Live bets: Guide to the best live betting sites of 2022

If Betting is able to calamite a large number of players in every part of the globe, it also owes it to the possibility of loving live, or during the sports event, perhaps taking advantage of its streaming vision. Just to meet the needs of those who love this game mode all platforms have in fact been preparing a dedicated section for some time.

In this review we will therefore try to identify the Best live betting sites, to provide those who love the episode in real time the ideal base to follow loved sports, are football, tennis or basketball during the game, and found their own play on what is happening live.

How do real -time bets work?

In recent years, the real time vision of the football race, tennis or other favorite sport has literally revolutionized the Betting sector. The Scommesse live, in fact, they represent a real must for a growing slice of players, since they allow you to place the episode when the match to be followed has already started.

Observing the evolution of the game, the probability of seeing their bet are raised precisely on the basis of what accesses and not of a prediction formulated a priori, trusting on its competence and on statistical data availablenull Just this makes live sports bets an increasingly welcome area for those who love to bet on the competitive event.

Live betting payouts

When you intend to operate your live bets, or not, a very imported aspect is represented by PAYOUT, also known as Return to play. In practice, these are the percentage of the money focused by the players who must return to them, compared to the betting figure. Usually the payout positions around 90%, however varying among the various sports based on the policy adopted by the bookmaker.

If, for example, Unibet provides for a RTP High for tennis and low for football, it is certainly convenient to use this platform for the first discipline, using a second bookmaker to place your bet on a football match.

The best bookmakers for live betting

Welcome bonus
Welcome bonus
Up to $ 1000Bet requirement: 20x
Welcome bonus
10 $ + 100% up to $ 1000Bet requirement: 60x
Welcome bonus
100$ Bet requirement:
Welcome bonus
10 $ Immediately + 1000 $ Bet requirement: 40x
Welcome bonus
100 $Bet requirement: 25x
Welcome bonus
Up to $ 100 + $ 5 of casino bonusBet requirement:

Of course, for those who love live bets it is important to identify the most suitable bookmakers, limiting the choice among those equipped with a license issued by Adm ex Aams. On these platforms it is in fact possible to have not only generous Welcome bonuses, but also a safe environment to bet.

The main live betting platforms, in order to be judged such in a review, must present a Streaming section, on which it is possible to attend live events, so that you can intervene at any time to place the episode on the basis of what is happening.

Among the bookmakers that propose it, they are football, basketball tennis or other competitive disciplines, the best can be considered the following:

Snai, whose live bets Snai boast a payout between 89.7 and 92.3%. Which is added a large number of disciplines and events on which users can bet during a race. Not to mention other factors of great importance such as promotions, excellent shares, the many gambling games proposed or the safety levels achieved by the site;

EuroBet, which offers its users as many as 10 sports disciplines on which to operate the forecast and a payout between 87 and 93.2%. A proposal in which football constitutes the highlight, allowing the episode in a safe environment, being able to count on services of high added value, starting naturally from the vision of the event. Even in the case of Eurobet there is no lack of casino for those who intend to prolong the visit with slot machines and roulette;

Timing, another operator who has strongly focused on live betting. The menu of the Bet365 live betting makes it possible to choose on a vast lot of football events, volleyball and other competitive disciplines at any time of the day. Also in this case, customers can count on competitive bonuses, with or without deposit, important shares and quality services, for a pleasant daily visit;

Better, which offers its players in real time vision on football and tennis events, in particular. Live better better see the playout positioning themselves between a minimum of 90.4 and a maximum of 93.1%, offering good opportunities to be able to bring home the desired result. All with a streaming that manages to achieve a remarkable fluidity, not always obvious in live game;

william hill, real dean among the operators in the sector. Also in our country this platform was noticed by a large number of enthusiasts for an excellent proposal, in which real time bets could not be missing and the vision of the comparisons. As for the Payout, that of William Hill is positioned between 90.4 and 95.8%, thus being very high. For those who focus live on a game, it is in fact an extremely important fact, such as to be added to a mix formed by levels of safety and high services and one of the most reputed casino;

Unibet, one of the sites that have most focused on the betting mode in real time. The Swedish company has decided to focus on this mode Vando Unibet TV Live Streaming, where it is possible to view the matches during the course and always have control on results and shares. It is in fact the best way to place for additional bets and exploit the vision of a meeting, and then perhaps fold on board games offered inside the casino;

Qasrabah, also in this case capable of offering a significant amount of disciplines for live betting, ten, and a very high payout, up to 95%. For those who love to play on real time encounters, it is another solution capable of ensuring a safe environment and shelter from problems such as to spoil the pleasure of Betting.

The best live betting bonuses

Also on this kind of betting it is possible to use the bonuses that are granted after filing by the various platforms. Before opt for one site or another, however, it is advisable to carefully analyze the conditions to be able to unlock themnull The bonuses that seem the most generous to a first exam are not always. Indeed, very often they are used by operators in the sector as a real bait aimed at recalling for the most naive users, who will discover only when they try to withdraw the deception perpetrated against them.

Among the most convenient bonuses currently proposed by the various operators, in particular we point out the following:

  • Better, which offers up to 260 $ to those who intend to discover the world of betting on sport;
  • william hill, which in turn proposes a welcome bonus of 215 $;
  • Snai, whose sports bonus stands at 300 $ on the first deposit, adding to the welcome one equal to 15;
  • Qasrabah, which offers 100 $ on the initial top -up for those who register for the platform.

The methods of payment of football and live sports betting

When opening an account at a site of this kind, it is important to make sure that the methods of payment of betting are many. Of the list should be part, in particular:

  • electronic wallets like paypal, Skrill o Neteller;
  • bank or postal transfers;
  • credit cards of the most established circuits.

The main operators for real time betting, without any exclusion of any kind, are used to proposing a large quantity, perhaps adding the CYPTOVALUE, the last cry in this sense. It is therefore convenient to examine the question previously the definitive choice.

Dirette Streaming e live bets

When we intend to carry on a live bet actually profitable on the various events, it is mandatory first of all to be able to find all the Bookmaker offering the direct racesnull In fact, it should be remembered that not all platforms are able to ensure this service.

And, in an attempt to remedy a gap considered serious by the players, some try to remedy by offering more substantial shares and welcome bonuses, at least apparently, compared to other operators. If you intend to adhere to a proposal in this sense, it is therefore advisable to carefully view the real offer of the game site.

Live bets advice and tricks

Many ask themselves if there are live betting tricks capable of helping those who work the game during a match. The answer is certainly positive. For example, the most recommended strategy by experts is the one consisting of identifying a tender in which statistics have to presage many networks. If in the first quarter of an hour of the game a signature immediately occurs, it is certainly the case to focus on theOver 1,5.

Other winning methods live betting can then be considered:

  • on the number of corner kicks in direct elimination competitions;
  • on any signatures during the first half;
  • on 1 during the first half.

However, it is enough to make a quick overview of the online sites that are interested in Betting to find live bets extremely precious advice and info about the purpose that can be in fact very useful.

Analyze the statistics

A very important aspect, for those who have the bet on the various comparisons in mind, are basketball, volleyball or other sport, is represented by the possibility of having statistics available during their visit. All the main bookmakers not only have streaming, but try to facilitate live bets with details sections reserved precisely for statistical data.

In this way it is possible to compare what happens in real time with the data relating to the more or less recent history of a team or an athlete. Statistics and sport are a combination that can benefit the players and for this reason the betting sites offer the first to their customers. Until the best live strategies between the best strategies to be resorted to be able to give life to a prediction capable of remunerating the game.

Do not be influenced on the team or the athlete of the heart

If you intend to win with live football bets, you need to start from an assumption: feelings must not reflect on the game and prevail over info and neutral data. If you cheer for a team or athlete, a speech that also applies to basketball and tennis, you shouldn't focus on them.

Unless you have the ability to split the reasons for the heart from the bare and raw data. For those who bet online it is a golden rule to always keep in mind, if you intend to be successful with your predictions.

Play only on ADM license or apps

Before starting to make bets, a fundamental question must be resolved, namely the choice of the site, or sites, with which to carry on the game activity.
On the web, in fact, there is a large quantity of scaming operators, who perhaps focus on welcome bonuses very Ghiotti to entice all the players to operate a deposit and open an account. In this way they can later prevent access to the owner and take possession of money.

To thwart this danger, you need to choose the bookmakers who boast a regular license issued by ADM (ex Aams), the body that supervises the correct performance of the gaming activity in USA. In a review on live betting sites it is impossible to ignore this prerequisite.

Don't be frenetic

Each meeting concerning sport can evolve quickly. Before issuing a prediction, however, it is necessary to equip yourself with a valid strategy to ensure the game a compliance with the real situation and the values on the field. Live bets allow you to honest about what is happening simultaneously with the event, but they must also be addressed with reasoning capacity.

In particular, it is not necessary to be won by the frenzy and wait before orienting the bet in one sense or another without giving in to the simple impulse of the moment. A sporting race is able to give life to infinite twists and turns, which must however be mastered. If you are unable to do it, you open the possibility of losing the money aimed.

Live conclusions bets

Live bets are considered extremely important by digital betting lovers. The events viewed in real time allow you to get a more reliable idea of how a match is going and therefore helping fans to better orient your play.

In this review we have tried to make it clear how if this method of betting can cause a real adrenaline discharge, on the other hand it is also necessary to know how to move the best during your visit to the site.

Too many users, in fact, get caught by the frenzy of the events that flow under their eyes, losing sight of the possible transitory nature of the result. The game, however, was never decided until the end of the time or to the achievement of the decisive point by one of the parties involved. To be able to play your cards better, therefore, you need to have not only clear ideas, but also a rigid discipline, such as to help all those who love live bets to have good opportunities to spot their prediction.

In our review we recalled how the ADM (once AAMS) license is important for guarantee safety, but the ability to play carefullynull Also and above all in the case of live bets, which are very affected by the emotion created by the performance of a match. It is always necessary to keep this data in mind, in order to be able to face a sporting event at best.


  • How to win live bets?

    To win to live bets, you need not only to follow every event or encounter on which you intend to make your own play, but also to have many info, well clear ideas, a winning strategy, based on numbers and the sufficient ability to interpret what is happening in real time. Only in this way can fans have good percentages of seeing their play remunerated.

  • Can you bet live at any time?

    Yes, all the main online bookmakers, starting from Unibet, William Hill and Snai, provide the opportunity to do it and the video view, to facilitate the task of those who want to play live betting. Of course, however, it is not possible to do it on any event, but it is necessary to choose between the football, tennis, basketball or other disciplines proposed by a site in real time.

  • What are the best live betting sites?

    Online sites to play live bets to prefer are those equipped with regular license issued by ADM (ex AAMS). In fact, they are able to ensure not only quality welcome bonuses and very large schedules to focus on, but also a game environment in which all users can attend events and pay a visit for their episode in absolute safety.

How to win live bets?

To win to live bets, you need not only to follow every event or encounter on which you intend to make your own play, but also to have many info, well clear ideas, a winning strategy, based on numbers and the sufficient ability to interpret what is happening in real time. Only in this way can fans have good percentages of seeing their play remunerated.

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