with a high level of episode but a value of each medium-low coins. In this way, those who play get enough autonomy to bear a non -paying series but could be collected a nice prize in case of high value combination.

Come vincere a Piggy Riches slot?

The Piggy Riches slot is unidirectional, the winnings are paid from left to right. Only 2 or 3 equal figures are enough on one of the 15 Paylines.

For the laziest there is also the autoplay function that allows you to choose a spin number that will be carried out automatically after setting the bet.

Piggy Riches Slot Free: play on the demo version to practice

The developer made the Piggy Riches demo available for free. It can be found in the best online casinos that NetenT have among their game providers. It is always a good idea to try a slot like this for a few blows before starting real money.

Play Piggy Riches Slot with real money

Set the episode and go. The betting system of the bet is not very intuitive but it is a solution that often finds itself on the video slot of Netten. Fortunately, there is also the indication of what is aiming. The advice is not to overdo it and not to aim what you cannot allow yourself to lose.

Conclusion: our opinion on Piggy Riches Slot

Years pass but both Netten and some of his creations still dictate the guidelines of the sector. Piggy Riches is one of them. The slot is fun and never tires. The well -made animations, the sound effects keep attention high without stunning the player. On the other hand, it is a little difficult to operate the bonus phase with free laps but Piggy Riches is one of our favorite slots.

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