Philippines: Game of Gambling Salva Vite repairing from cataclysms

Certainly said so it has a certain effect, but the reality of the facts is not so different since the PAGCOR, the trade association of the operators of the game, has detached a new check of 50 million weight Filipino for the construction of two new ones Evacuation centers in the province of Legazpi City, the last piece (at least for the moment) of an operation of 45 million dollars that has been going on for years.

Gambling against natural disasters

It would be nice if the gambling could actually to protect From all the most terrible and common natural cataclysms that threaten every year, and sometimes take away the lives of millions of people in the world, a sort of "magical shield" that envelops anyone who shares our passion for play and their families. Unfortunately, however, it is not so and to obtain the same result (or something completely comparable) you need the work of someone who organizes themselves for the good of others.

In the Philippines, a tropical country with more than 100 million inhabitants marked by rather frequent natural cataclysms especially by talking about hurricanes, this role has decided to take it on Pagcor, Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation: the organization that brings together all the main actors of the Filipino gaming industry have in fact just carried out a donation of 50 million weight (just over 850 thousand $) for the construction of two multifunctional evacuation centers to be built in the province of Legazpi City to give refuge to citizenship during the frequent fans.

A well welcomed news both by the local population, of which Pianuso spokesman the mayor of Legazpi City, and from the whole country, has been spokespers, this despite not being a novelty that the pagor builds these multifunctional evacuation centers. In fact, the latter donation has enriched an already spent general budget of 41.5 million dollars: a real manna to concretely protect the population most at risk that comes directly from those who coordinate the gambling of the country in a year in which the industry has also lost a lot.

Game in the Philippines: in 2022 a 71.2 % drop

This excessive initiative certainly cannot be said that it is a due act by an industry at the moment healthy and solid, this is because despite the Philippines they have a real passion for gambling the gaming industry of the country's country 'year has lost the noise that 71.2% On what was the turnover of last year, an economic cataclysm motivated obviously by the true "hurricane" of this 2022, the notorious Covid-19 that has distorted everything and all in the last eleven months.

In the third quarter of the year, the industry produced 15.91 billion in weight (just over 330 million dollars), which recorded a growth of 602.6% compared to the previous quarter on which the anti- Covid engraved more 0rasticamnte, the point, however, is that in the third quarter of 2019 the turnover was 71.2% more.

Do you want to get an idea of the 2022 impact on the Pagcor? In October a net profit relating to the first nine months of the year was recorded equal to 132.7 million weight, while last year on the same date the net profit recorded had been 4.97 billion: a capable "blow" to hurt any industry by forcing it to containing measures often even very tranchant, but that Instead, he did not have impact on the charity program of the pagor precisely aimed at the construction of the evacuation centers.

This is that it seems to be one of the few things that this 2022 has not been able to change, a program that despite everything continues to move forward and that transforms the passion for the online gambling of the Filipino public in a resource For those people who instead have to deal with the violence of nature and with the disasters they get.

It is not bad to imagine that a play of BLACKJACK Can you help give refuge to someone who has to protect themselves for a hurricane, don't you find?

Our conclusions

How we can conclude if not by saying that this initiative is (or at least it should be) nothing more and nothing less than The starting point For the organization of similar actions in all countries of the world? It is truly commendable that Pagor carries the construction of these evacuation centers, but this should probably be the norm.

By putting aside this 2022 and Covid, that of the game is a florid industry based on passion and fun and it is right that it will be done effectively bring some practical relief to those who have to deal with well -made issues more severe.

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