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Buffalo King Slot

Buffalo King of Pragmatic Play is not the usual slot machine, in addition to having a very high RTP of 96.06%, 4,096 winning lines, it is fun, fascinating and it is possible to win rich prizes in an adventurous journey in search of the West, between Lande Arse from the sun, splendid sunsets, and wild animals.


High RTP index
Free spin
high volatility
No Jackpot

In this review we will discover what are the characteristics of one of the Best online slot In circulation. We will watch Buffalo King's RTP index, we will learn to recognize the winning symbols, the richest combinations and much more.

Buffalo King Slot: Main information

Buffalo King is a digital entertainment product signed Pragmatic play, characterized by the presence of 6 rollers e 4,096 winning combinations, also called payment lines.

The videoslot of this review was created to be Available on each devicenull Therefore with BK it is possible to spend a few hours of leisure and fun both from PC (via browser) and from mobile (via smartphones and tablets).

Per play bk With real money it is necessary to be registered with one of the many regulated sites with ADM license. Often on these Siti in gaming are available bonus that allow interested users to have fun for more time for free.

Rules of the game

In order to play Buffalo King with real money and benefit from the game bonuses and promises of the ADM online casino, it is necessary to have an active account on one of the many gaming sites that respect the laws.

Before starting to aim it is necessary establish the amount of the bet choosing, with the +/- keys between the minimum value of $ 0.40 up to $ 60. To use the videoslot in question easier, the function is present Auto Play which allows you to repeat up to 100 consecutive episodes in a completely automatic way.

What is the car play function for? By setting in advance the value of the bet and the number of laps for which they intend to replicate the play, the player between two benefits:

  • Avoid leaving every single lap;
  • To adjust, avoiding spending more than necessary.

Developer and software

In this review we are talking and describing a product made by one of the most important, renowned and prestigious software house in the online gaming sector.

Who usually plays with the Slots Machines know that Pragmatic play It is one of the most reliable providers, which provides digital games well made to dozens and dozens of casinos on the web operating in compliance with the laws.

The number of video games that bear the signature of this digital game club is really high. We speak, in fact, of Over 150 games among which: Video slots, classic slots machines, board games and video poker.

The products branded by this software company are certified and authorized by over 20 jurisdictionsnull In addition, over the years, PP video games have obtained several honors and awards For their graphics, audio effects and above average entertainment level.

To meet the needs of users, the games of this provider are Available in over 31 languages Moreover, and they are equally accessible both from mobile and from desktop.

To conclude: those who play with Pragmatic Play products can make the deposit with several currencies and as many payment methods. In particular for have fun with real money A BK is possible in most of the game rooms on the web to choose between one of the following Payment methods:

  • Credit cards of the Mastercard or Visa circuit;
  • Paysafecard;
  • Bank transfer,
  • Postepay;
  • PayPal;
  • Skrill;
  • Neteller.

Features of Buffalo King Slot

BK It is a pragmatic product with a return to the player higher than average digital slots. In fact, we are talking about an RTP index that goes beyond 96% with a high volatility rate. This means that with this game you win and get lost quickly.

The videooslot we are dealing with in this review belongs to the latest generation games: the providers prefer give up the progressive jackpot In favor of Bonus Games.

In the case of BK, the user who plays with real money can Win up to 200 free spins realizing one of the many combinations available. However, there is no shortage episode multipliers which significantly increase winning opportunities.

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Buffalo King Slot: Payout and combinations

Bk has a rather majestic appearance and is set in the old American West: with a canyon in the background and figures of animals typical of North America, such as alci, wolves, mountain lions, American eagles and buffaloes.

Obviously there is no shortage of cards with i Symbols of American cards: A, K, Q, J, 10 e 9.

The combinations that allow players to get more or less substantial winnings are all indicated in the Payment table, present in the "info" section of the video game. In this same area I also indicate values of the individual figures, allowing the player to "study" the functions before pointing money.

Although all this important information is present, our advice is to try Buffalo King in Demo modenull In this way you can focus fictitious money and have fun, without risking your money and without the obligation to register for the site on the web.

What is the demo version for? To become familiar with the video game, learning to recognize the figures and their value, and to know how to use all the available functions (e.g. car play).

Payment table and lines

Buffalo King Slot It is a casino product on the web that operates in compliance with the laws and has a grid composed of 6 wheels and 4 payment lines.

This method represented a real Revolution in the igaming sector And he is responsible for improving the latest generation Slots Machines. In fact, this innovation also introduced a good dose of adrenaline, emotions and video games.

Like other videoslots this also exists in a megaways version, because they allow you to increase the quantity of combinations winners From a few dozen to hundreds, for each single lap.


The icons that characterize the videooslot of which we are occupying in this review they clearly refer to the world of Wild fauna of the American Westnull For this reason, the player runs into cards depicting: alci, wolves, mountain lions, American eagles and buffaloes.

Having 4,096 ways to win, players can get winnings from left to right on the adjacent wheels starting from the first roller.

The figure who pays the most is the buffaloes which multiplies the bet if it appears 6, 5, 4, 3 times on the rollers.

The card that depicts the rock of the canyon It is the Jolly symbolnull This expands on the wheels by completing the combinations and making them winning. The aforementioned figure is the so -called Wild and appears only on rollers 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Il bonus symbol, on the other hand, it may appear on all the wheels on the game screen and is represented by a golden coin and the word "bonus". This card activates the Free laps promotion Only if it appears at least 3 times on the wheels.

When the function is active, the appearance of due scatter It allows you to get other free laps.

Buffalo king slot game bonus

Buffalo King Slot It is a video game that presents the typical characteristics of the latest generation video games, in which the providers have decided to give up the progressive jackpot in favor of Game bonus.

In the case of the product we are dealing with in this review, The figure that allows players of Activate the aforementioned function It is the card with a golden coin with the word "bonus".

Il number of laps won On the player it depends on the number of symbols on the game grid. The scheme to refer to is the following:

  • 6 bonus symbols assign 100 rpm for free
  • 5 Assegnano 25 Spins
  • 4 concedono 15 spins free
  • 3 assign 8 rpm for free

During the bonus function, on the other hand, the appearance of Scatter allows you to reactivate the promotion following this scheme:

  • 6 symbols mark 100 free laps
  • 5 grant 25 extra laps
  • 4 Assegnano 15 Spins
  • 3 assign 8 rpm for free
  • 2 assign 5 free spins

When it is in progress The "Free Giri" function The Wild symbols (the canyon rock) have a random multiplier of 2x, 3x or 5x. All the winning combinations obtained with at least one Wild symbol are multiplied by the product of all the multipliers of that combination.

During the bonus, the special rollers remain active.


Il Pragmatic product It is quite recent and like all those scheduled in recent years by successful software house, the presence of a jackpot is not foreseen.

For the uninitiated, the Jackpot is a prize pool that is accumulating to every bet, for this reason, is defined progressive.

The rich booty, which is being constituted as the players carry out the bets, is paid by the machine by creating the combination with the highest score.

Free spin

I free spin They are the so -called free laps: one of the most coveted bonuses from the Slots Machines players on the casino on the web that respect the laws (ADM/AAMS license).

I giri free They can be obtained by those who play in two different ways:

  • Enrolling in an ADM gaming site and benefiting from one of the promotions addressed to the players;
  • By obtaining, during a bet, the combination that gives access to the bonus.

In the case of Buffalo King The figure to remember is the scatter, or a golden coin with the word "bonus".

To activate the function it is necessary to tot at least 3 scatternull During the free laps mode, however, 2 bonus symbols are sufficient to reactivate the promotion.

Theme and graphics

Il Themes in Buffalo King Slot It is inspired by the wildlife of the American West. For this reason, the main symbols are: alci, wolves, mountain lions, American eagles and buffaloes.

This Videoslot Machine stands out for his clear and clear graphics, with the amber colors of a sunset on the Gran Canyon. The sound effect is adrenaline and never annoying.

RTP and volatility

The index RTP by Buffalo King Slot is 96.06%. This means that this game offers excellent victory chance. As with all digital games, this videooslot must also be evaluated as a whole and, therefore, it is necessary to take into consideration the volatility rate.

This indicator serves to recognize the Absorption level of a video games, that is: how much money should be aimed before getting a win?

In the case of the video river in question the volatility rate is highnull This means that with this video game you win a lot, but you need to make a large number of episodes before witnessing an unloading.

Come Vincere a Buffalo King Slot?

Win with gambling It can request a strategy. However, the slots do not require any particular ability from those who place the bet, therefore we can say that it is all question of luck.

While not being able to adopt any 100%winning strategy, we can suggest precautions that allow those who play Avoid meeting large losses:

  • Try the demo version
  • Subscribe to ADM regulated casinos
  • Fix the deposit that is meant to aim
  • Stop when the appropriate time is

Buffalo King Slot Free: play on the demo version to practice

Most of the latest generation videos have a free demo version and unlimited. Thanks to it, the player can get to know the Gaming product up close Without risking your money.

The Demo version of Buffalo King It is accessible both from desktop and from mobile and both neophytes and veterans of the sector is useful.

Play Buffalo King Slot with real money

After having become familiar with the game via the demo version, you can move to the real one, with real money. At this point it is necessary be recorded at a casino which operates in compliance with the laws, having a deposit performed by choosing between one of the available payment methods:

  • Credit cards of the Mastercard or Visa circuit;
  • Paysafecard;
  • Bank transfer,
  • Postepay;
  • PayPal;
  • Skrill;
  • Neteller.

I Deposit and withdrawal times depend on the tool chosen to carry out the operation.

Conclusion: our opinion on Buffalo King Slot

Our review is right at the end and we can conclude by saying that Buffalo King is yet another good Product of the Pragmatic Play.

This product is available on each site of casino that works in compliance with the laws, with ADM license. His high RTP index, just as the volatility rate requires us to preach caution.

To have fun in a cautious and safe way, it is good to choose platforms regulated by the Monopolies and Customs Agency. These are often provided with very interesting promotions that can be exploited for extend the leisure time.

In some cases it is necessary to carry out The first minimum deposit, in rare circumstances, on the other hand, the sum without free is granted without having to top up the account.

Performing a deposit is really simple, as well as accessing the sites bonuses. But attention to the betting requirementnull This is a particular condition that allows you to commit the figure received as an offer and incentive by the Gambling platform, according to the rules imposed by the latter.

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