Blackjack table: the basic strategy to increase the probability of winning

Il BLACKJACK It is probably the most exciting game, easy to understand and play among all those present in traditional casinos and in the best game sites available on the web. However, there is also another valid reason to get passionate about this game: Blackjack, from a probability point of view and advantage offered is the absolute most favorable to the player of any other.

This game, sPesso called simply 21, it is not only a matter of luck but has a component of strategy thanks to the moves that the player could make, which can influence the outcome of the hand. However, we must know the foundations of this strategy to see an increase in your own chances of victory. With the Free Blackjack Online Available on this page you can practice and try the various game techniques.

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What is the Blackjack table?

What is called the basic strategy sees in the Blackjack table its cornerstone. The Blackjack table is the fundamental tool to know and memorize. This is a real little one bonus which indicates to the player what to do with any combination of cards received against the visible one of the dealer.

Making an even more concrete example, the Blackjack table is a sort of map or road of an area of the city. Those who are less practical in the area (or game) will need to look at it several times. Those who already have confidence will probably have well memorized and will be able to carry out their moves faster in the games.

How is the Blackjack table structured?

The Blackjack table is easy to understand as soon as he has been familiar with the acronyms present. This tool is represented by a grid that sees on the one hand at the top of the discovery of the dealer and in the vertical part any case of cards possible for the bettor.

Based on your own cards and the discovery of the bench the lines cross, like a sort of naval battle, to find the move to be accomplished in the situation in which you find yourself. Blackjack is the casino game with the less advantage of the housenull On the other hand, the House Edge, albeit lower than other tables, is still present. The correct and methodical use of the Blackjack game matrix pushes the advantage of the house even lower almost towards the zero value or even in the negative field (albeit very little).

Unfortunately, There is not only one Blackjack table Because there are variants of the game present in traditional casinos as in the online ones. The tables can be used both on the virtual tables of Blackjack in RNG version (software) and in the live casino tables available on the net and in traditional gaming houses.

There are several models of the Blackjack table based on several factors, among these:

  • The variant to which you play;
  • Rules applied on the bank call based on your score;
  • Possibility or not to double;
  • As far as the bonus paid for 21 (3 to 2 or 6 to 5) amounted;
  • Number of decks present in the sabot.

Based on these variables and rules, a special Blackjack table must be used because some moves could change. In the event that you are playing online on an RNG or in a live table that has an Automatic Card Shuffler (the automated card compound) is used Blackjack table for the single deck.

When instead you are against a dealer at the live table that mixes the cards every time you get to the so -called "cut" (plastic paper that determines the end of the Sabot hands) is used the table for 4 to 8 decks to check your score.

What do the terms used in the table mean?

The first glance to the matrix of the combinations could intimidate or generate confusion. In reality it is just about knowing the various symbols of the moves and identifying the right intersection to find the move to be done.

On the horizontal line Above there is the Bank hand represented by his discovered card: from 2 to 10 and the ace. It should be noted that the three figures (Jack, Woman and Re) also have the value of 10. For this, mark them would be only an unusual repetition, they are included in 10.

The first vertical column and the hand of the player, the cards that are served discoveries. Every possible hand of the player is cataloged between couples and total soft o hard.

The couples are the two cards of value equal to each other from 2 to the ace. Typical feature of the Blackjack is lo split, the action of dividing the two equal cards and playing with two hands. However, this action should not be carried out every time but only in certain cases easily identifiable in the table.

Soft are all the combinations with an ace and a cardnull From this there is no ace combination and 10 or ace and figure as it directly generates a blackjack and is paid without the counter come into play.

Hard means each score from 5 to 20, as this sum is followed does not matter for the purposes of the games. Note that here too the total of 21 is missing and they are not present:

  • Total 1 as it is impossible to obtain;
  • The sum of 2 as it can only be achieved with a pair of axes;
  • The 3 as it can only be obtained with ace and two (combination present in the soft);
  • The score equal to 4 as it can be obtained with a pair of 2 or with ace and 3.

Then there are the acronyms that are inside the boxes. These acronyms are formed by one or two letters, if the move of the first letter is not allowed, it opts for the other letter. The acronyms found in the Blackjack table are:

  • S who is by stand or are, action that does not plan to ask for any card;
  • H from the English hit or hit in the sense of asking for a card;
  • Dh double the episode, if not expected then hit;
  • Ds double but if not allowed then to be;
  • SP The action of dividing the couple stands for Split;
  • Are Surrender or made immediate as it is impossible to win, if not allowed then hit or stay.

Having clarified, the acronyms remains much more to do but to cross the right combination in hand with the counter card and the move to be done is found.

How to memorize the strategy?

Storing one of these tables of the genre may not be easy so it works a little the old way: review and continuous exercise.

Practous yourself from home playing online It is not very difficult. You can keep the Blackjack table open on a second navigation window or help yourself with a second monitor or one Smartphonenull Online, moreover, it is also possible to practice with the Free versions of Blackjacknull Demo are almost always available in all online casinos or even on developers' sites.

If, on the other hand, you want to exercise in traditional casinos, you risk making an unpleasant figure. Being often a little plastered environments and with a series of rules to stick to, consulting the table every time scrolling with the Finger and columns with your finger may not be welcome. There is a risk of being too slow and other players present at the table could complain with the dealer or the Blackjack era employee. Obviously nit is forbidden to have it with you As the Blackjack table does not mean cheating or influencing the table illegally. However, attracting the mutuals of the other players at the counter is not entirely pleasant.

The most important probability

As mentioned The advantage of the house in Blackjack is among the lowest ever When it comes to casino games, however, this is influenced by the number of decks and the exact version of Blackjack.

In European blackjack, the one properly said, and played with 8 decks the advantage of the house is 0.39%. When playing with the single deck it means that the house an advantage of 0.58%. They may seem negligible percentages, while in reality they are important numbers. On these, and those of the other games, the casinos have built their luck. This percentage always applies to a number of games clearly higher than those that the most assiduous of the players could perform.

The application of the Blackjack table becomes important as Porta The House Edge lower down favoring the player. Playing without the casino having his own return always insured wants to say play on par, a bonus that rarely takes place in gambling.

There are different types of blackjacks but that classico It remains the best from a mathematical point of view even if other variants can be more compelling. By explanatory here is the House Edge for Other versions often available online:

  • Atlantic City 0.35%;
  • Multi-Hand 0.63%;
  • Double Exposure 0.69%;
  • Switch 0.17%;
  • Pontoon 0.39%.

Why use this strategy?

The Blackjack table is Lo founding tool of the strategy Basicnull Using it means playing correctly going to make the most of the potential of this game. The methodical use of the table allows you to further lower the advantage of the house which is already low in the Blackjack.

This strategy allows you to try to win more, as the tables indicate when it is time for doubling. Or lose less By avoiding the player unwanted or a doubling where he just doesn't need it.

Conclusions: our tips to make the most of the strategy

Blackjack is a fun game but requires one good knowledge of the calculation of probability To get to D having good chance of victory. Of course, getting calculations at the table is certainly not the best way to face a game session. For this reason the Blackjack table is a real bonus for the player.

Knowing the basic strategy and storing the table then the Blackjack becomes more a mnemonic question than speed in calculations. This does not mean that the game is boring on the contrary, precisely by applying this strategy to the letter, the victories can be increased and consequently having more fun.

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