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Book of Dead Slot

Book of Dead's free spins hunt is always open. This mythical play'n Go slot seems not to feel the passage of time, perhaps aims at eternity almost like the Egyptian legends of which it is a harbinger. An inevitable slot that continues to give emotions to players around the world.

Well made graphics and sharp colors
Autoplay available
Bonus phase rich in free spin
Adequate and non -invasive sounds
Large betting
No innovation compared to the Book of Ra
Absence of a multiplier

The theme of magical books and ancient Egypt occurs very often in the world of slot machines. Probably many graphic and technicians employed in the development companies of these software could have done Egyptologists if they had not found employment in the world of online game. Today we reveal the secrets of one of the most challenged slots ever!

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Book of Dead: main information

In this article we go to know There are the title of theadads are played’ gone.” Which for many is considered the alter ego of the Book of RA of Novomatic. In fact, it is impossible to talk about this game without calls to the Book of Ra. That these two slots are identical is not a secret.

The original that gave birth to the Egyptian books and mysteries remains the creations of Novomatic but, for a long time, the Made in Play'n Go version was more widespread, in the online channel, of the original. Both of these games are decidedly dated, but continue to be among the most challenged by the players.

Rules of the game

Classic game area: five rollers and three lines. Minimum winning combination of a couple or a trio of symbols departing from the roller on the left. It's a matter of Unidirectional slot But it has the payment for the pair of consecutive symbols for the symbols of high value and the scatter.

In the game scatter e wild they are integrated into the legendary volume to which hunting. The book of the dead, hence the official name of the slot, depicted with a massive gold cover with the winged scarabeo engraved. Three of these mysterious volumes are needed, even not on a payment line, to have access to the special phase full of free spins and STICKY symbols.

Typical feature of the game, also this recovery from Novomatic, is the possibility of betting, in a sort of free game, a winnings just obtained. Every time you realize a winning blow you have the opportunity to bet what has just been won in a free game where the player is asked to guess the color or seed of a American deck card.

By guessing the color, the capital is doubled while winning with the seed a four -time prize is obtained. It is not a game to be made compulsorily, it is offered after the winning laps. Note that if the car is imposed, the choice of this minigame is inhibited as the rollers continue to turn as by the setting of automatism.

Developer and software

At the end of the 90s, the home of the online game was a country that is hardly associated with this type of activity: Sweden. It seems strange but the Northern European country became a real forge of companies in the sector. Among these the Play’n Go Which, born in 1997 as a subcontractor of more important companies, will decide in 2004 to propose himself directly as a partner of online casino.

Within a few years Play'n Go has become one of the best known companies in the sector. He has obtained licenses to operate in different countries of the world, he moved his main headquarters to Malta while also maintaining offices and structures in the native country.

The successes of Play'n Go. Among these, the game subject to this article where however they did not do a great work of inventiveness being the copy of the Book of Ra. Let's say that Play'n Go smeared very well the possibility of inserting an innovative slot in different casinos using a delay in Novomatic.

Features of the Ok Dead slot Book

The slot machine allows you to set the episode through coins with an associated value. It is also possible to set the number of payines on which to bet on but it is always convenient for 10.

The "machine" has a fairly fluctuating behavior For this reason, how to set up the episode becomes essential. You could find yourself having to face long shifts without seeing an appreciable winning win and then suddenly have a series of free laps that begin to give an impressive number of coins.

The system of choice of the episode by setting the value and number of coins is not intuitive, it is better to keep an eye on the value of the episode written in a small way.

Book of Dead: Payout and combinations

They just are enough two equal symbols among those of high value, represented by the icons, aligned on one of the 10 payment lines to earn a premium from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 5000 coins. The book is from both Scatter and Jolly and also delivers a prize when three appear on the grid.

Instead, at least they are needed Three low value symbols (depicted with the symbols of the American cards) to collect a prize from 5 to 150 tokens. The slot pays the highest winning combinations obtained on the same payment line starting from the roller to the left.

Payment table and lines

In the game explanation table there are all the details. Reading it helps a lot to understand the functioning of the game, a good practice on all games before starting to play real money.

The 10 paylines vincenti They are the three horizons, the correspondents to the lines, and seven zig-zag lines. Today it is quite strange to play on a slot machine with so few payment lines. However, thanks to its bonus phase and numerous free laps, the game still manages to give excellent winnings and great emotions today.


We leave the hunt for the Holy Book of the Dead in the Play'n Go slot. The mythical sacred book with its winged scarabeo gives its opening, access to the Bonus phase and several free lapsnull This is the main symbol of the game but there are others of high value that provide excellent winnings even on the normal game phase.

Here's how they are proposed in decreasing order of payment:

  • l’explorer, baptized Rich Wilde, looks at the player with a sharp and suspicious look, he will be wondering if he will be able to find the books among the rollers;
  • the gold face of the Pharaoh, he also looks at those who play in an enigmatic pose;
  • Anubes, the Egyptian god from the appearance of a proud tolano;
  • The hawk of Horus, rehearsed and explained wings, ready to give excellent prizes.

These icons pay a premium even if only by aligning two but it should be noted that the reward for this combination is so low that it does not cover the minimum episode. So it is true that only two are enough but to be in profit on the tour you need at least three. The Massimo premium is paid by the Rich Wild cinquina equal to 5000 coins.

The ace, the kappa, the woman, the jack and the 10 are the lower values. In this case, a trio of adjacent symbols is needed. Jolly is the book that is replaced to close a winning combination.

Book of Dead game bonus

One of the real reasons to play this slot is his bonus phasenull It is the same game mechanics found on the Book of Ra. The fun begins when at least three books land on the lattice. Although they were not aligned on a winning line they bring the player to the secret room of the Egyptian pyramid with Ten Free Spin availablenull The bonus game at this stage proceeds automatically and it is a pleasure for the eyes to see the special heat in action.

The phase begins with the assignment of one of the symbols of the slot that will act as expandable Jolly. The book opens, the pages flow by revealing their mysteries and giving the player one of the symbols. The higher the value of the symbol, the greater the prizes. However, even if the minimum value should be awarded, the 10th is expected a good prize in return.

The icon has been assigned, the laps leave for free. The combinations are the same but in this case the assigned symbol does by expandable joker Whenever they land three on as many rollers. When the lucky symbol occurs, it expands by occupying all the roller boxes generating a burst of prizes on different payment lines. It is not uncommon to attend a grid completely occupied by the same symbol. This creates winnings on all lines. Since this is a high volatility slot, this hypothesis is less rare than what one might think.


lats are played’s play’s going soro-abie Excellent prizes In its bonus phase with free laps but without a real jackpot. It therefore does not fall into the category of games or progressive slots.

Book of Dead Free Spin

Numerous i Free spin that a player could get in a session on this video slot. The book of the dead is the corner stone of the game and gives access to the bonus phase described above with the ten free initial spins.

If during this special moment the player was very lucky, obtaining three additional books of the deaths on the grid, these will bring ten free spins as a dowry, prolonging the special heats in progress. Winning ten laps packages could occur several times.

Theme and graphics

This slot machine interprets a great classic in terms of graphics. This game, together with its twin of the Novomatic house, were the main architects of the spread of the Egypt -themed video slots in online casinos.

The slot is set in a mysterious room of an ancient temple. It frames a mysterious colonnade, rich in hieroglyphics. The stone floor, the amphorae resting near the columns and a sound on topic complete the work. The symbols with bright colors and details on topic are also well made, especially the icons of the cards.

RTP and volatility

This slot machine has one high volatility with a RTP al 96,21%null A good combination of values to see a premiums of a certain entity on the grid where you play. This occurs especially when the bonus phase is activated thanks to the landing on the area of the three books of the dead.

Come Vincere a Book of Dead?

Like any other slot machines, the goal is to Align equal symbols on the game area. The premiums of large value are obtained by accessing the special phase of the game through the three books. Also available the minigame after each win but, sincerely, it is not so exciting.

Free Book Of Dead: play on the demo version to practice

A particular slot for those who are not familiar with it, therefore, it is preferable to start with a little practice through the version Book of Dead gratis It is available in major online casino.

Playing Book of Dead with real money

The thrill begins by inserting real money in this slot. It is good to do it after consulting the payments table and tried the Book of Dead demonull The high level of volatility could submit the player to long unfortunate sessions. The advice is to set an episode no later than 1 or 2% of the total budget available.

It is possible to play from only 0.01 $ on a single payment line. However, it is preferable to play on TUTTE on 10 PAYLINES, in this case the minimum episode will be equal to 0,10 $null The maximum option instead provides that it can be reached up to 50 $ of bet for spinsnull A large episode spectrum suitable for players of all kinds.

Conclusion: our opinion on Book of Dead

Play this slot always his rich emotionsnull It is no coincidence that this is one of the most widespread, challenged and commented by the players. Of course, Play'n Go did not do a real graphic innovation work or on the game mechanics compared to the Book of Ra, limiting itself to cloning it. Successful operation so much that for a period this was the most common Egypt slot ever. In all cases this game remains for many players, including us, an inevitable slot of those who play online.

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