European Roulette: Game Guide and Free Online Demo

Among all the types of Roulette Online Free Existing, European roulette is certainly the most loved by bettors from all over the world. For those who visit an online casino, in fact, it is easy to note the presence of various virtual rooms dedicated exclusively to this board game, also present in the American and American versions.

With our review we want to provide you with one Complete guide on European roulette: You can discover the rules, all possible types of episodes, the payouts of each bet and some interesting tricks that will help you maximize your chances of winnings.

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Rules and guide to European roulette

The regulation, in a game like European roulette, is an element of maximum importance. In fact, this review wants to illustrate it in the clearest and simplest way possible, so as to allow you to approach this game with as many useful information as possible.

The main objective of those who play European roulette is to be able to carry out a correct prediction On the point of the wheel on which the ball will stop. The table is in fact formed by Two sections: The first hosts the traditional wheel divided into red/black sections and a green mat, on which a grid is designed that bears the possible episodes. In this version you will have at your disposal 37 slot, of which 18 blacks and 18 reds with numbers ranging from 1 to 36null The last slot is green and houses the number zeronull The grid of the scoreboard is structured as follows: in the center all numbers are marked from 1 to 36, on the left side there is 0 and on the remaining sides there are the additional types of episode.

By playing European roulette online, you can choose between the virtual mode (with free demo) and the Live Game modenull In both the game starts with a few seconds available to carry out their bets. After the countdown, further episodes will no longer be accepted and the Croupier will make the wheel turn. After a few seconds he will launch the white ball and the number on which the latter will stop will decree if your prediction is winning (releasing the payment) or not.

The free demo versions without deposit are particularly convenient because they allow you to experience without betting real money: you can play with gods rechargeable bonus tokens.

Combinations and payments

The various types of combinations, as well as the payments connected to them, are the focal point of each strategy. By gaining up skillfully among them you can in fact be able to earn a good advantage on the counter And collect satisfactory winnings. You can mainly choose between: external episodes and internal episodes.

The Internal episodes They take their name from the fact that the chips are positioned in the most internal section of the game grid, i.e. the one in which the individual numbers appear. These are:

  • single number, con payout 35:1;
  • double bet, con payout 17:1;
  • triple bet, con payout 11:1;
  • quadruple bet, con payout 8:1;
  • dual line, con payout 5:1.

This bets are certainly the most profitable, but they also have lower probability of victory. They are also recommended to expert bettors or those who use more inclined strategies for risk. Those who play recently should certainly start with the outdoor episodes.

The External episodes They are thus defined because, to place them, you have to lay your fish on one of the sides of the scoreboard (except for the one occupied by zero). The rules provide:

  • dozen, con payout 2:1;
  • even and odd, con payout 1:1;
  • Red-black, con payout 1:1;
  • colonna, con 2:1;
  • Low/ups, con payout 1:1.

The chances of victory, in these last bets, rises considerably. As for the peers/odd and red/blacks it is slightly less than 50%: in fact, it must be considered that the number zero lowers the share.

Types of betting in the European roulette

Let's now move on to the details relating to bets. To better memorize the same, in fact, it is useful to understand well what they refer to.

Let's start from Internal bets, that is, those you need to position in the central part of the grill on the table. The single number, as you can easily imagine, requires you to place the chips on a single box. There double bet Instead, it is carried out by placing two chips on adjacent numbers. There triple bet requires to choose three aligned numbers, while for the Quadruple bet Just place a chips on the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines that affect 4 different numbers. There dual lineFinally, it involves 6 boxes and is carried out by placing the chips on the horizontal lines that include 3 adjacent couples.

The external, as well as simpler to guess, are also more intuitive. There dozen It includes 12 numbers and, in particular, intervals from 1 to 12, from 13 to 24 and from 25 to 36. Red and black refer to the color of the box, as well as even and odd they follow the type of number chosen. There colonna Leave to choose one of the three vertical sections in which you divide the grill on the table, you will therefore have the first column, the second column and the third column at your disposal. THE low numbersFinally, they range from 1 to 18, while the high and 19 in 36.

European Roulette Free Online: how does it work?

Most legal casino games have one Free demo version with bonus tokens, interesting from different points of view. First of all the same can be used by users who simply intend to spend a few hours of fun and are not interested in winning real money. Secondly it is a great way to practice And try any type of strategy.

To play free European roulette nyou need to make any deposit On the game account of your casino. In fact, you will have available to the bonus credit that you can use without any limit: if you end it, to start from scratch, just reload the page and you will have the entire virtual balance at your disposal again. So play how much you want, without fear of having the Fiches counts!

The free demo should not be underestimated: the best bettors, in fact, are used to carry out various bonus games on the test securities before carrying out a deposit and switch to versions with real balance. By studying the payment frequency and the chronology of draws, in fact, you can get an idea of how and how much to bet on a certain titlenull The demo versions are a fundamental component for each online casino and, according to AAMS laws, are released for all tables games, as well as for slot machines.

Free European roulette, in terms of rules, It follows in all respects with everything with real balancenull We also have the same time to make the summary and the dynamism of the game is identical to that of the live games. The difference, in the latter, consists in the fact that they take place live and are therefore managed with Croupier Royal and a mix of virtual elements on the virtual screen of the players who connect to the table.

Specificity and differences with other versions of the roulette

European roulette is certainly the most widespread, but each casino site also houses the American and American versions. What are the Differences of these three models? Observe the table:

R. Europe 37
R. American 37
AMERICAN R. 0 e 00
R. Europe Single 0
R. American Single 0
Advantage of the casino
R. Europe 2,70%
R. American 2,70%
AMERICAN R. External and internal
R. Europe External and internal
R. American External and internal
Special bets
R. Europe -
R. American In prison | Sharing
AMERICAN R. R. Europe R. American
pocket 38 37 37
Zero 0 e 00 Single 0 Single 0
Advantage of the casino 5,26% 2,70% 2,70%
betting External and internal External and internal External and internal
Special bets - - In prison | Sharing

As you can see, the American model is the most similar to European roulette. The player's advantage towards the casino counter is the same and, this element, it is due to the fact that both models provide for the presence of a single zero slotnull In the American version, the differences are the chances of Vittoriae the presence of two boxes that host one respectively Zero it's a double zeronull The last mode is certainly suitable for players who prefer a more risky game, also considering the fact that in the latter you have less time available to place the episodes.

The episodes are similar in all three types of games. The American does not include special episodes, the American has options In prison e Sharingnull The model we examined in this review, in reality, in this regard does not follow a fixed rule and the presence or absence of the extra bet varies from site on site. Each casino, in fact, can decide whether or not to include the en prison rule and the partage: both are activated how much the ball stops on 0.

For wealth of details, the first between the two blocks the current episode e give a second chance To the player: the casino counter bonus drops to 1.35% and, if the second lap of the wheel returns a victory, the players can collect it. The rule starts, however, offers the player the player Possibility to leave his simple episode on the scoreboard And attempt a second chance: on that occasion, however, the value of the chip is halved.

How to win at European roulette?

Among all casino games, European roulette is certainly one of those most based on luck. Statistics and mathematics, however, are not an opinion and you could apply different strategies, choosing the one that suits your style of play and risk propensity. In this review we summarize the most famous:

  • Martingala - it focuses on external bet (color or peer/odd) and, if you lose, you repeat the play and the quota is doubled;
  • Anti Martingala - also known as the "sequence of colors", proposes in case of loss of focusing on the color just released and the quota is doubled;
  • Fibonacci - Also known as the "sequence of numbers", proposes to increase the share from time to time until a win is made, following the famous mathematical sequence that involves a progression based on the sum of the two previous numbers.

Conclusions: tips for playing European roulette

In conclusion, we want to give you some latest useful tips. Never forget that European roulette is part of the gambling category Casino, therefore you always have to Bet responsiblynull After storing the regulation and payouts of each bet you call your budget and only later, based on your capital and the risk you can support, choose a strategy. Our suggestion, in any case, is of Always make a good practice on a free demo, so that you can exercise you without incurring any loss.

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