Curiosity: the relationship between Campania and the gambling

For another year, Still Campania records truly convincing numbers in terms of gambling, a trend that began years ago that does not seem to reverse its trend.

Campania and Game: Love by tradition

Campania is not only a region of great nature and cultural imprint, but it is also a place identified with joy of living, everyday pleasures and a little superstition: all elements that in one way or another have always contributed to maintaining balance the link between this region and the game in general, all the more with that of gambling.

This passion has always been present, but in recent years thanks to the digital game has simply increased in numerical terms leading Campania to consolidate more and more its position on the national podium: this year also of positioning second in the ranking of the American regions who are more active in the various games (online games, lotteries, instant lotteries, etc.).

Who says that? These are numbers collected and analyzed byAgimic (American journalistic agency of the game market) relating to 2019, the last year completely concluded, and published by the Customs and Monopolies Agency in the usual annual report and relating to all playing realities, among which of course, American realities AAMS/ ADM as for example Lattomatic.

Curious to know more? We are satisfied immediately.

Numbers in hand

How much has been played in Campania in the last year? There is talk of a truly important turnover equal to a billion and eight hundred million $: a figure so consistent as to consolidate the silver podium compared to the national playing scene of gambling.

To command the provinces, it thinks of course Napoli, which with its $ 950,000,000 covered by itself practically 50% of all this turnover, which follow the province of Salerno with $ 363,000,000 and that of Caserta con $ 323.000.000.

Similar numbers those relating to the expenditure procone, even if the balance between the province and the province changes by virtue of the different number of population of the various areas: the more "spendaccioni" are in fact Casertani and Salernitani (with $ 350.00 and $ 330.00 of medium procapy arc year) which exceed the Neapolitans stopped at the average of $ 306.00 per person.

What are the most used games? So much presence of national lotteries such as lot and superenalotto, but the increase in the world linked to the world is also very significant Digital game, online transposition of the national lotteries included.

Our conclusions

Let's say that the numbers of the game in USA are consistent with those of the past and consistent between the various studies: the balances between the Region and the Region and between the Province and the Province remain stable, but The numbers grow up consolidating itself by demonstrating further consistency also with the national data that see the constant increase.

From our point of view we are very curious to discover the next ones that will include this strange 2022, the year in which the habits of the Americans have been distorted by growing the numbers of the digital game as a whole.

What do you think? Will Campania remain among the peak positions? Will he be able to become the first region by gambling? It is up to us to wait to find out, but we are ready to bet that, whatever the order of arrival, the ranking will be based on even more substantial numbers.

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