ADM news: will command the providers for illegal sites

A big news for ADM in the August decree: a small great revolution voted to contain and eliminate the spread of the game sites not authorized by the American government at the root.

ADM/AAMS vs Internet Providers

In the August decree in these days under discussion in the Council of Ministers there will be a great news in play of gambling that he will add great powers ad Adm (Customs and Monopolies Agency, ex AAMS) in terms of controlling the spread of illegal sites or in any case not responding to the standards imposed by the American government.

As we know, the Customs and Monopolies Agency is the Authority designated by the Government for what is the supervision and regulation of game activities within national borders (virtual and non -virtual): an action that for example also includes The release of the ADM/AAMS authorization and which is now one step away from becoming even deeper and effective.

How? ADM will finish control also on internet American providers , assuming the power to order the removal of illegal game realities directly to the root no longer allows their achievement from the point of view to start IT.

But that's not all, he will be able to fine

However, ADM will not only be able to order the removal of illegal game realities (damage that would immediately only be from the online casinos that will be cut out) but can also claim on the providers themselves punishing them with Fines that will go from $ 30,000 to $ 150,000 For each violation found: a very strong action capable of preventing the "laziness" of the providers, who will instead be the first to want and have to move to avoid incurring potentially disastrous sanctions.

This type of measure is not yet effective, but it will be precisely short after the publication of the August decree , after which many things will change in the management of problematic game realities.

Users will not notice anything, only of the possible removal of illegal online casino at the moment reachable, while all the managers will be for those who are “a monte” : on the one hand ADM in the role of control and on the other the providers in the guise of those who can make it possible to achieve specific sites possible.

Our conclusions

What we expect is a great momentum from providers to immediately manage this change that otherwise it could cost them very dear , which promises to be a very quick and resulting action capable of making the difference in a short time with what we can in all respects consider a very close turn of lives.

We find it a right solution Because at the same time it increases both the power of ADM (correctly, considering that it is the only reference authority) that the responsibility of those who regulate the connection services by earning us for the other very money.

If it will be decisive? This will only be able to say the time, but the numbers are all there so we can expect (and wish us) that the game activities in USA will soon be more controlled and healthier going in all respects To the advantage of the players .

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