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  • Gamenet has just acquired Lottomatica, and now what will happen?

    This is a very important news for both the financial market and for the American gaming industry, this is because Gament Grip is a global giant that is opening up to our market by choosing precisely Lottomatica, one of the most important brands in our country. But the real fundamental question is another: which scenarios will open this acquisition? Will it be good or bad for the world of American digital game?

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  • Philippines: Game of Gambling Salva Vite repairing from cataclysms

    Certainly said so it has a certain effect, but the reality of the facts is not so different since the PAGCOR, the trade association of the operators of the game, has detached a new check of 50 million weight Filipino for the construction of two new ones Evacuation centers in the province of Legazpi City, the last piece (at least for the moment) of an operation of 45 million dollars that has been going on for years.

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  • Casino Mayfair vs players: when the game goes to court

    Two of London's Mayfair casinos are being found (in different phases and for different reasons) to face legal causes against as many players with whom there have been millionaire disputes, two different stories that somehow show the two different faces of the same medal : when "to try" are the players and when instead it would seem a attempt by the casino itself. We discover both stories up close.

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  • Sweden: a real task force starts against illegal game

    In Sweden, the government has just created a new investigation to enter the detail of the illegal game activities present in the country both in the form of the terrestrial game and in the online version: a task force that has as its objective the protection of both players and providers who operate legally offering a legitimate and safe service authorized by the authorities. Let's find out close what it is.

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  • Genoa says no to gambling in the historic center

    An unusual measure that just passed by the Municipality of Genoa to redevelop the historic center is certainly unusual: it is perhaps the first time that some areas of one of the American cities become off limits for fun and players and the question becomes rather interesting especially in a moment in which There are not many activities that can grow and expand to the point of predicting to open new stores. Let's find out how it went.

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  • Illegal game: seven complaints in Prato for clandestine biscua

    In the era of very narrow regulations to make gambling (both online and terrestrial) as safe and legitimate as possible, some attempts are still recorded to enrich themselves illegally giving life to real clandestine bische such as the one recently identified and closed by Guardia di Finanza in Prato. What the "accused" game ended up in the center of the matter? This time the Mahjong ...

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  • Here are the three most incredible curiosities about the digital game

    The world of online game, like that of the game in general, really offers thousands of curious stories that concern play and players, but which ones are truly incredible who somehow remain forever in the legend of this sector? We have chosen three for you, our top 3 of the stories about the digital game.

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  • Is it possible to open an AAMS online casino in USA? How?

    We are sure that if you are reading this article, the passion for digital game certainly does not lack, most of our readers are in fact players who do not miss any news coming. But has any of you ever wondered how to open an ADM/AAMS online casino in USA? What do you need to do if the passion of the game is such as to want to make us providers?

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  • ADM news: will command the providers for illegal sites

    A big news for ADM in the August decree: a small great revolution voted to contain and eliminate the spread of the game sites not authorized by the American government at the root….

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  • There is a new tax on sports betting

    Do you know that the American government, at the hands of Parliament, has launched a new temporary tax of 0.5% on sports betting, virtual and otherwise? What does a temporary tax mean and ...

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