Free bar slot: tips and strategies to win these slots

Gambling lovers are often looking for the best games to make their own bets. Although currently online slot machines have become a point of reference for many, the Sts them in the barg of the land. They still continue to offer great possibilities of fun.

They are based on mechanisms partly different from those of online casinos and virtual VLTs, while still remaining a very funny type of entertainment today with a pleasantly rétro taste. In this review we will explain to you what the differences between the traditional game rooms and the video slot online.

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The free bar slot more played

Below you will find a list of the most played by people in most of the world. There may also be your favorite, but consider that there are different hundreds and many of which also provide the "play free" function.

  • Fowl Play Gold: is one of the most famous ever made by WMGnull The protagonist is the golden hen and she offers you exceptional extra prizes. You can choose to play with 5 or 10 payment lines and activate the game premium obtaining a minimum number of 3 hens. The reward you can get is at least 100 times the initial bet.
  • Book of Ra Deluxe: is produced by Novomatic It is famous not only in bars throughout USA but also online. It is set in ancient Egypt and you play the role of an explorer on the hunt for his treasure.
  • Slot Sahara: This game was produced by the famous brand Octaviannull The scheme is the same every time, the classic 5 x 3. There are also 20 fixed lines on which classic and special figures appear. If you play 3 bonus figures activate the GemS Puzzle Bonus that offers three free spins.
  • Sphinx: the Atonic House resumes the theme already proposed by IGT And it offers an online and physical slot bar set in ancient Egypt. The physical version has a classic 3 × 5 structure with 5 fixed payment lines, while the VLT has 9 payines.
  • Haunted House: an intuitive game developed by the provider WMGnull It has captivating graphics based on the scenario of a horror film contrasted, however, by the liveliness of the colors, thus making everything much lighter. The protagonists of this gaming are the vampires, Frankenstein and the infested house. The others are the classic fruit of the fruit. It has a good RTP of 90% and this positions it right in the average of the market.
  • Cha cha cha: one of the most appreciated successful title ever by people. It has engaging graphics that allow the gamer to immerse themselves in the world of prizes without losing life of fun.

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How bar slots work

When the gamer decides to make a series of bets on these slot machines, first of all he must have clear what is the mechanism behind it. The same goes for free bar slots, which although not offering real cash victories allow you to understand the rules that move this type of Games.

First of all you have to start the slot by physically introducing coins or tickets inside the physical game rooms machines. You can decide the value of the episodes, taking into consideration that this increases or reduces the winnings subsequently provided.

Both those with real money and free bar slots are made up of a grid that includes a number of lines and rollers. There Classic structure is the 5 × 3 For a total of 15 boxes. When clicking on the central button, any box is filled with a symbol. The figures change according to the theme of the slot.

In free and real money slot bar, as well as those of online casino, to be able to get to winning combinations you must usually get at least Three equal figures within the same payment line. Paylines change according to gaming, usually we talk about 5, 10 O 15 Paylines.

Then there are special figures such as the Wild and the Scatter that contribute to increasing the chances of victory when they appear on the rollers, as well as various game bonuses that usually make available to good multipliers.

Let's see how the winnings work, these are set to have a maximum roof of $ 100. Yet it happens that a person playing manages to obtain even more than $ 500. This is possible even when the machine inside does not have money. A moment comes simply when the slot goes into payment, that is to say that it can provide several consecutive winnings.

If the slot instead is now empty here is automatically activated theRefill operationThat is, it will be the bar manager to fill the slot once emptied. Normally, however, the victories paid are less than $ 100 TimeOut which regulates the duration of a game with real money.

Tricks and tips to play bar slot machines

A little bit everyone wonders at least once if there are methods to win bar slots. We try to face the question in the most correct and impartial way that can be in this paragraph.

Those who visit the websites that speak precisely of bar or online slots will have realized that we often talk about possible methods to win more easily. We must be objective, however and recognize that it is not possible to have the guarantee of reaching victory, on the contrary. In most cases they can increase the percentage of victory a little.

Among the various tricks, the most effective is simply to know the slot thoroughly, therefore remain aware of the limits and advantages. Remember these things:

  • The minimum episode It offers a minimum win and a lower risk.
  • The Maximum episode It opens the doors to wins higher than the machines, even if the risk grows proportionally.
  • Il PAYOUT, that is, the theoretical return to the player must be high. Generally we feel to recommend online slot machines with a minimum of 95%
  • Be careful if there is a JACKPOT, the prizes you can win are much higher
  • Prefer the slots that offer the prizes and the multipliers

However, these are obviously not tricks, but simply good tips To which we want to add others. For example, a good way to increase the chances of winning without always having to spend your money is to subscribe to online casinos with a good welcome bonus.

Start using the free bar slot version, in this way you train and learn the secrets. After using the various fun bonus and i free giri And always focus on a few slots, in order to learn to know them in depth. If you play online try to do it during the times where there are normally connected people, so as to increase the possibilities that the prize touches you right.

Are there tricks to win easy? If you are looking for tricks that allow you to get great victories in a short time and without the risk of losing your money, unfortunately we must tell you that they do not exist.

There are no strategies that increase the possibility of winning, Slot RNG are inviolable And they are also constantly controlled by Adm and Aams. The only thing you can compete so it is to make use of the advice you find above at least to try to increase the chances of winning.

So all the tricks you read online, are they invented? Technically not, but they are based on the old slots, those of 2003. In those days, in fact, some machines did not work perfectly and therefore there could be bugs that increased the chances of winning.

The RTP of bar slots

What is the RTP of bar slots? What does this acronym mean and how important is it for who play? Also known as Payout is nothing more than the theoretical return to the playernull Those who visit the info page of the single slot can find this very important data to find out what the winning percentages are.

Assuming that a slot machine has a RTP 90% means that, every $ 100 spent by the players, $ 10 holds the car while 90 $ are rendered to those who play. However, these percentages are much closer to online slots than physical ones.

Inside the game rooms they have much lower values, usually about 60%. The machine therefore retains about 40% of the overall games made by people. This led many people to choose those on the web, especially the VLTs. On the sites of the various casinos there are also the virtual versions of those of the tobacconists, so as to maintain all the intact experience and charm.

Seilths the bars of the bars.

Free physical slots are free versions of those with real money. This means that we compare it for example an original with the free demo version we already realize from the first visit that are identical.

Same structure and same symbols. The real difference lies in the fact that the free slot machine has a virtual credit not real practically infinite which allows you to practice.

Although there are no bar versions that actually allow you to play without spending anything, you can find these free versions on the Internet.

Where to find them?

Most of the platforms make a variant with real money and a free demo available for almost all its AAMS slots. Sometimes to try the free version You have to register, other times not. However, what matters is that you don't need to make any payment of money.

What are they for?

They practically serve to entertain you. These slots are free, so play for the only taste of doing it. Of course, the aim is to push you to try the variant with real money once you have tried the free one, but the choice is yours.

Many people decide to use free bar slots just to understand if a certain gaming is the case or not and possibly move on to the complete variant.

What are the most appreciated?

There are no best in an absolute sense. However, we advise you to try for example the free bar slots of Slot Sahara, Sphinx, Haunted House e Cha Cha Chanull The most important thing in truth is that they are within the ADM authorized casino in order to be sure that these are safe and reliable versions.

Differences between bar and slot slot slots

The main difference between an online slot machine and a bar lies in the way you deliver the prizes. In the second, a specific game cycle is respected, varies according to the scheme.

Within the sito ADM (ex AAMS) You can see what are the correctly approved bar games and become aware of what the matches and the payout are.

The bar slot machines then can be based on a payment method provided for byArt.110 of TULPS paragraph 6a, that is, the victories are established on the basis of the player's ability. Although this today it may seem strange, before it was a predominant feature of the bars of the bars. In fact, to such an extent that they are not properly seen as gambling but of entertainment.

The skill component has made many people over time have even managed to get rich with this method.

Furthermore, with the classic bar slots, the player is the only one to participate in the single game session. In the VLT, connected to the national circuit, all those who make the episodes on this type of securities participate in the increase in any expected jackpot or the achievement of the prize delivery threshold.

Come pagano le slot online

As for the online slots, we now know that the victories are assigned exclusively in a random way, therefore in random form. In fact, no competence to those who play is required, all that the gamer has to do is insert their money and click on the central button.

Playing online slots to make the symbols appear is l’RNG, that is, the Random Number Generator. This microprocessor is seen in all respects as the slot brain and generates a sequence of symbols which, when winning, leads to the payment of the bets made. To guarantee the calibration of the ARG is the authority prepared, in this case by the ADM certification.

As for the specific video slots, there is no dedicated software that manages the game since they are connected in real time to the network. This allows you to communicate various servers that allow correct functioning. It also offers jackpots, i.e. a progressive prize pool that can also touch several million $.

Best online casino to play bar slots

There is good news, the most famous of all time are actually also found in virtual platforms. This is a great advantage this because usually they actually have rather low payouts, this significantly reduces the possibility of winning.

In addition, the fact that these gaming are present in the many casinos allows you to play when and how you want, even during the lunch breaks using your phone app simply. But when you choose the casino, remember that it must comply with some requirements. First of all, it must be a safe and reliable site and have the ADM (ex AAMS) authorization, must have the sections and games that interest you, offer good customer assistance and also make available free machines from bar.

888 Casino

888 Casino is a site to play d'Azzardo authorized by the State Monopolies, therefore in possession of the ADM license. It is undoubtedly among the most famous that you can find in USA and respect the requirements in terms of safety and quality.

Over 100 slot machines of which also video slots and obviously free slots. This platform provides all the most famous slot machines of the most famous software house, many of which are historical. The Welcome prize which makes available is up to $ 500null It is 125% on the first payment.

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Star casino

Star Casino is among the most popular websites for gambling. Re -proposes in virtual mode ones and relies on quality suppliers such as ISoftBet e NetEnt.

Over 100 slot machines to which you can pour your concentration, but above all it is feasible to obtain a Welcome prize from 200 $ on the first payment and 200 free laps. You have seven days time to play it with an episode set to X35. Obviously it has many other games such as blackjack, roulette, poker and baccarat.

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Bwin is one of the most famous betting platforms in USA. Offers a prize ofEntry on the first deposit of 100% up to a maximum of $ 210. Over 200 titles proposed in the online slot and VLT section. You can start making your bets with a minimum deposit of 10 $.

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Those who visit Bestingame immediately notes that it is a good quality platform. It is no coincidence that it is among the most famous Bet and casino sites of the moment. It has a vast schedule that is divided between slot machines, live section, poker, bingo and traditional casino.

You can use the prize no deposit of 55 $ and the 300 euro one with deposit also to play those transported online. Also when you subscribe to receive too 200 free spins.

Over 700 slot machines of the Novomatic, Pragmatic Play, iSoftBet, NetEnt And many other providers. Among the most famous titles are the Book of RA Deluxe, the Book of Dead and Horus Gold for example.

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The best bonuses for bar slots

To play you can initially take advantage of registration prizes, this is safe and represents a good advantage. But in this paragraph we refer specifically to the bonuses that can be obtained by playing the machine, which increase your chances of winning.

Consider that each provider changes the bonuses based on the type and the proposed game. These are the gIOCHI Bonus that are activated on certain occasions, for example when you find two or three scatter figures.

Very interesting the Pick and win mode, this allows you to get prizes immediately, therefore they are immediately guaranteed. Many players are then looking for free spin bonuses, which can be activated with The combination of 3 or more figures scatternull The number of free spins that obtain on the game.

Another bonus is that of the Gamble function, also known as risk. It allows you to double the value of the award just obtained. In practice, enter a mini-game that leads you to choose between two covered cards. If you guess the color or seed doubled, otherwise you lose the latest money won.

Il Macmedious It is a mode started by Wildnull Some rollers are blocked and it allows you to have a second chance of victory. Finally, we cannot forget the expanding Wild, not available in all slots but undoubtedly well accepted by those who play. Many times it is connected to the free spin or the Respin. The Wild or any other symbol covers the whole roller and this increases the chances of obtaining a winning combination.


Traditional slots have certainly made the history of the world of blue, and it is still possible to find them in bars, traditional casinos and tobacconists. Despite this, people are more attracted to online versions for the greatest ease with which you access it, because there is greater choice and for a much higher RTP.

It is one of the most appreciated games also at the level of entertainment. The important thing is to remember that it is a game, and it is good not to overdo it with the money you spend to try your luck.


  • How to win at bar slots?

    Those who use them can be that you are looking for a way to win easy and safely. However, we want to emphasize with this review that software such as Novomatic and other ADM providers are inviolable and are fully automated. There are therefore no secret methods to win quickly.

  • How do you play bar slot machines?

    To use bar slot machines, everything you need to do is identify a machine you like, and insert the money you intend to spend. At this point you must choose the type of episode and possibly, if it allows, the other parameters such as the number of active lines for example. After simply you have to click on play to run the rollers.

  • How do bar slot machines work?

    The operation of these gaming is really simple. In fact, it is not necessary to implement strategies or learn techniques, you simply have to insert the money and click on the central button, waiting for the figures to change with the laps and hope to have obtained a winning combination.

How to win at bar slots?

Those who use them can be that you are looking for a way to win easy and safely. However, we want to emphasize with this review that software such as Novomatic and other ADM providers are inviolable and are fully automated. There are therefore no secret methods to win quickly.

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