Are you looking for work? Sisal could be your new employer

This 2022 is proving to be a very complex year from all points of view, even if a particular accent (as well as on the health issue) must certainly be placed on work problems. However, there is a happy novelty: Sisal is looking for 200 new people to take to integrate the department dedicated to digital game which, in contrast with the general situation, is growing in a very convincing way.

Sisal and the new perspectives

We are sure that they do not need great premises to contextualize a year that is proving more unique than rare from the point of view of the difficulties that are resembled, year born with a health emergency that, month after month, is overwhelmingly extending its tentacles too On the economic sphere of a country that is undoubtedly suffering.

There are almost no "immune" categories to this situation, except as we have already seen previously the online gaming sector which, for obvious reasons, is going through a year of absolute consecration proving to be the main alternative for fun in times of restrictions, lock-down and quarantine.

A growth that gives really against the general situation compared to the general situation, this because while many companies close or resort to staff cuts through the layoffs, others as for specimen SISAL They live the opposite problem: they assume providing further future growth to be supported through such new workforce.

SISAL It is one of the largest and most important realities in USA both in the world of digital game and in that of telematic payments, both product categories that are precisely experiencing a moment of absolute revitalization, so much so that they need 200 new employees Ready to integrate immediately between the ranks of the company which, almost useless to underline it, is undoubtedly one of the most serious and solid employers who can be referred to.

But let's take a next step and enter more specifically than it is happening in Sisal and what are the most searched professional figures.

200 jobs available

There are precisely 200 professional figures at the moment sought by Sisal, figures who in particular must come from the world ofinformatica and of new technologies And that they will play in the international growth that the company is planning thanks to the results obtained in this 2022 more positive than one could imagine.

The people sought will serve to increase the potential basically of two Sisal sectors: the growth of digital platforms related to online gambling e the enlargement of skills in terms of new technologies (which also lets "beat" future news in terms of services offered to the public).

Considering that Sisal today counts just under 1,900 employees (of which more than 52% are maximum thirty -five years), we can imagine that these 200 new positions (10% more than the current total) will be covered precisely by focusing on young people: at the same time more qualified for this kind of work and more exposed at the time of current working crisis.

Considering the times that the company will organize gods Distance interviews, starting the first selection through presentation videos that requires all candidates and which will be used for the first scrutiny. How to apply? Just access the website www.sisal.comLavora-in-Sisal and follow the instructions of the announcement proposed on the page in question (as well as check the minimum requirements required, among which the reference age and the knowledge of foreign languages stand out).

In short, an excellent possibility to transform gambling from passion to profession by finding themselves employed by a first thickness company that will guarantee respect for all the major qualifying characteristics of a serious job and with all the protections.

Our conclusions

As we said at the beginning this 2022 is a difficult year in which the number of news has been inversely proportional to the pleasure of welcoming them, this starting so much to start from the very serious health situation, but also for all the economic implications that the pandemic is having in USA and in the world, but how we can see some Spiragli of light There is no shortage and Sisal is one of these.

Of course, on a national scale 200 jobs are many but still far away to be enough, but Sisal is a single company and we are sure that over time all the realities "colleagues" will grow up enough to have the same need. This confirming our forecast now abundantly supported by the facts: the world of gaming is growing in a solid way and soon it will give space to more and more people also as an possibility of work.

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