Genoa says no to gambling in the historic center

An unusual measure that just passed by the Municipality of Genoa to redevelop the historic center is certainly unusual: it is perhaps the first time that some areas of one of the American cities become off limits for fun and players and the question becomes rather interesting especially in a moment in which There are not many activities that can grow and expand to the point of predicting to open new stores. Let's find out how it went.

Municipality of Genoa and gambling

We admit it, so put down the title sounds more belligerent than things actually went, this is because the provision proposed by the city councilor for trade, Dr. Paola Bordilli, was welcomed positively and immediately rendered by the coordination between the Municipality of Genoa, the Liguria Region and the local Chamber of Commerce.

In practice, this decision has a main purpose, that is, to preserve the historic center, the San Teodoro area and the Sampierdarena district of the future opening of shops and activities connected to any level with gambling by adding to how official explanation The one follows: "The goal is to enhance as healthy entrepreneurship as much as possible, the one that also represents a fundamental garrison of safety and decoration for our neighborhoods. At the delicate moment crossed by our trade, the institutions, primarily the Municipality, have a duty to protect those commercial activities, which with their teacher continue to keep our neighborhoods alive and to give an essential service to citizens“.

In short, the game represents neither a fundamental service nor an activity in line with the decoration of the Genoese historic center, an evaluation that apparently found the general consent To the point of putting precisely to give everyone, but which is also due to the potential risk of seeing the opening of franchise stores proliferate in this moment of crisis that could exploit the delicacy of the moment to easily impose themselves on the market.

It is not all here, however, because the online game is also involved and a whole series of activities considered not consone to the area of the city, a measure that as we will see directly touches many people.

Is only the game of gambling?

It is not only the gambling that is touched by this provision, but also a series of other activities in which those functional to the Online game, including those who manage the sale and recharge of prepaid cards or game accounts (with which you can also play in the major online casino) and all the others similar regardless of the type of technique they use to achieve the purpose.

And it is not over, because among the activities considered not consone to the urban decoration of the historic center to which the opening of new shops has been prohibited, the internet points, the call centers, the centers of Money Transference, the sine laundry centers, Sexy shops and gold buy.

In short, it seems to have been banned everything that automatically or based on telecommunication technologies, which all in all can also have its own logic if we consider that the areas concerned are precisely those more symbolic than Genoese history and culture, which in this way try to be protected by a probably incorrect change.

Our conclusions

What about more? It would not be surprised if other cities also found themselves making similar choices, this to take the jump ball and the so -called two pigeons with one bean: preserve the activities and imprint of the historic centers And at the same time taking a partial measure but still concrete towards the ever -growing phenomenon of gambling dependence.

As far as we are concerned, we find the very interesting question and it will intrigue us to find out if it is the first measure of a long series of similar choices or a "one shot" campaign that will make luck or unfortunate only of the Genoese historic center.

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