Mega Molah Slot: in the savannah between ferocious animals and rich jackpot

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Mega Moungah

Who knows if, at the time of the launch of Mega Molah, the employees of Microgaming had sensed the real scope of the slot they had made. A game that will change the way of understanding progressive slots and that today, after many years, continues to be talked about and give Jackpot around the world!

High intuitive and easy to use jackpot
Nice and clear symbols
Possibility to activate a
Bonus phase rich in free spin
RTP basso
Dated mechanics

Probably on November 28, 2006 it was a gloomy day in Douglas the capital of the island of Man. Here is the headquarters of Microgaming, historic company that deals with developing game software. That day of late November they launched what would become one of theirs SLOT More iconic: the Mega Moungahnull Perhaps not even they suspected that one of the milestones in terms of slot machines were about to place on the online gaming market. Here is the review of this mythical progressive game.

Mega Molah: main information

Reasons for the success of this slot? Mainly for the progressive bonus game which offers four different Jackpots. This is joined by a fairly "comic" graphics, typical of the period, and a quick, simple and engaging game.

This web slot was not the first ever to propose the progressive mechanicsnull In 2006 the slot machines with jackpot accumulation had already been online for some time and, curiously, it was the microgaming that introduced this element of novelty in the previous slot called cash splash. However, you have to get to see this machine set in the savannah to be offered to be able to reach the successful peaks of progressive games.

Just a few days from the first birthday of the game, on November 15, 2007, the first mega jackpot Moolah Slot was assigned. An epic win, for the period, which finally delivered to the microgaming a place in the Olympus of games developers and in the online gaming sector.

By dint of playing in the mess around the world, the record has been beaten several times over the years thanks to the other versions of this slot machine. One of the most recent and large winnings took place in April 2021, in USA, thanks to Absolootly Mad Mega Moolah slot (a version following the original) where an anonymous winner put himself in his pocket 19 and a half million $.

Rules of the game

We must be honest: this game, if it were not for the winning winnings accumulated progressively, does not really propose something innovative. The game takes place on a standard grid from 5 rollers and 3 lines with 25 winning lines.

You win by aligning a couple or trio of symbols equal starting from the more left -hand cylinder of the five. Twelve the icons available, some depict the animals of the African savannah (theme to which the game is inspired) and the others are the classic ones of the American cards.

Developer and software

Microgaming: when this name is pronounced in the casino and online games, there seems to be almost a sort of respectful intonation. This company with registered office on the island of Man was born in 1994 and boasts Several records to his assetsnull It was the first to launch a software for the creation of online casino, the first to introduce the online slots with progressive jackpot and one of the most popular developers in the world thanks to its catalog of games consisting of thousands of proposals.

With almost thirty years of life on the shoulders and the presence in thousands of online casinos today Microgaming remains an independent private company and has never been bought or participated by other companies in the sector or investment funds. A precursor in his time and a continuous innovator to date, his games are licensed to many operators all over the world.

Characteristics of the mega Molah slot

With its yellow and warm sunset on the African savannah, mega Molah proposes with one high volatility, indispensable parameter to form the imposing expected jackpot. There Betting scissor, is not wide, it goes from a minimum of 0,25 euro up to a maximum of 6,25 euro. Payment monoirectional from the left And the scatter that activates the free spins packages during which the winnings are multiplied three times compared to normal.

However, the one you have to focus on while playing, whose activation possibility is completely random, is the special phase with the game that offers jackpots. Accessing this extra game takes place for pure luck and sometimes it happened you already know that one of the four prizes is won. It is about establishing which but the game does not close without winning at least the little one. Is it easy to have the opportunity to operate this extra heat? Well, definitely no ...

Mega Molah: payout and combinations

Recall that in the progressive machine slot machines the jackpots are powered by taking a small part of each play and placing it in the winnings at stake. This means that the payout of these machines is lower than those that do not provide for this function. In this case it must be noted that theRTP is significantly low, only 88.12%, but this data did not still cowardly the popularity of the game.

Minimum paying combination for low value symbols is the tris of icons, equal and subsequent, starting from the left while for the highly value figures only two are enoughnull At least three runs are needed, even not on the payment line or in line, to get a nice gift of fifteen rpm.

Payment table and lines

It seems strange but also the winning table reflects the graphics that was in vogue the early 2000s. Very clear, large characters but all of different colors, however, remains very intuitive and concise. Here you are a first image of what the bonus game will be, the representation of the animals in the grid boxes and the arrangement of the 25 payment lines.


We are in the infinite prairies of Africa and consequently the animals are the protagonists on the rollers of this game. All the mega Molah Slot looks a lot of comic, the symbols of animate when they provide a win for the player.

In decreasing order of value are present on the rollers:

  • Il smiling lion which also has the function of Jolly symbol;
  • l’elephant from the sly face;
  • lo gnu who scrutinizes the player curious;
  • The giraffe with a little bizarre expression;
  • The zebra in a profile that inspires elegance;
  • a gazelle with a slightly shy muzzle.

For all these, the minimum winning combination and a pair of symbols in line, however, a winnings obtained with only two icons generates a payment lower than the episode inserted.

The low value symbols are those of the cards atAce to 10 represented by their respective letters. In this case they begin to pay when at least three are aligned on one of the payines. The same previous speech is worth, not all combinations, although they are paying, generate a profit.

To all these is added it Scatternull It is represented by a sort of imagination creature, a little indigenous and a little animal, perhaps the creatives wanted to inspire themselves but, sincerely, it is not clear what. However, the symbol inspires a certain sympathy with its purple complexion. Two runs pay twice the episode but at least three are needed to have the 15 free spins As a gift.

Moolah mega game bonus

Here we are finally arrived at the real high dish of the Mega Moolah slotnull The bonus phases are those that give the greatest winnings and that, in the case of the Jackpot game, can really be very high.


Mega Molah Slot provides four types of prizes. These gradually feed thanks to a small part that is set aside by each play made in online casinos where the slot is present. These prizes are therefore not at the level of the casino in which it is played. They come directly from microgaming even if winning one of these bonuses also turns into a good advertisement for the casino where it happened.

The expected jackpot levels are four:

  1. Mega which starts from 2,000,000 $;
  2. major with the starting point for $ 10,000;
  3. Minor who starts from 100 $;
  4. Mini with a payment of consolation with departure from 10 $.

Each of these Jackpot constantly feeds So even winning the smallest of the four is not synonymous with a award of a few pennies. The totalizing of the current level of prizes is above the slot rollers.

The bonus phase is accessed in a completely random way during the normal spins that are carried out. The player is brought to a different screen where there are no more rollers, lines and symbols but a wheel of luck. The bet is therefore simple: the wheel starts, hoping that the selectors stop on one of the highest prizes. The whole wheel is winning, in the worst hypothesis the mini is collected.

Only a wheel sector, highlighted in white is the one who pays the meganull Then there are three yellow sectors that indicate the Major winnings. There are 6 orange sections of the minor and 10 red ones of the first mini.

Mega Moolah Free Spin

In addition to the wheel of fortune that makes the major prizes win, the mega Molah includes a phase of free laps. These are obtained by landing at least three runs on the game network, even not aligned.

The free spins take place on the same area and with the same animals and icons of the cards. Practically nothing changes, however, the prizes in this case are all automatically tripled compared to the standard. This means that every combination, even those with cards, is profitable. During the free bonus game it could happen, a somewhat remote but present possibility of winning other free laps packages that will be added to those still to be done.

Theme and graphics

Clear, simple and colorfulnull This game immediately inspires sympathy and above all manages to greek high prizes without complicated mechanics or other functions that in many cases seem almost bisexual. Mega Molah, in fact, is challenged both by the players who prefer classic slots, with few rollers and a not high number of lines, and by those who, attached by the bonus phase, prefer the most lively and modern solutions.

Playing with the background of the sunset in golden yellow represents a perfect frame to the rollers. The animals are represented with a playful expression, almost comic. Each action is underlined by interesting and well -made sound effects. Mega Molah is enjoyable, intuitive and, in its own way, very captivating. Also to use this slot machine from mobile terminal is very easy.

RTP and volatility

Being progressive, providing among the major prizes that could be obtained on the market, the Return To Player is affected. Microgaming has fixed this value to88,12%, coupled to one high volatilitynull A slot not really easy to play in the absence of a robust bankroll.

How to win at Mega Molah?

You can win in different waysnull It starts from the classic one, aligning at least one couple or trio of symbols equal starting from the roller more to the left of the five. The combination can also contain the lion that is from Wild taking the value of the other icons to close a paying combination.

You can also win by obtaining the spins freenull At least three runs are needed, represented by a sort of indigenous purple, and the player is paid homage to 15 laps.

You also win by accessing the wheel of fortune, the legendary mega Molah bonus phase that offers the four jackpots. Who will be lucky enough to see its activation while playing on his mess on the favorite web?

Mega Molah Free: play on the demo version to practice

When a game seems extremely simple, many think it is a time loss of time to try it in a free version. Instead, this step is always useful by allowing you to understand if the game can really be of its own interest giving a likely idea of what can be a betting strategy. Here you are faced with a high volatility slot, try the demo from a nice idea of the situation. The mega Molah is free and accessible to everyone directly on this page.

Play mega miolah with real money

RTP bass and high volatility is a symptom of probable series of emptiness. For this reason, face it with an episode that is over 1% of your Bankroll could be really too risky. A game capable of quickly draining someone's finances and, at the same speed, make some others rich.

Conclusion: our opinion on Mega Molah

An epic slot machine that really made history on the web and that we believe cannot be missing in the palmares of any fans of slots games. Certainly it is not at the forefront but we are talking about a slot now almost of age but which still knows how to face a large market of proposals of all kinds to the great.

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