Guide 2022 | Casino Slovenia: the whole digital game across the American border

Let's start this new guide with which to discover everything on the subject immediately Casino Slovenia, a very interesting theme for true gambling fans, online or traditional.

Have you ever been to Slovenia? Beyond the beautiful nature, good food and nice people, what awaits us immediately in addition to the border is a country in which gambling offers insured fun.

Ready to find out how games in Slovenia work? Online and non -casino, bonuses, promotions and winnings: everything adding another important piece to the mosaic of Best online casino in the world.

Casino Slovenia: what are the top sites?

To begin in the best way our little journey into the world of Casino Slovenia we want to start from what is most in our habits to do, that is, suggest first of all that we consider being the three best online casino active in Slovenia.

These are international realities that have found stable success among Slovenian players in some cases for years now, and are casino with a very wide fun offer mainly focused on gambling, but which does not exclude in some cases of being able to Play also with Sportbook or Lotterie.

Further on this page we will enter more specifically regarding our evaluation criteria, which are then those in our way of seeing more correct for a truly careful direct experience to everything: not only games, bonuses, promotions and winnings, but Also payment methods, customer support and, above all, safety.

Here are the three Most popular online casino in Slovenia:

jackpot city

The first of the most popular online casinos in Slovenia is Jackpot City, a very complete and long -activity portal (it has even been there since 1998) that offers everything that most could be desired in terms of casino games, this is talking about “classic titles” "That of live tables with which to have fun live. The site is available in many languages, including American.

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Any more information? Here they are immediately below!

Games catalog

Slot-Machine, Blackjack, Roulette, Videopoker and all the most popular card games among which the most recent titles proposed by microgaming stand out above all.

Welcome bonus

As always, the bonuses, especially those of entry, change periodically, but at this moment in particular Jackpot City offers a 100% deposit bonus up to $ 1,600.00 to be obtained through the first four payments.

Game bonus

The game promotions available at this moment are three different natures: deposits bonus, special prizes connected to individual titles and a rather rich VIP program with which to see its loyalty day after day.

Payment methods

Credit and debt cards, bank transfers, but not only, because all the most popular e-wallets and digital payment systems such as, among other PayPal, Neteller, Paysafe Card or Skrill are also supported.

Customer service

Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, it can be reached through the live-keat available on the site.


Jackpotcity Casino has a n ° MGA/B2C/145/2007 authorization issued by the Malta Gaming Authority, as well as the security certificate issued by Ecogra.

ruby fortune

Another of the top game portals for Slovenian users is Ruby Fortune, an online casino that is strong in a very rich games catalog and an international setting also underlined by the 10 languages in which the site is available, including But in this case the American one is missing.

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Games catalog

One of the first strong points of Ruby Fortune is a huge games catalog in which 450 titles divided between slot-makes, board games, card games and, above all, live games await us.

Welcome bonus

Ruby Fortune's welcome bonus consists of a 100% deposit bonus up to a maximum of $ 750.00 to be obtained through the first three payments on the platform.

Game bonus

The game promotions are also mainly focused on storage bonuses, but Ruby Fortune also offers a particularly rich and articulated VIP program.

Payment methods

The international caliber of this game portal is also evidenced by the wide availability of payment methods, among which, in addition to credit and debt cards, there are also a lot of space digital services including Paypal, Skrill, Neteller or Trustly.

Customer service

Also in this case, customer support is available 24/7 using the appropriate livechat service proposed on the site.


Ruby Fortune is also an online casino authorized by the Malta Gaming Authority, as well as in this case the safety certificate issued by Cograph is available.

All Slots Casino

Last but not the Least, to complete this most used online top 3 of the online casinos in Slovenia, thinks about the Slots Casino, a portal totally focused on the casino game in which all those who are passionate above all of slot-machine find an ideal environment.

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Games catalog

Many slots, but not only, because All Slots Casino is a single -brand game portal in which the titles are all provided by microgaming, thus making quality a real password.

Welcome bonus

The promotion of entry offered by All Slots Casino consists of a 100% deposit bonus up to a maximum of $ 1,500, recognized in three brackets in the first deposits.

Game bonus

At the moment there are no particular game promotions on the site, but normally these are deposit bonuses that allow you to obtain important values added on what is paid on your gaming account.

Payment methods

The main payment methods permits from all slot casino are credit/debit cards and bank transfers, which also support digital solutions such as Skrill.

Customer service

All Slot Casino customer service is available every day 24/24 and can be ed by the email address provided on the portal or through the proposed live chat.


All Slot Casino is a portal equipped with the License of the Malta Gaming Authority N ° MGA/B2C/167/2008, as well as of the Ecograd Security certificate.

Does Slovenia have a more open game of gambling than ours?

Interesting to imagine how much the situation can change after a few kilometers: coming from USA, where as we know the leg of gambling is rather close to narrow meshes (all the more talking about traditional casino), a few tens of minutes is enough to find yourself a Portorose, beautiful sea resort where there will be four international casinos waiting for you. And this is only an example.

It is no coincidence that the few American casinos are near the state borders beyond which the game is allowed and widespread, and clearly Slovenia gives a tangible proof of what can be expected in a country where that of herand It is now a consolidated industry thanks to softer rules that authorize the existence of various traditional casinos as well as the activity of all the major online casino in the world.

Casino Slovenia: what does the online casino law allow?

Strengthened by legislation that, as we have just deepened, provides for a decidedly more open field of gambling than our country, in Slovenia the digital game is completely equated to that in the game rooms, and it is therefore possible to Slovenian players have access to all the most important online platforms.

To better clarify, both forms of play have been authorized with the same law back in 1995 and therefore also the culture of digital game is now much more than consolidated in Slovenia, where in any case all online casinos are admitted to the major certifications null

The most famous mess in Slovenia

The list of traditional casino present in Slovenia is relatively long considering that for twenty -five years now an excellent industry has been created in this regard, a sector much helped also by the so -called "tourism of the game" that brings fans of all over Europe (and in particular way of the neighboring states) to visit the Slovenian game rooms as often as possible.

Wanting to make some examples, our choice fell on the most significant ones for American players, who in some cases could really discover that they had one "behind the house", also leaving out important names such as the Casino di Nova Gorica or that of Kranjska Gora, up Also that of Ljubljana:

Grand Casino Portoroz

Located in Portorose, a few kilometers after Capodistria, is one of the most prestigious and elegant in the city.

Riviera casino

Always in Portorose, for some it is the second casino in the city, while for others it is the best.

Casinò Resort Admiral

It is located a few steps from the border of Trieste, in Cosina, and is one of the most popular and lively in the country.

Perla Resort & Entertainment

A few kilometers from Gorizia, it is undoubtedly the most popular casino hotel by American players.

How to choose the right mess? Watch bonuses, safety and customer service

The guidelines to distinguish quality online casinos, whether we are talking about Casino Slovenia and in general, are always absolutely the same and are always aimed at verifying the quality of all the most important aspects of the experience of use.

It is normal that in the end the real "best casino" is always the one that best suits our personal taste, just as it is normal that the eye falls first of all in the games catalog, but you must never forget how important there are also elements such as The bonuses proposed, the safety of the site and the quality of the customer service.

Because? We explain it to you immediately:

Bonuses and promotions

It comes that bonuses and promotions are the fundamental ingredient to obtain a real added value on fun, this is because they are responsible for rewarding us and enriching the game activity by increasing more than ever the sense of users' satisfaction.

What is meant by bonuses and promotions? Further on the page we will enter the specific merit of each of them, but for now we want to start to reinforce them:


Of course, the security of a gaming portal is fundamental: the activity of use implies the involvement of personal data, up to our payment system, and needs a serious structure behind it that can guarantee total protection of users.

The certifications necessary to authorize the activity of digital casinos serve precisely to this, to supervise and guarantee respect for all the most serious safety standards for the benefit of the player, and are therefore always to be considered a priority.

But it is also security that offered by an abundance of payment methods, or that relating to the awareness of the risks related to ludopathy, and therefore must always be verified.

Customer care

It being understood that the service offered by the major online casinos is of a level that never put too often in a position to need it, the quality of the customer service available is another of the factors that we consider necessary to verify.

It is important to know that you can take into account a capable, quick, professional and exhaustive customer service, just as it is essential to be able to have as many methods as possible to reach it at any time.

How to evaluate it? In our case we always make a real verification by entering into , so as to wise professionalism and response times.

Casino Slovenia: let's talk about the bonuses

As anticipated in the previous paragraph, it is always essential to verify how the policy of the bonuses of a new online casino that we get to know each other, because as we know they can really make the difference in the gaming experience, and this of course is worth dealing with Casino Slovenia like this As always applies.

The time has come to know everything about the possible bonuses, so as to really know what a rich bonus policy is, and to do so we will develop the list proposed a little while ago.

no deposit bonus

More and more online casino start to propose them and they are bonuses (usually of content value) that allow you to play even before making the first deposit, simply by registering on the site: what better way to start?

Welcome bonus

Also called entrance bonuses are those dedicated to new users and are always able to make the difference allowing a sprint start: from bonuses on the first payment to 100% to cash-back premiums, passing through Free spin or special shares.

Game bonus

These are the bonuses with which you deal more along your game career and are designed to reward us where we are more active: even in this case they can be free laps or special shares on individual games, but the variety is really lacking.

Deposit bonus

These are bonuses proposed very frequently that they allow to obtain an additional amount as a premium on that paid in our gaming account: very often it is a 100% bonus that doubles the figure paid, but they can also be higher.

Program VIP

The old dear principle of loyalty programs becomes a very tempting opportunity for online casinos users, which can rise to level as their gaming experience proceeds obtaining more and more concessions.

What casino games are most popular in Slovenia?

After seeing what the online casinos are most loved by Slovenian and traditional players most frequented even by American fans, it is now appropriate to talk about the most popular games.

What are the most popular games in the Slovenia mess? We find out immediately presenting you not only the most loved titles, but also the most famous software houses that collect the greatest number of players in the country.

Ready? Here it is:

Best Casino games in Slovenia

The presence of so many traditional casinos could only have its effect in the taste for the game of Slovenian fans, which in fact proves to be completely international seeing the "great classics" triumph also in their version dedicated to the digital game.

What are the game sections capable of gathering more fans Slovenians according to statistics?

  • Video-Slot
  • Roulette and board games
  • Poker section

Best Software Manufacturers in Slovenia

In the same way, the statistics are also capable of telling us what the software houses are most loved by players in Slovenia, but being precisely such an international taste will not surprise anyone to discover that these are the "usual" known, which are then world excellence.

But it is right to do a specific one, the success of microgaming in Slovenia is truly impressive and the others can only follow:

  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • Evolution Gaming
  • PlayTech

Is it possible to play for free, as well as with real money? What advantages does it give?

What makes this paragraph title is a question that everyone should ask themselves, even more so when players are still so much to learn, because playing for free in demo mode is allowed by many casinos and offers many benefits.

The demo mode is pure simulation: different online casinos allow you to play using virtual credit that in case of losses does not impoverish our game wallet, but that clearly even enrich it when you win.

Why play if you can't win or lose?

The advantages of the demo game

Here are all the main benefits that can be found in playing from time to time in demo mode:

  • Allows you to get used to a new site without risking real money
  • Allows you to learn to play new titles without affecting your funds
  • Allows to perfect our strategies without losing anything
  • Allows you to test everything new in total serenity

Are there any live messs for Slovenian players?

Let's face it, it is a somewhat rhetorical question: Casino Slovenia also means digital game live in live rooms, that is, the technological evolution that cannot be missing in a rich game environment as is that of our border neighbors.

All the most used online casinos have a live casino section and in general they are also very popular, for this reason it is not uncommon to see portals focus a lot on these technologies.

But what are the live titles most loved by Slovenian players to have fun live?

  • Poker Live
  • ROULETTE live
  • BlackJack Live
  • Baccarat Live

Which mess do app to play from smartphones in Slovenia?

Clearly all online casinos authorized to operate in Slovenia also offer their mobile reality, which most of the time means to be made available to mobile applications to play comfortably even from smartphones, this is whether they are iOS devices and Android.

But even when there is no app, there is still an optimized site for mobile site that allows you to play by fully exploiting the touch features of your smartphone.

Withdrawal and payments: how does it go for Slovenian players?

We have already mentioned the importance of the availability of different payment methods when we choose our online casino of reference, and this is because each of them is able to offer an extra level of protection to our gaming experience, and the same goes for i Slovenian players, who have more or less the same for them in USA.

Safety is always in first place, but also comfort is important and another time still have a payment method we are used to and that we like is a detail of those that make the difference.

But what are the most common payment methods also in Slovenia?

  • Bank transfers
  • Credit/Debt Cards (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro)
  • paypal
  • Skrill
  • Paysafecard
  • Neteller
  • bitcoin

How to be sure of the reliability of these online casinos?

Already on several occasions along this page we have emphasized the importance of the security of online casinos and the need to always check it before choosing your reference portal, but how can we feel safe?

As we repeat as soon as possible the number one factor are the certifications, it is in what lies the real examination of the respect of the guidelines for users, and this involves both the processing of personal data and also the possibilities of winning the same of the software used.

In our main advice it is to always choose and only certified sites, and this is clearly a advice that is also worth talking about Casino Slovenia as of any other country.

Casino Slovenia: our conclusions

We arrive as usual at the end of our pages by dismissing us with a few last final evaluation about the Casino Slovenia world, a topic that we found particularly interesting.

We find significant to see how two neighboring countries such as USA and Slovenia, so different in traditional casino management policies, are instead in some way united by the passion and presence of the digital game.

Do you intrigue differences and analogies between USA and Slovenia intrigue? Then we advise you to read the page relating to Casino Italia, of course perfect to complete the picture after this dedicated to the Casino Slovenia.

📕 FAQ Casino Slovenia

🥇 Is legal play in casino in Slovenia on the border with USA?

Of course, yes, from the moment we legitimately pass the state of state we undertake the Slovenian law which, as explained by speaking of national rules, allows gambling throughout the country, which opens the door of its casinos also to American enthusiasts.

🥇 Are Slovenian mess really sure?

Safety is always fundamental and also for Slovenian players it is important to refer only to certified casinos capable of providing all the most important guarantees and protections, this topic that you find in detail discussed in the section relating to the security of this page.

🥇 What are the best casino in Slovenia?

It is difficult to draw up a real list since "better" in the end is a very subjective concept, but on this page in addition to offering you the online casinos most loved by Slovenian players, we also explain how to choose the right mess by taking all the most details important.

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