Gamenet has just acquired Lottomatica, and now what will happen?

This is a very important news for both the financial market and for the American gaming industry, this is because Gament Grip is a global giant that is opening up to our market by choosing precisely Lottomatica, one of the most important brands in our country. But the real fundamental question is another: which scenarios will open this acquisition? Will it be good or bad for the world of American digital game?

Gamenet Buy Lottomatica

That of the digital game is a sector that is still taking its form in USA, even if it is undeniably growing a lot especially in recent years and receiving more and more attentions Even from the "external world": an example of this attention, a great example, in truth, enormous, is the recent acquisition of Lattomatic on the part of gamenet, one of the most important and influential international realities in the sector.

The impact of this acquisition is really very large both as regards the operation itself for itself, well 950 million $ The purchase figure, which for the potential effect that he may have on the American market, where up to now there has not yet been a reality capable of operating in any sector of the legal game both in terrestrial and digital form.

We will have to wait for the second part of this year to actually see the results of this great novelty, but what we can certainly take it for granted is that from now on in the American market there will be a real Goliath ready to rewrite their rules by making strength On an unprecedented specific weight: from Lottomatica Gamenet Group "Inheritance" 1,200 employees And all the know-how that the brand contains, in addition to 1.6 billion $ in revenues according to the 2019 data.

Let's say that it is obviously an epochal event in the sector of American legal game, this is because it is for better or for worse to scenarios that until now had not yet been traveled and which are therefore completely unexplored: scenarios in which they will not be able to missing a greater organization of the sector and any other interests from abroad.


A operation that makes a new nuance take on another operation that Gamenet had done in USA in 2018, the year in which he had acquired one of the most successful sports betting sites in our country, GoldBetnull At the time it had seemed a normal investment considering the importance that Goldbet had reached in terms of market shares in the sports betting sector, but now it takes on the "first step" aspect towards this new operation even more consistent.

The news was commented in a very satisfied way by Andrea Moneta, the president of Gamenet Group and Senior Advisor of Apollo Management who supported the operation: "With this acquisition we significantly accelerate our plans for the American market. The Apollo funds will continue to support the Gamenet Group growth strategy, always maintaining an approach disciplined to the management of the financial lever ".

A sodfaction of his who accompanies that of Guglielmo Angelozzi, CEO of Gamenet, who has instead commented in a more programmatic way: “We have always been committed to providing our customers with excellent and safe consumption and experiences and through this acquisition, the quality of assets and people from Lottomatica will further strengthen The already extraordinary operational capabilities of the Gamenet group, its human capital and the brand's wallet. We are busy supporting our bouquet of brands, unparalleled in the American market ".

In short, the potential is really enormous and everything will be to see how it will be channeled once this purchase will actually become Operational, but what there may be very few doubts about is that both Gamenet and Lottomatica will face a real revolution that will have many effects on the American market.

Our conclusions

Analyzing this news, it is not easy for us to offer neither for the unconditional optimism nor on the contrary for desperate defeatism, the only certainty we have is that in any case it will lead to one development In directions for now still do not imagine, and this simply because a reality will come to life that until now has no precedent.

The certainty is that the legal game itself can earn us, this is because it is always a wealth to find both economic growth and from the point of view of new ideas with which to evolve a sector. And this acquisition of Lottomatica by Gamenet without a doubt of new ideas will bring several.

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