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River Queen Slot

Complete review of the River Queen slot, released by Novomatic. The American provider has launched many games that have become real cult in the best online casinos: in addition to the Book of Ra saga, River Queen can also be considered an iconic slot. In our guide we describe in detail all the possibilities of winning and the functioning of the expected bonuses.

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Special Wild function
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The video slot online They differ in themes and mechanics of the game, proving to be an extremely varied pastime and capable of meeting the tastes of any player visits the online casino. The advent of the digital game has expanded the sector to divest out, ensuring that in a few years titles of all types and genre were released, but among these some undoubtedly stand out for the success they immediately obtained among users.

The slot River Queen You can certainly mention among those titles that have contributed to the spread and popularity of online slot machines. Issued by the provider Novomatic It is present in all the best online casinos both in the version Demo free with either episodes in real moneynull In this review you will discover all the elements that characterize it and which prizes offers!

River Queen Slot: Main information

River Queen Slot offers the unmissable opportunity to enjoy a Cruise along the Mississippi, on a period boat and in the company of a couple of characters who will well know how to reward those who decide to play on the rollers of one of the best Novomatic Games videos.

Who plays the version of the demo free of RQ does not need to make any deposit, being able to enjoy unlimited laps on each casino that offers this mode for website or mobile app. Who instead wants to try the versione “Pay Play”, that is, those who want to play with episode and win in real cash, can read in the sequel to our review all the details on the functioning of the game, almost bonuses or prizes offers and what details do Novomatic video games distinguish from the many others available.

Developer and software

Novomatic game software are Fthe most appreciated worldwide And they are hosted by all the best web casinos. These video games respond to each requirement required by ADM license and from the laws on gambling in USA. Transparency e Safety These are elements that characterize all the products of this provider, whose slot machines are among the most sought after and appreciated on the web.

Among the best video games offered by Novomatic we can mention Sizzling Hot, which proposes to those who play both the basic version and the Deluxe mode, in addition to the saga Book of Ra which includes various titles, including Book of Ra 10 Deluxe e Book of Ra Magic.

Thanks to a RTP always greater than 90% And volatility of choice between lower, media and upper Novomatic meets the favor of those who love digital gaming and want to try quality titles both from the point of view of the game play and as regards the graphics and the presence of interesting bonus games.

River Queen Slot: Payout and combinations

RQ corresponds to a victory every time they come Aligned equal symbols in a minimum number of 3 and maximum number of 5 on one of the 50 payment lines providednull The latter can be changed, therefore you can bet on a minimum of 1 line, with minimum episode of $ 0.01, for a maximum of 50 lines with Maximum episode of 50 $null During the laps, standard or free spins, the maximum payout that can be obtained on a single payment line is equal to 50.000x the basic bet.

So let's see in detail what the winning combinations are offered in the payment table and what are the icons that those who play will be able to see on the rollers.

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Payment table and lines

RQ is characterized by a particularly pleasant graphics, which embellishes every element of the game with elegant and golden frames. The payments table can be consulted at any time, unless the laps are underway, clicking on the "Menu”Located at the bottom left.

Here, in addition to consulting all the payouts proposed by the individual combinations of symbols, some customization options can be decided. In fact, you have the opportunity to decide to Activate the "risk" mode o “Gamble", To make the game more dynamic and obtain the possibility of multiplying up to 5 times each prize, or letting it deactivated and enjoying the turns of the wheels without risking what is obtained and put to storage.

These video games in general enjoy an excellent review also because they always clearly show all the payment lines on which it is possible to obtain the winnings given from the alignment of the same symbol. In this case, the paying lines are 50, clearly represented in the last pages of the regulation.

l’RTP of the RQ slot is fixed to 95,56%, while the volatility is mediumnull These data, therefore, prove to be excellent for obtaining rather frequent payments and satisfactory amounts.


The symbols that make their appearance during the turns of the wheels are All themed designed And they marry well with the fresh and elegant setting represented by the game as a whole. In fact, there is the impression of climbing a boat that houses rich gaming tables, given the presence of figures such as dice, chips and a gentleman ready to distribute poker cards.

As for the payment, as already mentioned essential requirement to obtain it is to align at least three equal symbols on one of the 50 lines provided and, above all, on adjacent rollers. The possibilities of victory, calculated on the bet of $ 1, are as follows:

Minimum win 0,80$
Maximum win 8$
Book yes poker
Minimum win 0,40$
Maximum win 6$
Delicious at 6 ft
Minimum win 0,32$
Maximum win 4$
Minimum win 0,32$
Maximum win 4$
A e K
Minimum win 0,16$
Maximum win 3,20$
Q, J, 10 e 9
Minimum win 0,08$
Maximum win 2$
Symbols Minimum win Maximum win
Gambler 0,80$ 8$
Book yes poker 0,40$ 6$
Delicious at 6 ft 0,32$ 4$
Cards 0,32$ 4$
A e K 0,16$ 3,20$
Q, J, 10 e 9 0,08$ 2$

One of the peculiarities of the Games Novomatic video, also visible from those who play RQ, is the fact that Special symbols such as Wild or Scatter offer prizes are alsonull Of the latter, however, we will deal in the immediately following section, dedicated precisely to the special functions that can be activated in this video machine.

Special modes and River Queen Slot game bonuses

As happens for many Videos Games Novomatic, the proposed gaming sessions do not have many bonuses and are particularly suitable for all those who, in choosing the various types of available game play, prefer the simplest and most relaxing ones.

The functions that can be activated in RQ, in fact, are basic and not particularly original: there is no, for example, any bonus game, there are no multipliers and there are no progressive jackpots. To clarify these details, both in the free demo version available on the provider website or the best casinos, and in the pay play version you can find:

  • Wild symbol, depicted by a girl who is enjoying the cruise on the Mississippi;
  • Scatter symbol, which shows the boat in motion on the river;
  • Gamble function, which allows you to try to double your winnings up to a maximum of 5 times.

In particular, the Jolly icon replaces all the others except for the scatter e optimizes winning combinationsnull It also offers a prize ranging from a minimum of $ 1.20 for 3 adjacent cards to a maximum of $ 20 for 5 aligned tiles.

The boat icon, appearing at least 3 times, gives 10 Free Spinsnull During the free spins there is a new Jolly card, which occupies 3 vertical positions and moves constantly on the screen to optimize the winnings. The shots are also a paying symbol and return from a minimum of $ 2 for 3 screen cards up to a maximum of $ 200 for 5 cards who land at the same time on the wheels.

The "Risk" function o “Gamble"It must be activated or deactivated by the" Settings "section on the menu. By choosing to keep it active, you will have to guess the color of a card that will be extracted (red or black) and if the prediction will be right Each victory obtained will be doublednull If the forecast proves to be wrong, however, the prize will be entirely lost.

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Slot River Queen: the most similar alternatives

Wanting to try some of the alternatives most similar to the Videoslot Machine protagonist of our review, you could look at different titles depending on whether you want to experiment with something that has a similar theme or that you remember RQ for the proposed mechanics.

Video games con similar theme I am:

  • That’s Rich of the Play'ngo;
  • Assassin Moon micro gaming;
  • Wild Beach Party della Pragmatic Play.

To find the alternatives they offer mechanics as similar as possible, in addition to exploring the aforementioned saga Book of ra, could be put to try the following games games:

  • Dolphins Pears Deluxe, Fairy Queen e Faust always by Novomatic;
  • Excalibur e Secrets of Atlantis of the Netten;
  • Ulisse ed Er Colosseum of the Capecod.

River Queen Slot Free: play on the demo version to practice

All Video Games in possession of ADM authorization offer the great advantage of Being able to be tested in free demo mode on the provider website or on the web casino that provide for this possibility. To try these games it is not necessary to make any deposit and the gaming offered is identical, in all details and mechanics to the one with real money.

A large number of players love to try the games for free before betting the money they have put to storage because in this way they can try the actual possibilities provided for by the slot machines. Study the frequency of payments, the functioning of the bonuses and have free virtual toilets available completely unlimited helps Optimize your gaming strategies e Bet responsibly.

We must also not forget that free slot machines can also be used for simple personal delight by those who do not intend, regardless, to make any deposit on a casino site and aim for fun without obligation. In any case, choosing games that respond to the legal legal laws is always the best choice, since only in this case you have the guarantee that gaming sessions offer maximum security.

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