Divine Fortune Slot: on the winged horse in search of the jackpot

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Divine Fortune

Immerse yourself in Greek mythology: explore the temple, tame the winged horse, challenge lightning to get free and find the gold coins of the hidden treasure. All this in Netten's Divine Fortune Slot a game with an epic flavor with three generous jackpots waiting to be grabbed by the luckiest players.

Excellent music and sounds
Respins con wild
Two extra games
Interesting jackpot
Not very innovative mechanics
Absence of a multiplier

Often the creatives of the development houses of Slot machine draw ideas from the world of mythology. Saghe and stories, where perfect symbols abound to place on the rollers, as in the case of divine fortunes. A Slot Machine from the Neten house accompanied by the player on a winged horse in search of the gold coins to win one of the three expected jackpots.

Divine Fortune: main information

The first sense to be affected is hearing thanks to Music background epic stylenull This accompanies the player giving the right setting without being invasive. The music combined with the sound effects and the two statues placed on the sides of the game grid contribute to giving a solemn, almost liturgical atmosphere to this slot machine.

The area where you play, a classic 5 rollers and 3 lines, is populated by icons of Greek mythology with Medusa, the woman with snake hair, the muzzle of the bull, to remember the minotaur, and then a severe lion and a fair fair. The 3 available jackpots that can be won by accessing one of the special phases of the Divine Fortune Slot Machine stand out above the game area.

Rules of the game

For this Slot Neten has chosen a classical game mechanics to which he integrated with the Renarcs and the activation of two possible bonus phases. The main objective is to align a combination of at least 3 equal symbols on one of the 20 payment linesnull This game is unidirectional and pays the trio that begin on the left roller of the battery.

I am eight symbols present. Of these half, inspired by the symbolism of ancient Greece, pay high value prizes while the others are borrowed from the American cards. To these are added a symbol Wild, one Scatter Which win an extra phase with free turns, in addition to the gold coins. Being able to land at least three gold coins on the grid, on the same spin or on the Respins, makes the player access the second bonus game where the major prize up for grabs are the three jackpot: mega, major and minor.

Developer and software

A name like NetEnt It is a guarantee on the games it offers. You can hardly find defects in the creations of this developer and here there is no exception despite not presenting cutting -edge mechanics. Also in this case it is a slot where every detail is studied and well made. From graphics to background music to bonus games that can give excellent prizes.

Netennt is not new to quality products and for years, this Swedish games developer, now part of the group Evolution Gaming, has constantly high the level of quality of the games it proposes.

Features of the Divine Fortune Slot slot

A good habit when you want to measure yourself with a casino game that you don't know is to try the free version. There Divine Fortune slot demo It makes it better understanding the operation and, above all, the activation of the Respins and extra phases. It must be admitted that this game is not immediately intuitive as others, trying the free version is an almost necessary step.

Very interesting is the Wild mechanicsnull The joker of the situation, represented by the profile of the muzzle of a white horse, when it lands on the area, in addition to helping the formation of winning combinations, gives free additional laps.

Every time the white horse lands in one of the boxes provides a Respine free And the symbol itself slips into the lower line. If the Wild appears then in the upper line it will give more free games. In a completely random way, and underlined by wings that unfold from the Wild itself, it may happen that the Wild propagates on the whole roller generating further subsequent renores. It is not uncommon to obtain consecutive spin series that can give good winnings even in the normal phase of the game.

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Divine Fortune Slot: payout and combinations

With the average volatility Proposed by Netent, this play of the player's patience is twisted by the player's patience, or who pay winnings under the episode inserted.

However, the range of the available bet manages to make up for the problem. You can set up a minimum episode of soli 0,20 $ To go up to a Maximum of $ 200null This makes the slot suitable for all budgets, managing to give some thrill even to those who decide to challenge it with a not high bankroll.

It is worth remembering that Netent has its system for setting the episode that combines the levels with virtual tokens to which a value is associated. In order not to confusion, it is good to carefully check how much you are focusing on the tour. The indication is written in small, under the spin button.

Payment table and lines

The study of the Paytable of each slot makes confidence with symbols and playing mechanics. Maybe this slot would have deserved some more payment line but still rewards the player with 20 paylines.

The arrangement of these 20 lines follows a typical formation widely used on Netent slot machines


The icons in this video slot is well made. These details are always essential to give the right atmosphere to the slot and the creative team has not disappointed. The special and high value symbols are effigies in a golden circle and are organized in this way:

  • The face of Medusa With snake hair pays the maximum premium up to 600 coins;
  • Il Leone With his gaze towards the horizon he delivers a win to 400 coins;
  • the arcigno Minotaur It makes up to 300 coins win;
  • The proud face of theaquila give a maximum of 200 coins;

To these are added the symbols of lower value. Fromasso al jack represented by the respective initial as on the cards. It should be noted that the Axus seems more the letter delta of the Greek alphabet and could initially draw a little in confusion. The lower symbols give winnings from 6 to 80 coins, a sum that often does not cover the episode carried out (each coins is associated with a value in $) although it is statistically a paying shot.

To these are added the three special icons. As mentioned the Wild It is represented by the profile of the White horse Which gives the Respin and unfolds the wings when it occupies the whole roller.

Also, there are i due scatter, Everyone makes access to a different special phase. There hand holding the lightning Give free spin. 3 are enough to have 5 free laps but they could get up to 12 if the runs were a greater number.

The gold coins are the ones that give access to the phase where you could collect one of the jackpots At stake. Three coins are required simultaneously but if one or two of these are obtained in conjunction with a Renore (obtained by the Wild), the coins already accumulated are kept aside and deposited in an amphora to the right of the fifth roller.

Scatter can also be out of the payment lines to activate their functions.

Divine Fortune Slot game bonus

At least 3 runs, with the punch and lightningThey provide free spins packages. From 5 a 12 Based on those who land on the grid. The beauty of this phase is that the function of Respin with the Wild In addition to the possibility of winning further free laps with the Scatter. All this often generates a series of free games that can go on for a while if you find the slot in a "benevolent" moment. During this phase the music is different, the pressing rhythm and beautiful winnings are obtained.

It is not yet all because the other special phase is connected to the jackpot and the bonus game with the precious metal coins during which one of the jackpots at stake can be won.


Il big shot It is done by accessing the Temple Treasury Room, where this slot machine is set. Accumulating the Three gold coins The special phase is accessed on the grid. It is a different game even if it continues to take place on the standard grid.

Here the goal is to accumulate as many coins as possible thanks to a series of free shots. It starts with Three shoes homage, only the coins fall on the rollers, all the other images are not there. Every time a coin lands on the area, the Spins counter available starts from three 3 immediately giving a win. However, the goal is even more ambitious and is realized by filling the horizontal lines of coins.

If at the end of the laps only one of the three horizontal lines has been filled with the smaller jackpotnull If luck smiles at the player and two lines out of three are filled, the prize is the intermediate jackpotnull The completely covered grill of coins makes the win Massimo Jackpotnull A difficult eventuality but, you have to be honest, seeing the coins falling is really exciting.

Divine Fortune slot Free Spin

Maybe something missing this game is the Multipliernull A lack probably desired because the slot is quite generous in Free shots that can be obtained. Each Wild gives one or more Respin, the iconic run with lightning in the fist gives packages of free rpm in a phase where it is not uncommon to have further rejects. The jackpot hunt is also organized on the basis of turns given.

In short, on this slot the winnings do not multiply but the chances of having a long series of Spins without affecting the bankroll is really real.

Theme and graphics

History is often used by developers as a source of inspiration. From ancient Egypt to imperial Rome passing through the glories of the Greek mythologynull Just from ancient Greece this creation of Netent has taken its cue. Amphorae, caryatids and mythological creatures populate the screen, all in a perfect mix of colors and images.

The soundtrack and acoustic effects then give the sacredness of an ancient time. Epic in the background echoes echo, the echo of the roller movement is heard and the horse that opens the wings occupying an entire roller is really well made.

RTP and volatility

With an interesting 96.59% RTP it's a average volatility Tackling the slot can be extremely frustrating or incredibly exciting. Unpatientable enough like other games of slots with similar parameters. The absence of a multiplier then makes the prizes on the special phases are often very interesting, not to say huge, and these are precisely these to go looking for.

How to win in Divine Fortune Slot?

Il tris from the roller to the left It is the minimum combination to win. However, there are two scatter types and a joker with Respin. All this increases the possibility of having good winnings when activating these functions.

Divine Fortune Slot Free: play on the demo version to practice

The only real flaw that we find in this creation of Netten is that it is initially not intuitive enough. This means that playing the Divine Fortune slot gratis To carp its mechanics it is an essential passage. This serves above all to understand the bonus phases activation mechanism.

Play divine fortune slot with real money

Thanks to the large episode radius It is possible to make different tests or alternate series of spins with different bets. This is useful for testing the behavior of the slot and understanding if it changes when the inserted amount changes.

It is important to prepare for the series of losers or who pay an premium to infer the episode. Better to prefer an average low token, compared to your budget, to have a higher autonomy as a number of games.

Conclusion: our opinion on Divine Fortune Slot

Divine Fortune is a creation of Nettend not very recent but still valid. Obviously having conceived it some time ago has its weight compared to the current market proposals but this game remains very interesting.

They convince both the graphics and the sounds in addition to the mechanics of the Jolly that slips and gives Spins for free. The absence of a multiplier weighs and it seems difficult to close combinations with symbols of maximum value. A game that likes but that is not the first choice of many players, including us.

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