Illegal game: seven complaints in Prato for clandestine biscua

In the era of very narrow regulations to make gambling (both online and terrestrial) as safe and legitimate as possible, some attempts are still recorded to enrich themselves illegally giving life to real clandestine bische such as the one recently identified and closed by Guardia di Finanza in Prato. What the "accused" game ended up in the center of the matter? This time the Mahjong ...

Prato: seven complaints and $ 13,000 confiscated

The voice had probably been running for some time and the Guardia di Finanza was only waiting for the right time to intervene: this must have happened in the Pronto Moda warehouse, A company in Prato That the night used to host players ready to have fun even at the expense of legality. When the yellow flames came on the spot gradually served the screams of those who knew what would happen, an alarm that however was not enough to avoid the evidence of crime even in front of the eyes already aware of the police.

They were found with their hands literally in the sack I Six citizens of Chinese origin who were playing Mahjong in the face of strong obviously irregular cash bets: rich bets to the point of allowing the Guardia di Finanza the confiscation of Ben $ 13,000.00 in cash that the players in question did not have time to hide.

Of course, the provision was not only in terms of seizure of the money found on the "crime scene", but also the report on the loose Of the six people found in the act of a crime a seventh (the owner of the space) to whom he was contested that he has actually authorized the illegal game activity in the company owned by him.

An isolated case?

The question at this point is whether this seizure can be considered as an isolated case In a legal and legal scenario, or if it is an example of a subculture of the game even much more widespread than you can imagine and far from coming definitively eradicated.

The state from this point of view is moving a lot to redefine the boundaries of the legal game so as to offer American players only possibilities healthy and regulated And this is happening both towards physical and traditional game, so what we can expect in the future will be the maximum attention from the police: a consequence that this news can only confirmed and emphasize, especially if we consider with The right weight the ability that the Guardia di Finanza had to "catch" in the act of crime.

In truth, in recent weeks this has not been the only news linked to interventions of the police forces against clandestine bisces since one has also been stopped in Sicily as well as one in Piedmont: we always talk about isolated cases, but which let imagine a presence higher than the expectations of these irregular scenarios.

What to do to fight these realities even only from the point of view of simple game fans? Just refer only to legal activities, come i casino Lichengiti Adam/Arms In the case of online game or legal recipes in the case of physical game: a much more decisive solution to the practical act than you can imagine.

Our conclusions

In short, what happened basically teaches us two things: the first is that there are still contexts in which the illegal game is carried out to the detriment of both security Of the players who of the inevitable tax evasion that derives from it, while the second is that our law enforcement agencies are still very careful to what happens.

And it is precisely this second point that sooner or later will allow you to arrive at a totally widespread and virtuous legal game scenario: This is the goal And we too can do our part to reach it by always choosing for the best the realities to refer to when we simply want to have fun.

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