Mini roulette: how this nice online game works

Among the many strengths of the online casino, the great variety of games proposed, often capable of offering different and fun versions of the great classics such as poker, blackjack, baccarat and many slot machines, certainly stands out. There Mini roulette, in fact, is a type of simplified roulette, where there is a smaller screen than the traditional one, albeit the rules and methods of episode are completely similar to the latter.

Thanks to Roulette Online Free Anyone who has the opportunity to try the fun "miniature" of the most famous wheel of Las Vegas. The same is also present on numerous safe and reliable ignitous sites, equipped with a regular ADM license. In this guide we will therefore see what are the characteristics that distinguish it from the original game, the sites on which to play and which bonuses can be exploited.

What is mini roulette?

In the original Roulette mode it is possible to choose between three main variants: European roulette (37 bag), roulette americana (38 pockets) e American roulette (37 pockets but with additional options). Also the variants based on this distinction (for example the Roulette 3D o to Roulette Pinball) are actually European or American roulette: they only offer options or bonus prizes.

The miniroulette, on the other hand, presents itself as a completely different game. This playtech game is mostly designed for mobile apps and the wheel is very small, so that it can easily adapt to smartphones. It contains, in fact, only 13 numbers and for the same reason too The episodes are limited and less profitable.

Another difference is given by Paymentsnull To give an example, the single bet in the traditional game pays 35: 1, while in the miniroulette it corresponds to a win of 11: 1.

lo Purpose of the game, in any case, it is the same: you have to guess which pocket the ball will stop.

Rules and operation of the mini roulette

The regulation of the miniroulette is very similar to those of the traditional versionnull The session participants make their bets, then the Croupier starts the tour and launches the ball. When the latter stops in one of the red and black pockets, if a win is made, the credit is immediately added to the gaming account.

The fact that the miniroulette has much less pockets means that The play system is partially different compared to the European variant. In reality, it is much simpler. The player can bet on a single from 0 to 12, on an entire row of 4 slots or on any of the groups of 6 numbers positioned near the layout. There are also external bets such as par/odd and black/red. In particular, the possible episodes are:

And square
DESCRIPTION Single episode
DESCRIPTION Line between two numbers
DESCRIPTION Three consecutive numbers
DESCRIPTION Intersection of 4 numbers
Half dozen
DESCRIPTION 6 consecutive numbers
Even odd
DESCRIPTION External section
DESCRIPTION External section
And square Single episode 11:1
Cavallo Line between two numbers 5:1
Triplet Three consecutive numbers 3:1
Carrè Intersection of 4 numbers 2:1
Half dozen 6 consecutive numbers 2:1
Even odd External section 1:1
Red/black External section 1:1

It is possible that in this reduced variant, as happens in the American type, the rule "Sharing". With the latter, when the ball stops on the pocket with the 0, the player receives a refund equal to half the initial episode.

Free mini roulette: the demo

Those who play on digital casinos, before making a deposit and start pointing their money, generally care about making at least one visit on a few page that offers one Review e Adequate information of software of games that are intended to try. When I want to make satisfactory victories, moreover, any bettor recognizes the importance of trying the Version demo free video games.

Sitting at a virtual table and focusing with non -real tokens, of course, does not offer the same emotions as when you bet with real money. The demo free, however, must not be underestimated:

  • Whoever plays for pure playful intent has the opportunity to Having fun like professional bettors;
  • There is no need to download any program Because you click on the "Play" tab and the player starts automatically;
  • It offers the best way for any risk for test their strategies.

Free titles, therefore, are not only used to acquire more information on the slots, but are also useful in this sense for tables games and, even, essential if you want to learn to play with technical specifications and strategies. The provider offers the totality of the video games released on its website, and therefore also all its slots machines, also in free mode.

Where to play mini roulette

Just a visit to the major online casino to note that they host multiple and different versions of video games on green table. The wheels divided into red and black sections are no exception. Almost every site also proposes interesting promotions both for those who register for the first time and for those who have been playing for more time and allow them to get some Promotions on Casino Games.

Among the most suitable portals to sit at a virtual betting table or, if necessary, participate in the live versions of the most loved games, including miniroulette, we find:

  • Mini roulette Snai;

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  • Mini roulette SISAL.

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Both of these digital mess are extremely established in the American panorama and in possession of ADM licenseTherefore they are absolutely safe and put users to protect the scams. To have fun with the episodes to the miniroulette, visit the section "Casino", click on the category “Roulette” and, to identify the title more easily, just write “Mini” in the search bar.

Mini roulette bonus

As anticipated, it is possible to enjoy particular offers that offer episode advantages for the most popular title and games. Among these we highlight:

  • Welcome bonus Snai casino - offers up to $ 50 calculated on the overall balance during the first week in which you visit the site and play slots, poker, blackjack, etc. The promotion is activated during registration by selecting the "BONUS CASINO"Or with code Bb_casino allnull Further information on the offer is present in detail on the official Snai website;

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  • Welcome bonus SISAL casino - offers 10% of bonus balance on the first deposit up to a maximum of $ 100. The "Fun" balance obtained is used within 30 days of accreditation on all games in the casino category (such as poker, blackjack and slot), including miniroulette.

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Since the bets on the miniroulette foresee Many content amounts (from 1 $ to $ 5) Both promotions allow you to test the title present in the schedule several times and with zero risk of losses, since it is not necessary to use your deposit.

Mini roulette vs other types of roulette

As we said, the miniroulette is a miniature version of the traditional table game. This implies, although the regulation is very similar, that it presents the same important differences in terms of table and, above all, regarding the Banco advantage percentagenull So let's see what are the main differences in Mini, European, American and American methods.

Mini 13
Europeannn 37
American 37
Americana 38
Mini Single
Europeannn Single
American Single
Americana Single and double
Advantage of the counter
  • 3.85% with the partage rule
  • 7.69% without rule the partage
  • Europeannn 2,7 %
  • 2,7%
  • 1.35% con share ed in prison
  • Americana 5,26%
    FEATURES Mini Europeannn American Americana
    pocket 13 37 37 38
    Zero Single Single Single Single and double
    Advantage of the counter
  • 3.85% with the partage rule
  • 7.69% without rule the partage
  • 2,7 %
  • 2,7%
  • 1.35% con share ed in prison
  • 5,26%

    Today there are many software that propose the classic spins on the red-black wheels in alternative and original ways. An example is given by RouletteDiamond: this is also produced by Playtech and adds to the traditional laps the opportunity to win gods JACKPOT and exploit the multipliers To optimize winnings. Jackpot and multipliers are often present in the slot machines, of which the same house is a producer of excellence: therefore it is not surprising that the provider has managed to insert them effectively in a table game.

    Advantages and limits of the mini roulette

    Playtech Miniroulette is a simple, light and fast minigame. Born with the aim of making a Fast and most intuitive version of the original classic, has perfectly hit the same, making it possible to access the software from any device of desire. By now the digital casinos have exceeded the limit of desktop PCs and have also landed on tablets and smartphones, iOS and Android, making anyone who can be used for the entire video game schedule. The red-black minirota, in itself, occupies one Reduced space on the screenTherefore it was incredibly easy to adapt it and improve it for all types of devices.

    This, of course, translates into A series of advantages:

    • Comfort;
    • Simplicity of use;
    • Intuitiveness of the regulation;
    • Episodes accessible to anyone;
    • Fast spin.

    As always, it happens, however, for completeness of review you must also mention some negative implicationsnull As we reported in the tableouts and the advantage of the house, the miniroulette proves to be less convenient than the classic European and American versions. Payments are lower And you have Less advantage on the counter, especially in the absence of the rule the partage.

    Conclusions: our advice for the mini roulette

    As could be understood during the review, Miniroulette is a very simple and intuitive title, which however proposes difficulty at other levels. The differences on the episode, payments of the winnings and advantage on the counter suggest that approaching it with the idea of winning easy money is not at all wise. Quick as far as the spins are better to face them with one strategy that has already tried and has a clear one in mindnull Among the most used and widespread techniques among the expert players, for example, we find the system Martingala e To talknull The free versions of the miniroulette, then, prove to be a fundamental resource for practicing.

    Before choosing the site on which to bet, we also remember to carefully control the presence of adequate guarantees and security measures. The absence of the ADM license It is an alarm signal and not insignificant: only the brand of the medium tricolor, generally shown on the homepage of Safe mess, certifies the absolute reliability of the platform.

    The miniroulette, while presenting bets contained with respect to other titles in the world of azard, must always be approached by following the perspective of Responsible gamenull Also in this case, finding yourself on sites with ADM license is a guarantee, as it is easy to impose limits and implement the right prevention if pathological dependence is suspected.

    Took the necessary precautions, MINIROUNDER DI Playtech He can undoubtedly give you great fun. The provider, famous for the production of many of the best online slots machines and the Roulettediamond version, is synonymous with quality and excellence in the world of video games for igaming sites. Giving a chance and miniroulette, therefore, will not leave disappointed at all!


    • How do you play the mini roulette?

      The minigame regulation corresponds almost completely to those of the original variant. After the players made their episode the spin part and expects to find out which number the ball stops on. The winning number has been decreed, payments are made.

    • Where can you play the mini roulette?

      The minigame is available on some of the best online casinos such as Sisal and Snai. On the same it is also possible to try the free mode without deposit.

    • What is the best alternative to the mini roulette?

      Those who have never played roulettes could use miniroulette as an excellent exercise desk. We could then move on to the European, American and American versions. Furthermore, Roulettediamond of Playtech offers the opportunity to have fun joining the table game also elements types of slots, such as jackpots and multipliers on the victories.

    How do you play the mini roulette?

    The minigame regulation corresponds almost completely to those of the original variant. After the players made their episode the spin part and expects to find out which number the ball stops on. The winning number has been decreed, payments are made.

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