Tuko: complete review 2022

The article presents the Tuko Production, American software house active in the panorama of software development for casino games online since 2016. The many partnerships established with suppliers and award -winning gaming sites guarantee the quality and reliability of the provider. The article informs the reader on the most popular games currently present and on which sites it is possible to find them.

  • Original and fun games
  • great variety of themes
  • 100% American
  • Molte partnership
  • Sometimes the graphics are dated

Tuko Productions He is a young software house that is starting to make himself known as one of the most important competitors on the game market from Online casino softwarenull In particular, this provider makes its strength the ability to work closely with its partners to produce games on request, in a short time, efficiently and containing development costs every time thanks to its own Innovative Development platform.

In the sequel to our review, you can discover the Products and Tuko's philosophy, as well as the best online casino sites where you can find all the video slot games made by it.

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Information about the Tuko developer

As already mentioned at the beginning of the review, Tuko is an American and very young supplier, since born Salerno Only in 2016, with the registration of his brand. This, however, must not deceive, since the founding members have not operated in the web games sector for a few days, but for 15 years and have experience equal to several decades In the field of code development for videogames and slots, to guarantee the quality of the qualifications that this provider is able to churn out. The experience is certainly a bonus, if you want to make an engaging, efficient and reliable game.

Tuko Productions started his journey into the world of gaming on the web by realizing, in his first days, app touch-screen per scommesse and then it has extended from time to time its interest in other types of more elaborate productions.

In fact, he made the release of the former follow Video poker and then roulette: Today Tuko is able to satisfy any request for online games, including many slots, coming from its customers.

Browsing the Tuko web portal, and by accessing the section reserved for games, you can scroll the interesting list of offers.

A Very large schedule in terms of online slot, which on May 2022 are equal to 26: really interesting number, taking into account the young age of the Tuko. All are also made with an excellent technical sector at the code level and a very pleasant three -dimensional style graphics even if a little old style, an always important element in articles of this kind.

Tuko slots are all accompanied, in their mechanics, from Bonus symbols e bonus free spin.

But that's not all, because by going even more deeply within the Tuko catalog, you can discover the eclectic interest of the software house, which has been able to put on the market even games of different kinds.

You can try, among the Table Game Tuko, the poker, 7 and a half and the roulette and up to Six different types of videopoker game.

Tuko titles can also be tried in a demo version without immediate deposit and offer dynamics equal to those with real episodes.

All this does nothing but highlight the technical skills of Tuko's developers, able to achieve Excellent products from the point of view of the IT code, but also with a pleasant appearance, elements that have equal importance when it comes to live casino games.

Back to the player and payout

Technical quality and pleasant graphics, however, are not everything that characterizes Tuko's online casino games. A more important figure in the immediate one is theRTP, acronym that identifies the "return for the player". This number, normally expressed with a percentage, indicates which fraction of the sum episode by those who play, on average, is destined to return to its pockets in the form of a win.

Current regulations impose that this value is always more than 90% And Tuko has certainly followed this directive.

Leafing through the various securities present within the Tuko catalog until May 2022, RTP values can be seen ranging from 92% to others which, however, come to Touch 99%: In the latter case, these are extremely attractive numbers, which can attract even cautious players. An RTP equal to 99% implies that if 100 tokens are aimed, at least 99 are potentially won on the long term.

The frequency with which the winnings occur is identified by the value of the volatility, which can be summarized as in the table available here:

Awards attendance High
Medium -low
Awards attendance higher than average
WIN Lower than average
Awards attendance Media
WIN Media
Awards attendance Low
WIN High
High half
Awards attendance Lower than average
WIN higher than average
Very high
Awards attendance Very low
WIN Very high
volatility Awards attendance WIN
Low High Low
Medium -low higher than average Lower than average
Media Media Media
Alta Low High
High half Lower than average higher than average
Very high Very low Very high

Therefore, participating in games with low volatility will increase your probability of winning prizes but these will usually be smaller; High volatility, on the other hand, allow you to win more consistent but also rarer prizes.

The values presented here are to be considered valid for Each device you intend to play on: Tuko, in fact, offers many of its titles in both desktop and mobile version.

You will not have to fear bad surprises when I had to choose a different platform from which to play Tuko titles. These characteristics also apply to both Demo without immediate deposit, both for the gamble made with real bet.

The best online casinos with Tuko

It is essential, when you are looking for the best Live Web casino sites, to ascertain, before making their bets, that these have equipped ADM license, issued byCustoms agency and monopolies American: This certifies that all the games present within the catalog comply with all the rules to guarantee a game experience in line with the regulatory code. It is always good practice, therefore, to rely on certified digital casinos and proven reputation, such as EuroBet.

Each of these casinos also requires one account verification at the time of registration. This is a procedure that is performed immediately by sending the copy of an identity document and is aimed at Safe who plays and carries out bets from any illegal practices related to your digital account.

Looking for without deposit slot immediate or slot with real bets it is possible to come across the slots made by Tuko Productions in a variety of Live Web casino sites. For example, they can be found on:

  • EuroBet;
  • GoldBet;
  • Fastbet;
  • Lattomatic;
  • Snai.

Do not forget, also to look for information on the promotions and welcome bonuses offered by these sites. Digital casinos, in fact, encourage new users to register by offering a variety of welcome prizes. These are divided into two categories: bonus With deposit e bonus without immediate depositnull In the first, the advantages offered to each new member include when they recorded the web portal and pay their first deposit in real money by account. The second instead includes all the bonuses offered in the immediate one after making free registration on the site: these can be free spin, for example, or a small initial balance.

Eurobet, for example, offers all its new subscribers for the month of August 2022 and beyond, a certain immediate number of free spin and a small welcome balance at the time of the deposit to be used for the first bets.

Slot machine sviluppate da Tuko

As we previously anticipated in the review, Tuko Productions developed a wide variety of digital game articles, with particular attention to Slot machine, which certainly represent its flagship products and more numerous, as well as varied.

With a visit to the appropriate section of the Tuko catalog updated to May 2022, it is possible to find the great variety of themes exploited by the provider: zombie, old West, pirates, aliens and a lot more, all to be played on any platform, desktop or mobile.

To try these and other games, visit the official Tuko Production website: you can simply choose those you prefer and whether to play, in the free version, via desktop or mobile, all without the need to have made any registration and for days of pure fun.

Some examples of the best slots machines in the Tuko catalog can be:

  • Captain Jack, where you will have to face an old and gruff pirate in an attempt to subtract the key he holds;
  • Alien Planets, for lovers of science fiction, where the adventure is set in cosmic space and is played between a great variety of nice and colorful aliens who will welcome you;
  • In Lucky Sushi, in the typical atmosphere of a traditional Japanese restaurant, delicious rice and fish delicacies chase themselves on the rollers, bringing prizes and mouth watering!
  • Torture It is a slot machine suitable only for those who are not weak of heart: between tools of torture and set in a disturbing underground, it is an original and captivating horror game.

Tuko's slot machines that we mentioned can be played every day, without having made any deposit neither immediate nor future. They are in fact usable free and without having entered, with their bonus functions that include Wild and Scatter symbols, as well as free spin, to liven up the experience of those who play.

Other games developed by Tuko

If you are one of those players who like to vary, Tuko Production will still be able to provide for you. We recommend a visit to the articles within the "Table Game" section: here you will always find free classics such as the great classics 7 and a half, il poker, the roulette, il baccarat, il BLACKJACK and theThread.

Inside this category you can also find the funny also available Koobix Di Tuko: different from the titles mentioned previously, it is a game in which to predict each time the outcome of the launch of some dice, each characterized by a specific value.

If you are a lover proper to poker, Tuko Production also has an interesting offer in these terms for web gaming.

In the Tuko catalog updated to the month of May, you can find a section dedicated to six different versions of Video poker where you can try both desktop and mobile devices: some names on the list are All American, Aces and Faces e Joker Wild, all versions characterized by their theme and a different value of RTP and volatility.

Prizes and awards

The month of May 2022 there are no mentions of particular prizes and awards found with a visit to the Tuko website. This, however, is certainly not a demerit element of the Software House, which has focused on the immediacy on concreteness and efficiency.

Although the latest titles released by Tuko date back to the last days of the year 2022, it is precisely in the past year that has acquired a new license and launched himself in the search for new markets, testifying to his intention of Continue to expand and increase the schedule.

Intention confirmed, as if that were not enough, also by the large list of customers, also available to consulting the official Tuko website, in which companies of the caliber of Snai, Lattomatic, GoldBet ed EuroBet, among the best in the pan gaming panorama.

Our conclusions about the developer

In conclusion to this review, we can say that Tuko Productions is a software house that has been able to diversify its offer in the casino market in an interesting way, realizing aample variety of slot machine used by many customer sites, as well as one Interesting selection of tables games other kinds, roulette and video poker, capable of satisfying the tastes of anyone.

Although the last games released by Tuko dating back to a couple of years ago, the activity of the manufacturer is certainly still fervent on the market and the growth directions and the options to get back on par, they are certainly manifold.

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