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Gems Bonanza


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Gems Bonanza is a compelling slot online Which catapults the player in a suggestive environment, always enjoyable also from mobile, characterized by ancient ruins, fire and colorful precious gems.

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Gems Blind: Main informations

This video slot was created by Pragmatic play, one of the best known software houses in the world,

The theme of the video game is rather classic, but his spacious 8 × 8 grid It is filled with shining precious stones such as gems, sapphires and emeralds, which allow you to obtain numerous winning sequences.

There is a high RTP of 96.55%, Wild symbol, bonus game, a rich multiplier, who give the possibility of winning potentially very interesting prizes, as we will see to follow in our review.

Rules of the game

As with all the best -known web slot machines, this also has few and simple rules. To get winnings you have to collect groups of at least 5 figures, among those that represent a precious stone.

In the game you can perform episodes from $ 0.20 to $ 100 for the single lap, this makes the slot suitable for everyone, beginners and experts with several budgets and risk profiles. The maximum winning winning is amount to 10,000 times the amount aimed.

To win, groups from 5 to 25 equal figures must be formed. With an episode of one euro, these winnings can be obtained as an example:

  • The gem Rubino He pays a thousand $ for 25 figures in a cluster;
  • Gemma color viola $ 500 of payment for 25 figures in the cluster;
  • Emerald win $ 300 for 25 symbols in the cluster;
  • Triangular gem provides $ 150 of payment for 25 figures in the cluster;
  • Quartz yellow in color win $ 100 for 25 symbols in the cluster;
  • Sparkly provides $ 50 of payment for 25 figures in a cluster;

Developer and software

The videooslot was made by Pragmatic play One of the best known brands in the digital games sector. Pragmatic Play is a well -known and appreciated supplier of content specially developed for the increasingly flourishing gaming industry.

This software house has an incredible and constantly developing portfolio, often capable of proving strongly innovative as well as characterized by high technical quality and graphics.

In recent years their offer has also been strongly focused on mobile gaming, so as to guarantee an optimal game experience from any device, through a range of different products, truly large, which includes slots, but also live casino, bingo and a lot other.

Today many of the best gaming websites include numerous titles developed by Pragmatic Play in their offer, always characterized by a really high quality.

Characteristics of the Gems slot Blind

The video game structure is rather classic, but its 8 × 8 grid is spacious and allows you to obtain numerous series that give the right to awards of considerable interest.

Among the most relevant characteristics of this game are the original, colorful and engaging graphics and the possibility of collecting many figures on the grill that give the right to many prizes.

Another very interesting feature is then the high RTP, which allows you to have good satisfactions with this videoslot, even if you are completely inexperienced, you do not have any particular requirements and maybe you are not even particularly lucky with the games.

Gems Blind: Payout and combinations

This webslot has an RTP of 96.55 %, which makes it very interesting. All victorious bet sequences pay in blocks (minimum 5 symbols and maximum 25) which are connected horizontally or vertically.

The series are paid and the symbols that make them up disappear, to be replaced by new figures from above.

The rotation with the alternation of the figures in the 8 × 8 grid continues until they appear more on the rollers of the combinations that make winning. There Payment table It is a very useful tool when playing with a VLT. It allows you to always have the values of the symbols and their combinations at hand.

Checking the payments table of Gems Bonanza Slot is an easy and quick operation and you can do it every time you want, simply by clicking on the "I" icon in the lower left corner of the game screen.

Payments change as it is easy to understand based on the amount bet, but the winning combinations are always the same as shown in the summary table, in a very clear way.


The colorful symbols that alternate on the rollers of this nice videoslot are among the elements that most strongly characterize it.

Everyone likes the buds and precious stones and in this game there are plenty of them, for all tastes.

  • Blue gem: pay up to $ 5000
  • Pink gem: pay up to 7500 $
  • Yellow stone: pay up to a maximum of $ 10,000
  • Water green gem: it could pay up to 15,000 $
  • Precious green stone: pay up to a maximum of $ 30,000
  • Purple gem: also reaches $ 50,000
  • Ruby red stone: pay up to $ 100,000

The slot has special features that intervene as rollers modifiers. The functions with the value of bonus that can be activated are:

  • Nuclear: finished the laps, all the symbols are replaced;
  • Special gems: all the figures on the grill become Wild;
  • Special blocks of 2 × 2 square symbols are added in a random position;
  • Colossal symbol: size 3 × 3, 4 × 4 or 5 × 5 appears on the wheels;
  • Lucky Wild: they appear from 5 to 15 special symbols;
  • The meter Gold Fever It is activated as a bonus every time you get a win, allowing you to activate the interesting multiplier function.

Plus symbols are gathered the more they collect useful points to their multiplier, with a system at levels ranging from 1 to 5, corresponding to 2x multipliers up to 10x. In Gems Bonanza Slot Machine there is also a Wild symbol, represented by a golden square with a green stone positioned in the center.

This special symbol replaces all the others to form new and profitable winning combinations on the rollers, therefore performs the function of the Jolly symbol and appears only when activating the functions Gemma Wild e Lucky Wild.

Game Game Bonus Blind

GM does not have real gaming bonuses, except the Gold Fever counter, But when they are offered directly by casinos on the web they can contribute significantly to making slots machines even more complete, fun and convenient, as well as other popular casino games

Often a Bonus on the first deposit With Visa, Paypal, Skrill or other methods, which is interesting as it increases the chances of bet. In other cases, as a bonus there are free spins (free laps) always loved by those who attend online casino with ADM license, therefore respectful of national laws.

The presence of bonuses intended for new users or to the loyalty of those already registered with the bonuses for users VIP, I am certainly an important requirement and among the variables to consider when choosing a website where to make a deposit with the intent to place some bets.


This videoslot is full of functionality and opportunities decidedly interesting for practically every type of player, looking for ways to win or simply have a little fun.

In the video game you can get winnings up to 10,000 times your episode and considering the maximum possible one there is therefore the possibility of winning $ 1,000,000. However, no jackpot is foreseen.

The slots with a jackpot that gradually increases over time are undoubtedly appreciated, precisely by virtue of this real treasure, but the characteristics of Gems Bonanza, on balance, do not make it too much absence.

Gems Blind Free spin

The Gems Bonanza Slot Machine, which you have the opportunity to test online, even free of charge, is not famous for having free spin bonuses (free laps). Many slots propose to those who get particular scores of the free laps, in this case this does not happen.

However, there are at least two possibilities to get free spins and have fun free with this colorful game, one as mentioned is to play in demo mode, without storage, for fun, a system also useful for testing the game and familiarizing with his interface.

Another interesting option, in addition to Gems Bonanza Demo is to take advantage of any casino bonuses or gaming website chosen to play.

In fact, often the game rooms not only offer bonuses that increase the amount of the deposit made with Paypal, Skrill or other methods, but offer those who also play free spins that can be used for free in the best known and loved slots.

Theme and graphics

Theme and graphics are always important variables, which keep attention high and often contribute strongly to decree the success of a slotmachine. A requirement to never be underestimated.

In the case in question to welcome the player there are stone statues, ancient and suggestive ruins and above all a series of very well -kept animations and shiny precious gems. All these ingredients contribute in synergy to create a magical and adventurous world in which to immerse yourself for a truly memorable gaming experience.

RTP and volatility

Chest videoslot has a high volatility, equal to 9/10 in the scale of the most famous titles of Pragmatic Play, this means that by playing with this game you can get high winnings with a low frequency on your bank account. The slot software is therefore often payment with small digits.

In addition to high volatility, it must then be said that his RTP is 96.55 %, then for every 100 $ to the players bet will return 96.55 $.

This RTP is higher than average and therefore compared to other slots this is able to potentially give greater satisfaction or if you prefer to say more generous.

How to win in Gems Blind?

The RTP of this VLT is very high, but this absolutely does not mean that it is easy to win, but that most of the money spent by the players return to the form of winnings.

There are no particular methods, tricks, a secret function or particular strategies to be able to ensure that victory with this or other online slot machines. The beauty of these games, which not surprisingly are far among the most popular, is also in the fact that they are based only on luck and not on particular miraculous methods.

Behind the slot machine software there are powerful random numbers generators which ensure a non -manipulable game and victories that are always completely random, a real bet that requires luck as the only requirement.

Gems Blind Free: Play on the demo version to practice

All the best platforms, safe and respectful of the laws, which offer the Gems Bonanza with ADM license, allow you to test this and other colorful slots free of charge on the website lotus.

Play with the Gems Bonanza slot gratis It is fun, it does not put their money at risk, it does not place hours of hours to those who play and allows you to practice with a video game that, even if very simple and intuitive, still requires minimal experience.

You can switch from Gems Bonanza demo to the mode with real money at any time, if desired, by making a deposit, with methods such as bank transfer, Card Visa, Paypal; Skrill, etc. often enjoying bonuses connected to it.

Play Gems Blind with real money

If you want to try to win money with Gems Bonanza, you will naturally have to play with real money, making a deposit on a reliable gaming website and equipped with a regular ADM license according to American laws.

You can start playing with very contained figures for the single bet, to have fun and try the fate, without taking particular risks.

Playing real money can be very fun and exciting, but it will be fundamental place the spending limits very precise and respect them scrupulously. Playing responsibly, just to have fun and without ever exaggerating it is absolutely fundamental when frequenting casino or online gaming platforms in general.

Conclusion: our opinion on Gems Blind

In conclusion, our review on this slot can only be said to be extremely positive. We tested the game for hours, and for several days, both in the demo mode and in the one with real money, always counting on a satisfying and engaging experience, also from mobile.

Among the strengths of this game which is a real gaming jewel, there are undoubtedly its graphics and the particular setting. The screens and the various figures that alternate there are very original, pleasant, colorful and dynamic.

Taking familiarity with the main winning sequences is easy and in case of doubt the payments table is always easily accessible, which escapes any doubt can arise.

In short, once again Pragmatic Play is confirmed as a reality capable of churning out truly convincing titles, from numerous points of view that our review has highlighted.

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