American Roulette: Game Guide and Free Online Demo

If you are looking for something different from traditional online slot, the Roulette Online Free It will offer you a dynamic and engaging game experience! The purpose of American roulette is to predict the slot, present on the famous wheel, on which the white pallia will land. It is a variant of the most famous European and American roulette and its distinctive trait is the presence of a double number zero.

Our review wants to offer you a comprehensive and complete guide on What is and how the American roulette works, explaining in detail the episode methods, the chances of winning and which are the best strategies to be adopted to optimize your episode.

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Rules and American roulette guide

Despite being the American roulette One of the most popular tables games (in addition to poker and blackjack) Among those who face the casino sites, it is often confused with other versions of the same game, namely the European and American. This table game, in reality, was born in USA, but the variant that takes its name directly from its native land returns a revised gameplay. The American Roulette is therefore the more faithful and accurate representation, considering the original rules.

The first thing to know is that the wheel is made up of 38 bag, an element that offers greater advantage to the counter, but which fully respects tradition. The pockets are arranged and divided into sections of equal size and are numbered with figures ranging from 1 to 36null The greatest distinctive feature of this mode consists in the presence of two colored slots in green and numbered with the Zero (in particular "0" and "00"), while the others present only one of these (the traditional "0").

As mentioned above, the player's goal is to predict which number the ball will stop And place a bet that covers that particular segment. After the player placed his episodes, the Croupier (virtual or real) releases a white ball on the moving wheel. When the ball stops in one of the 38 compartments, the Croupier announces the winning number and any episode proves correct is paid according to the rules of the house.

For those who visit a casino site on the web, there are several American roulette options. In particular, the player more choose whether to play the virtual version (and therefore confronting an artificial counterpart) or accessing a Live Game in real timenull The latter offers the incredible opportunity to participate in live sessions on the site managed by Croupier Royal, creating a mixed experience between virtual game elements and live game.

Combinations and payments

Those who visit an online casino room have the opportunity to carry out, thanks to the virtual elements present in the game screen, to each of the episodes scheduled for the games of the land clubs. The same are divided into two macro categories, external and internal.

External betting

It is the simplest form of episode, since it allows you to make predictions on the pocket color (red or black), on equal or odd numbers and on low or high numbersnull The returned payment is 1: 1, but the probability of victory turn slightly in favor of the counter as the percentage of the latter is around 46.37%.

Other external bets include episodes on dozen (i.e. groups of 12 cards) 1/12, 13/24; 24/36. The chances of victory in favor of the counter are 31.58% and the payment is 2: 1.

Internal bets

These types of episodes offer greater payouts, but offer less likely to win. In particular:

  • the bet on single pocket pay 35: 1 with 2.63%share;
  • 2 combinations numbers pay 17: 1 with 5.26%share;
  • 3 combinations of numbers pay 11: 1 with 7.89%share;
  • 4 combinations of numbers pay 8: 1 with 10.53%share;
  • 6 combinations of numbers pay 5: 1 with 15.79%.

It is also possible to focus on the pockets 0, 00, 1, 2 e 3 And they offer a profit 6: 1 with quotas 13.16%.

Types of betting in American roulette

After seeing the types of episode that can be made in general, we continue our review with a more accurate explanation of each of them, so that he is full awareness of what they involve.

Red or black allows you to choose which color Land the ball. You have exactly the possibility of victory 50:50 since the game is divided equally between black pockets and red pockets. However, it must be considered that there are also green pockets marked with zero and double zero. To win on the latter you will have to make a separate bet, because they are not included in the "Red" or "Black" type.

Play on equal and odd numbers It is rather intuitive and, also in this case, the boxes with zeros do not count and require dedicated fish. As for the sections "alte o basse”, The former involve numbers from 1 to 18, while the latter the numbers from 19 to 36. dozen correspond to groups of 12 numbers and, in particular: 1/12, 13/24; 24/36.

Play on a single number It is very risky, because the chances of victory are particularly low. This kind of bet, however, offers the highest payment and is particularly advantageous for all players who are able to make precise and accurate predictions.

The Combinations They are carried out by placing the Fish on the lines of the scoreboard that divide the different numbers of numbers. They can therefore be involved from 2 to 6 boxes per single game. Among the latter comes, in particular, defined "corner"The FISH place on adjacent numbers that share a corner.

Free American roulette online: how does it work?

Having the opportunity to have fun with the American roulette simply by connecting to a casino site is a great opportunity for all fans of the gambling which, however, have difficulty reaching the royal rooms. The latter often involve travel and stay expenses, while the virtual versions of the games most loved by the bettors are usable H24 And, having an internet connection, and those who visit the casino can access table from anywhere.

Further great advantage of this type of table game is given by the fact that they can be used for free, thanks to demo version issued by the providers for any title offered to the public.

The free demo mode of American roulette allows you to replicate a table gaming experience identical to that characterized by episodes with real money, but but completely eliminates the economic risk And it is dedicated exclusively to the pure fun of users. If you are interested in this mode, therefore, you will not have to perform any deposit on the account, but you can take advantage of a Rechargeable bonus balance And, among the various roulettes, choose to focus the free credit on the one you prefer simply by opening the page dedicated to the game table.

If you want to try the mode with real money, the best casinos make players available many bonus which allow you to try all the features of the securities without the need to make a deposit. By creating a new account, in fact, you often have the opportunity to obtain bonuses to be exploited in the table games section (which also include poker, baccarat and blackjack).

Last peculiarity of the virtual casino games consists in the fact that it is possible to access both Web platform both from app mobile issued by casino or software house. Among the various titles available you can also choose to try the live games, that is, live games managed by a live croupier. Live casinos are the latest trend of gambling and, in a very short time, they have conquered the appreciation of millions of players.

Specificity and differences with other versions of the roulette

In addition to the American roulette on the web, European and American is available. All types are based on the same regulation, that is, on the prediction of the slots on which the ball launched by the dealer (real or virtual) will stop. However, there are some characteristics that allow you to differentiate these different models. So let's see a scheme that summarizes the peculiarities of each of them.

R. Europe 37
R. American 37
AMERICAN R. 0 e 00
R. Europe Single 0
R. American Single 0
Advantage of the casino
R. Europe 2,70%
R. American 2,70%
AMERICAN R. External and internal
R. Europe External and internal
R. American External and internal
Special bets
R. Europe -
R. American In prison | Sharing
AMERICAN R. R. Europe R. American
pocket 38 37 37
Zero 0 e 00 Single 0 Single 0
Advantage of the casino 5,26% 2,70% 2,70%
betting External and internal External and internal External and internal
Special bets - - In prison | Sharing

As you can easily notice from the table, the main differences Among the three Roulettes models are due to double zeros and to the different percentage of the dealer advantagenull The American model is therefore suitable for those who play with the highest risk and visit the Adrenaline Games casino with rather stringent placement times. The less experienced bettors could instead prefer European and American models, where the greater victory bonus is played, but also in the latter it must always be considered that the risk of losses, even if minor, is always present.

How to win at American roulette?

As in any title for casino, even in the American roulette you cannot have guarantees of victory. However, there are some strategies that allow you to optimize payment possibilitiesnull Let's see the most famous:

  • Martingala - one bet only on exterior and double the mail every time you lose;
  • To talk - positive progression system which consists in increasing the mail for each victory and return to the basic amount when you lose;
  • Alembert - one bet only on the exterior without doubling the initial share;
  • Fibonacci -Progressive increase system of the quota, following the 1-1-2-5-8 scheme.

Conclusions: tips for playing American roulette

We want to conclude our review by offering you some practical tips, which you can certainly find useful if you approach the American roulette for the first time. First essential step predicts store the regulation perfectly and the payments of the various possible predictions. Subsequently Define a maximum limit of bakroll, that is, the capital you can bet. Visit more casino and always informed about the presence of Welcome bonus O Promotions: Getting bonuses or bonus credit shares is the only way to bet without risking anything. Finally adopts a strategies that maintain a acceptable risk level, expertly managing the choice between internal and external episode.

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