Blackjack strategies: all strategies and tricks to win in Blackjack

Il BLACKJACK It is one of the most popular card games worldwide, certainly equal to poker for fame and popularity. Movies like “21"At Robert Luketic,"Rain Man” con Dustin Hoffman o “The Gambler"Directed by Rupert Wyatt brought stories to the big screen that made the traditional casino game a real fashion. In the same way, millions of users write their personal stories on the green tables not only of the terrestrial betting rooms, but also of the best digital casinos.

Il Free Blackjack Online In fact, it has become one of the most loved pastime, allowing anyone to participate in virtual game sessions for simple playful spirit. Free software are extremely appreciated even among players who bet with real money, because they allow them to try and Find the best Blackjack strategy.

Our review wants to focus on these game techniques, showing both the simplest and most famous and the most complex and advanced.

The fundamental points of Blackjack

Let's start with a short summary of the Fundamental rules of Blackjack, since to correctly apply any strategy it is certainly necessary to know its operation perfectly.

They currently use from one to eight American decks both in the real casinos and in the live rooms of the online platforms. Knowing the number of decks that is using the dealer is essential to understand which blackjack strategy is more convenient to use. The main purpose of the game is Being able to beat the bench, making a higher score than that of the Mazziere without, however, exceeded the maximum expected: 21.

The value of the single paper is the same as other tables games such as the poker, the burraco or scale 40: the numbered cards reflect the value of the number that distinguishes them, in fact the jack the woman and the king are worth 10 points and the ace 1 or 11 points depending on the score that is already in hand. Get a Couple ace + figureTherefore, he realizes a hand to Vittoria Automatic and leads to win a share of 3: 2 against the 1: 1 share which is obtained with a winning hand made with more than 2 cards.

The Options available to those who play, during the sessions, are four:

  • Call paper or "hit"- to receive a further card;
  • State a "stand"- to have no further points;
  • Divide or "split" - When you receive two identical points you can follow independent games;
  • Double or "double"- the bet is duplicated ..

Unlike what happens in slot machines or other casino games based only on luck, blackjack is a game in which The strategy counts: the actions of the players, therefore, really have the possibility of influencing the game session hand after hand, since the number of figures present in the decks is known to be able to perform a count of those already extracted e make an estimate of the probability of victory in relation to those left.

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Blackjack strategies for beginners

There are several techniques to obtain a real advantage over the counter, all different by level of complexity: a beginner, of course, should choose a Blackjack strategy that is within its reach and only acquiring more experience could move on to the most complicated ones.

Let's start with the explanation of the simpler tactics, adoptable by anyone who albeit practice and exercise are fundamental. Almost each of them, in fact, is based on the counting of the cards and their score, therefore it serves to train in the various Mathematical operations to be performed in mindnull We remind you that calculating the cards is not illegal, but it is not a well -seen practice in particular in terrestrial casinos: also Using external tools for counting is completely prohibited And if you are caught in the act you are removed from the room and reported as scammers.

The basic strategies of Blackjack

Among the basic techniques that increase the possibilities of winning we find:

  • Hit or Stand;
  • Download episode;
  • Division of the cards.

Before analyzing any Blackjack strategy, however, two fundamental concepts must be kept in mind:

  • Mani “Hard” or hard/difficult;
  • Mani “Soft” or soft/simple.

It is defined firm hand The one that does not provide for an ace or that in which the ace has only the value of one. There soft hand It is each of those in which the ace, depending on the preferences and convenience of those who play, can be worth 1 or 11. According to any blackjack strategy, of course, the soft hands are easier to play because they offer greater flexibility.

For the basic strategy of the Blackjack one is used table which shows the moment in which each of the possible operations should be performednull The table in question, considering the simplest type of game (i.e. the single deck) is:

The legend is quite simple. The possible score of the player is shown on the left column, on the upper line the possible card discovered by the Mazziere and thecross of these two data shows the most convenient choice.

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Hit or stand blackjack

Know whether to ask for paper or stay It is part of the basic strategy of the Blackjack which allows, in the long run, to gain points compared to the casino. Observing the Blackjack base strategy table, you notice that in some situation, such as if you have a score of 16 points in your hands, it is highly risky to ask for another fishing. The choice, however, must be based even on the point of the Mazzierenull This applies both in real casinos and in live digital matches, but can also be an excellent resource for virtual software that propose the game in VS Computer mode.

The Blackjack Hit or Stand strategy allows you to increase the possibilities of winning a percentage equal to at least 3%null According to reports from the table, the possible cases are as follows:



Punto = o > Hard 11 All time
Punto pari o < Soft 17 All time
Dealer (D) non ha 4 o 6 Hard 12
D does not have 2 or 6 Hard 13
D does not have 2 or 6 14
D does not have 2 or 6 Hard 15
D does not have 2 or 6 Hard 16
D does not have a, 9 or 10 Soft 18



D Ha 4 or 6 Hard 17
D Ha 2 or 6 Hard 19
D Ha 2 or 6 Hard 14
D Ha 2 or 6 Hard 15
17 o > 17
19 soft o > 19

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Observing the table for the basic blackjack strategy you can easily understand the moment when it is better to increase your betnull Making a choice without following the advice of the tables could prove to be very dangerous, therefore it is good to use this option sparingly or if the chances of winning are presented clearly in their favornull It is therefore advantageous to choose the "Double" if this type of scores presents itself:



Hard 9 3 o 6
Hard 13 o 14 5 o 6
Hard 15 o 16 4 o 6
Hard 17 o 18 3 o 6

It must never be doubled, on the other hand, if the desk has an ace card and you have a 10 or 11, or if the desk has a card 10 and in your hand you have a hard 10.

Card division

Dividing the cards is very useful because it increases the chances of winning, splitting the bet on balance and offering a double opportunity to reach a total of points that exceed those of the dealer. With the division, in fact, they are played Two independent gamesnull Recall that this choice is available only when they have received Two equal points And it is better to use it with the following scores:

Points of the player

Banco points

2 – 2 4 o 7
3 – 3 4 o 7
4 – 4 5 o 6
6 – 6 3 o 6
7 – 7 2 o 7
9 – 9 2, 6, 8 o 9

You must always use the split When you have two axes or two 8, while It is never convenient to choose Split If you have two 5 or a pair of 10.

Advanced Blackjack strategies

The tables are an excellent introductory resource to the blackjack strategy, but those who believe they have enough practice and experience can try most advanced techniques, which of course are much more precise when it comes to calculating the chances of winning. To effectively implement the latter, it is necessary Cross memory a lot and their own mathematical ability: the advanced tactics, in fact, plan to count the cards already extracted by assigning to each of them a certain value. These techniques can also be used on the table of a royal casino or in the live software of an online casino.

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Blackjack insurance method

By playing real money, blackjack enthusiasts often use a strategy leads them to gradually increase the amount of the bet. It is therefore interesting to know that at certain moments of the session, especially the one in which the chances of winning are favorable for the counter, it is allowed to add a "Side Bet" that works as an insurance on the current hand.

It is a bonus of no small importance, which if used at the right time could do Avoid losing large sums of money: Insurance is therefore an essential resource for anyone who wants to exploit an advanced or particularly risky Blackjack strategy. Pointing the Half of the amount of the first bet it is in fact foreseen, on the occasion in which the counter realizes 21, that The handmade hand in complete draw And players can recover their initial bet.

Paroli method in Blackjack

Words and a positive betting progression systemnull The goal of the Paroli technique is that of get three consecutive victories, doubled the bet at each win. To start the progression, a single unit is bet (1 euro): if you lose, a unit will be bet again. The player continues in this way without ever varying the amount of the bet, until a victory is obtained.

Then, reached the first victory, the player will have to increase the amount of the bet two units (2 $). If the bet is lost, you return to bet a unit (1 euro). If, on the other hand, the two -unit bet, it is expected, it provides that it must be doubled to four units again (4 $). The end of the progression Paroli therefore provides for one maximum loss equal to a unit o o profit of seven units.

The advanced strategy of Blackjack Paroli is based on the premise that the victories and defeats they tend to get to seriesnull Players can maximize profits by betting more during the winning series and less during the series of losses. The Paroli system also ensures that No bet will ever risk more than a single unit from the player's bankroll.

Statistically, after the entire sequence foreseen by the Paroli strategy in Blackjack (i.e. the succession of three victories) the profit is seven units, which should always cover the small losses accumulated.

Blackjack tricks

Those who are improperly defined as "tricks" are actually the type of Most advanced Blackjack strategy: To count the cards it takes a real talent, but it is not said that the most stubborn players, even in the absence of the same, cannot thanks to the practice and exercise to achieve excellent results.

Exist different levels of difficulty in counting cards, which are defined by the number of values that must be taken into consideration and by the type of table you sit: the table with a deck is certainly the simplest, but nowadays it is extremely difficult to find physical or live salt that play less than four decks.

So let's see the most famous techniques more closely: it is not said that among these there can be no blackjack strategy for you.

Carte Country

The main rule, if you intend to count the cards, consists in assigning each of them a positive or negative valuenull The simplest techniques include only the +1, -1 and 0 values, while the more complex ones add +/- 2, +4 or -9. Making calculations in mind, however very quickly and without being discovered, is not simple. Starting from the simplest to the most complex Blackjack strategy, we find:

  • Thread - It is the easiest since if you are favored against the counter, the result of the operations returns positive sum, while if you are at the disadvantage, a negative value is obtained;
  • Knockout -more risky than hi-lo because they are not balanced (the sum of all cards returns +1 and not 0);
  • Ten Count -provides only the values +4 and -9. There are greater possibilities of victory when the ratio between the value cards 10 and the lower than extracted and which must still exit is greater than 2;
  • Opt I e Opt II - The two systems allow you to calibrate your bet also on the basis of the extraction of the axes;
  • Red 7 - assigns values to the 7 red cards, therefore adds a calculation to those already foreseen by any other blackjack strategy;
  • Zen Count - It is a balanced system, which returns very precise values although it is among the most complex to be performed effectively.

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When to double and when to divide?

Playing according to an advanced Blackjack strategy allows you to understand more precisely when it is better to increase the bet with the doubling and when, on the other hand, it is better to divide it. The calculation is more complex than that presented by the table as it implies all the mathematical operations that are performed extraction after extraction and there are no fixed values, but you have to analyze on a case -by -case basis depending on your position of advantage or disadvantage against the counter.

Let's see then, for the various techniques listed above, what are the cases in which you have the greatest possibilities of victory:

  • Thread e Knockout They are among the simplest account tactics and there are greater possibilities for winning the higher (i.e. positive) is the result of the calculation operations;
  • Ten Count It provides for a complex calculation that makes it clear if you find yourself in a favorable situation only by performing the ratio between the total number of 10 cards left in decks and those of lower value already extracted. If the ratio is greater than 2 you could try the doubling, if lower you should split the bet and try a double episode;
  • Opt I e Eight They consider the axes bonus, i.e. a calculation to be kept separate from that of the standard cards. If you reach 1 quarter of the end of the deck, the extraction of axes has not yet been seen, the chances of being caught are really very high. For this reason it could agree to double the episode, in the presence of a possible 21, or try to reach a higher point by dividing a pair of medium value cards.
  • Red 7 It provides a bonus in addition to the usual count of standard cards. Red seven, in fact, acquires the value of +1 which makes the system not balanced. The margin of doubling rally starts from the +2 or +3 values, while with lower numbers and pair of equal cards it would be preferable to choose the split;
  • Count Zen, the most complex system for the count, suggests the doubling only if the result of the calculations performed is +2, +3 or +4. With values such as -2, -3 and -4 instead it is advisable to split if you have a couple and play the minimum allowed bet.

Conclusions: our advice on Blackjack strategies

Contrary to what is believed, applying a Blackjack strategy is not a possibility that they only have brilliant minds like those we see in the movies. Once explained in its basic rules, Each technique is easy to understand: what makes the difference, are exercise and practice.

In this regard the strategy of practice on free blackjack online It is certainly winning, since it is a safe and completely risk -free system to train your mind on the memory and the necessary mathematical operations. Free game software, like those with real bets, must always be equipped with ADM license so as to guarantee the correctness of the gaming sessions.

Before moving on to the game with real money, moreover, it is preferable to inquire about which casinos offer Welcome bonus sui Table games Like Blackjack, in order to have the opportunity to test the platform for free and decide if it is the right one to implement your most effective Blackjack strategy.


  • What is the best Blackjack strategy?

    Each player must establish the Blackjack strategy that makes his case in relation to experience and game skills. The greater the calculation and mnemonic skills of the individual, the more advanced the technique that he can use will be.

  • Where to take advantage of the Blackjack strategies?

    A blackjack strategy is mainly used in physical casinos, but you have the opportunity to apply it also in the live rooms of online casino. The latter case, provided that the number of decks used by the Mazziere is known.

  • Is it possible to play Blackjack without a strategy?

    Yes, you can play blackjack without strategy, relying only on luck. However, it is advisable to apply a precise technique or the basic tables to have the security of taking the lead in the long term.

What is the best Blackjack strategy?

Each player must establish the Blackjack strategy that makes his case in relation to experience and game skills. The greater the calculation and mnemonic skills of the individual, the more advanced the technique that he can use will be.

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