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Buff, clangori and vintage atmosphere for Netten's Slot Eggomatic. Find the egg with the free spins that between chickens, roosters and tin chicks is a candidate to be one of the best creations of this year! Try it for free and find out how to play and win the Massimo Award for grade up to 94750 $!

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3D graphics
Fun animations
Interesting game mechanics
Good maximum potential win
Absence of multipliers
Free turns that are hardly activated

The world of Slot machine He always puts the creativity of the developers to the test. With hundreds of titles that are launched every month on the market it is difficult to create a mechanics, or even a graphics, which can hit the player already accustomed to this world. However, this time, Netent seems to have succeeded with Eggomaticnull This is an interesting slot machine that mixes different mechanics, detailed graphics and that does not use the classic icons we are used to.

Eggomatic: main information

Open the screen of this creation of NetEnt It means immediately entering a world made of chickens, chicks and tin hens. This slot machine is set in a sort of metal egg factory. The 5 rollers launch and puff, when they are in action on the three lines of the game area. The protagonists are this metal animals, but with a very alive expression, which give winning combinations and eggs rich in surprises.

The graphics have a 3D effect, there are no flat and two -dimensional symbols as in most slots. The background music acoustically fills the game without annoying, the sound effects recall the clang of tin toys typical of the 1950s and 1960s.

Rules of the game

Despite the definitely different aspect than usual, the basic rule of Eggomatic Slot Machine is the same: align at least Three equal and adjacent icons on one of the 20 lines of payment of the grid. The payines are also indicated in the external edges of the game network, passing the cursor a line, which looks like an electric shock, shows the path of the line. The combination pays its premium if it starts from the more left roller of the five available.

Eggomatic symbols are divided into two groups: i five chicks, all equal to each other except color, and the hens which represent the different stages of growth. The chicks pay the low value prizes while the grown chickens pay the largest winnings. The Jolly symbol is represented by the rooster that transports a sign with Wild written.

The game, as well as developing on the rectangle, also has one additional line placed above the rollers. In fact, the car that creates eggs is positioned to the right of the game grid, which are also placed on this upper line when playing.

These metal eggs move as the line is a conveyor belt. They begin their path in correspondence with the roller on the right and go to the left in the opposite direction to the payment lines. The goal is to make them hatch taking the surprise inside and takes place when, in the roller below, a Wild symbol lands.

Developer and software

Sometimes the name is enough to already understand the level of quality. In this case Netent is the guarantee of a great game And with Eggomatic, we can admit it without reservations, they have passed. Eggomatic is immediately a candidate to become one of the most beautiful slot games from 2022.

Every detail is designed, from graphics to sound effects. The game mechanics, despite a traditional 5 × 3 grid and a not high number of payines, manages to give the right thrill to the player and keep its concentration active. The Swedish house has accustomed us to great successes over the years but still today, game after play, it continues to surprise even the most consumed and difficult players to amaze.

Characteristics of the Eggomatic slot

On Eggomatic you play by choosing the radius of the Available episodes The one suitable for Bankroll. This makes it a very interesting slot even for players with a more limited budget. It is possible to bet starting from only $ 0.20 while the maximum episode is $ 200.

The episode is set up by setting the level command and associating a value with the coins that are aimed. The usual system, present on other games, not very intuitive for which, it is recommended to always check, with great attention, the value set in $. This is found, written in small, exactly under the spin start button.

Netennt, perhaps daring, opted in order not to insert a scatter symbol that makes you access the bonus game but the mechanics still includes a phase of free spins that can be activated. This is achieved when a special special egg is overlooked by a roller in which a Wild symbol lands.

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Eggomatic: Payout and combinations

There are twenty payment lines And the trio of adjacent and identical figures is the minimum combination for a paying shot. Eggomatic Slot Machine is unidirectional, only the combinations that start from the roller on the left that make up the game network are considered valid.

The system that makes this game interesting is the higher egg, functioning by bonuses, which proceeds in the opposite direction to the victory lines. A nice animation at the beginning of each Spins sets the car in motion which, moving and trembling a little, produces metal egg on the right side. The egg is not always generated by placing itself on the conveyor belt. Each of these eggs has an impressed symbol that determines the gift that will bring to the player.

When the rooster, with its writing Wild, lands on a roller on which one of the surprise eggs stands out a nice animation. The egg falls and is grasped by the rooster which opens it and delivers the prize. The following Uovi are available with surprise:

  • spreading wild egg, blue in color and marked by a W, which will increase the area of action of the Wild symbol on the grill generating more winning combinations;
  • free spin egg, colored green, which will give a free shoes bonus package, from 7 to 50, based on the number impressed on the outside;
  • coin win egg, the gold color distinguishes this egg that directly generates a win by falling into the arms of the rooster below, the award rangs from 50 to 2500 coins (number to multiply by the associated value);
  • surprise egg, marked by a multicolored band and a question mark, will reveal one of the prizes of the previous eggs only when it is possible to make it hatched on the Wild.

This mechanics, perhaps not too intuitive at the beginning, adds an interesting touch of adrenaline to the game. You just have to get used to the beginning to the different colors and then everything becomes very very engaging.

Payment table and lines

Nothing is left to chance and also the payments table follows the graphics of the game very well. The advice, as on other games and slots, is always to take a look at him to understand the functioning of the game, the inspection of the lines and then, also in this case, play with the Eggomatic Demo for a few blows before inserting money real.

The twenty paylines are the Three horizontal classic e altre and cig-zagnull The only ones that includes symbols on all lines are line 4 and 5 in the shape of V and V -ROVE.


As mentioned, the protagonists of this game with Netten software are the chicks, hens and metal roosternull These animal skepeker are divided by both color and appearance. All well made but take some time to be well recognized by the player's eye, a further reason to try eggomatic for free thanks to the available demo.

The animals that offer the major winnings, in decreasing order, are:

  • the "old" hen with his red dress;
  • the winking adult hen with its purple livery;
  • with the green color the chicken chicken;
  • the blue one with the eyes a little amazed;
  • The dark brown hen and the air a little perplexed.

Aligning a trio of adjacent and equal animals The winnings range from 10 to 1000 coins.

The chicks, on the other hand, are all of the same shape but different color. Follow the chromatic scheme of the upper values: red, purple, green, blue and brownnull Minimum winning 5 coins, maximum 75.

Here it is important to emphasize that the minimum bet on the lap is equal to 20 coins so many of the eggomatic combinations, although they are paying, generate a premium less than the episode.

Eggomatic game bonus

This Slot Machine with Netent software does not have a real bonus phasenull The extra game actually always active and thanks to the eggs that, in a random way, are placed and flow on the upper ribbon. We realize immediately that it is not an easy game, albeit very interesting. The Surprise Eggs are not many and the rooster, which is from Wild, necessary to hatch every egg and generate a bonus, is also quite shy and you do not often see it on the rollers as in the case of other games. Perhaps a bonus activation mechanism with the free spins would not have been out of place.


For this fairly anomalous slot, Netten has not chosen any form of jackpot, even a real multiplier are missing. The most interesting prizes are paid by the eggs to the eggs. In all cases the maximum win is equal to 94.750 coins, the latter can go from $ 0.01 to $ 1 value.

Eggomatic Free Spin

There are also gods free giri To be taken on Eggomatic but it is not easy at all to activate them. Perhaps the real flaw of this creation of Netent.

The free laps are activated thanks to the special eggs on upper tape and which show the spin icon, the two arrows that chase each other forming a circle, with a number inside. The figure represents the amount of free spin that can be obtained if a joker, the rooster with the Wild sign, lands on the roller underlying the position of the wealth.

Theme and graphics

It is undoubtedly the strong point of this slot machine. In a world where developers compete with those who invent a greater number of payment lines suddenly bursts Netent by launching a slot from 20 lines and exceptional graphicsnull Simply disruptive.

Beautiful animals with their depth effect, you want to get their hands on the screen to touch these tin toys. Music and sounds are an excellent background without being intrusive. Every time you win the metal animals, they open the coins in the air. Each animal with a different movement. The egg machine snaps so much that it seems to really exudate effort and also the console with the controls to set the episode or the car play is customized on vintage theme.

RTP and volatility

Netent offers this slot with a average volatility it's a Return To Player al 96,50%null The result of this combination is a slot that alternates series of non -paying shots with some that provide a minor win to the episode made. However, if you can open one of the eggs with surprise it is very easy to be able to go active or report in a tie on a not too lucky game session. Using the Eggomatic Demo first helps a lot to understand the behavior and how to play this slot.

How to win in Eggomatic?

The winnings is obtained in two ways Main:

  1. Aligning a trio of equal symbols on one of the payment lines;
  2. making a Wild symbol In a roller overlooking one of the eggs with surprise.

However, the advice is to consult the payments table well. This makes it clear that many combinations of three equal symbols provide a winning winer of the episode inserted. Are in fact of the winning shots, affecting the Hit Frequency della slot, but generate a loss. Better to exult when they align at least four symbols rather than only three.

Eggomatic for free: play on the demo version to practice

The Eggomatic Demo It is essential as this game requires a few minutes and equally shots to understand its mechanics better. It is not an immediately intuitive slot, it needs a few minutes to arouse the player's interest. After the first slightly confusing impact is really pleasant to play.

Playing Eggomatic with real money

Made a few tests on the Eggomatic gratis, taken confidence with chicks and hens, the Wild and the mechanism overlying of surprise eggs, then you can begin to challenge it with real money.

Having one average volatility We don't recommend facing her immediately with a heavy episode. It is preferable to have greater autonomy in terms of number of spins rather than hoping for a large win after a few laps as it could happen in a high volatility slot.

Conclusion: our opinion on Eggomatic

One of the best Nettend works of recent times. Elaborate graphics, different game mechanics despite only 20 payines. Animations that entertain and keep the player's attention high, unobtrusive music. All the ingredients are the right ones. The slot attracts and conquers but remains quite bizarre to play with the free spin phase really difficult to activate.

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