Sweden: a real task force starts against illegal game

In Sweden, the government has just created a new investigation to enter the detail of the illegal game activities present in the country both in the form of the terrestrial game and in the online version: a task force that has as its objective the protection of both players and providers who operate legally offering a legitimate and safe service authorized by the authorities. Let's find out close what it is.

Sweden and illegal game

Even in the beautiful and more than civil Sweden The illegal game is showing that it is a plague Just as it is in many countries of the world including ours: a problem that the government does not face for the first time but which has now decided to take a chest by opening an in -depth investigation led by a specific task force that has the final goal creation of a precise picture of the situation and the proposal of drastic interventions to resolve it.

The initiative starts from Arlandalan Shekarabi, the Swedish social security minister, who is also the main person of this investigation that wants nothing more and nothing less than Keep the clandestine game and the consequent manipulation of live events that underlies scams.

The investigation will be carried out firsthand by Gunnar Laon, who is the director of the Chamber of Commerce, and wants to first make sure to protect as the two most involved categories is not yet possible: the players, which of course expose themselves to unacceptable risks when they play consciously or unconsciously arguing referring to illegal activities, and also the providers, which for their parts commit themselves with great efforts to offer safe and regulated gaming activities while there are illegal ones that steal important market shares.

And it is also a question of reputation because the illegal game contributes, in Sweden as everywhere, to play against the perception of the game in general, also putting in bad light the gambling realities instead healthy and supervised directly by the government.

Online casino cooperation

Just as on the one hand this task force has the responsibility of investigating the live events by understanding in detail the mechanism of rigged matches, on the other it must be moved and is also moving for Increase the online game regulation, such as through the proposal for the act of a maximum deposit limit set to 5,000 crowns for any mess.

Very interesting is the Coordination with online casinos themselves, which finds its peak in the direct collaboration that Leo Vegas It is also having in terms of consultancy regarding what should be the measures to be implemented: the online casino in the particular proposed, in addition to the maximum deposit limit, also the blocking of IP addresses and payment systems for all playing realities illegal.

It comes from that all this operation has been accepted with great consent by the BOS, or the association of operators involved in digital game activities that in the past had instead been very critical of the government and which instead is now demonstrating full support for the initiative "Closing the circle" of this unprecedented coordination that seems to be very determined.

Our conclusions

The numbers seem to be all there, as well as the intention, which apparently is very firm. The Swedish government has put in place A real crusade against illegal game And from the success of this campaign, everyone can really benefit from it: players, providers and the game itself.

Who knows if it will also happen in USA, where the question is far from less serious especially when it comes to illegal bets on sporting events: a real lung for illegal activities that also scourges our country for too many years now.

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