Guide 2022 | Casino Croatia: the online game on the other side of the Adriatic

Our overview of the world of digital game in USA and abroad brings us to this new guide today Casino Croatia, with which we are going to investigate all the details relating to Croatian online casinos.

Already speaking of gambling in Slovenia and USA, we have seen how countries bordering ours can propose realities (and above all legislations) very different from the American one, the same is also worth with Croatia?

Ready to find out everything there is to know about Casino Croatia? To you other precious information to be added to our overview of all Best online casino.

What are the top mess of Croatia?

As you can imagine there is a lot to say talking about Casino Croatia, the most lies in starting on the right foot, which then we think it does not mean that starting by offering you the best online casino for the Croatian audience, or three mess that could do have fun too.

One of the first aspects to be noted is like the top 3 of the most loved casinos by Croatian players is completely identical to that detected also in Slovenia, testifying to how we can talk about the culture of the game most relating to Istria, or in any case to High non -American Adriatic, which to individual countries specifically.

These are the digital game portals of international stature that offer everything players around the world are looking for: many casino games, bonuses, promotions and live game, in short, of the realities to be taken into consideration regardless.

What are the most loved online casinos in Croatia? Here they are to you:

jackpot city

At the top of the list of digital casinos most loved by Croatian players, Jackpot City is found, a game site active since 1998 that offers a "little Las Vegas" full of all the most popular games in any casino in the world, live tables included. Welcome bonus and game promotions are all to be discovered, just as the version of the site in American is also to be appreciated.

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But let's find out some details again:

Games catalog

A catalog in which the protagonist is the quality of microgaming with its updated versions of cards such as poker, blackjack and baccarat, as well as roulette or video slots.

Welcome bonus

At the moment, a 100% deposit bonus is available for all new players to be obtained on the first four payments up to a maximum of $ 1,600.00.

Game bonus

As always in evolution, at the moment as a game bonus special promotions are proposed on specific games, additional bonuses on deposits made and a loyalty program.

Payment methods

The site supports all the main payment methods, not only credit or debt cards and wire transfers, but also e-wallets such as Paypal, Skrill, Neteller and Paysafe Card.

Customer service

Getting in touch with customer support is possible 24/7 using the comfortable live-ket on the portal.


It is an online casino certified by the Malta Gaming Authority with the N ° MGA/B2C/145/2007 license and also in possession of the quality guarantee issued by Ecogra.

ruby fortune

Ruby Fortune can be considered another reference site for Croatian players and has as its distinctive feature a catalog with more than 450 titles and an international breath also characterized by the ten languages in which it can be translated, however much American is one of them null

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Here are more details:

Games catalog

As we said, we speak precisely of a catalog of more than 450 games among which the table ones depopulated, all the possible titles of card and of course many slot-machine.

Welcome bonus

Ruby Fortune also proposes a 100% bonus on the first between deposits up to a maximum total of $ 750.00.

Game bonus

The deposit bonuses are also taken in the game promotions, but Ruby Fortune also has a loyalty program of excellent success.

Payment methods

Also in terms of payment methods Ruby Fortune behaves as a large casino, in fact proposing all the most comfortable and safe systems such as Paypal, Trustly, Skrill or Neteller as well as obviously credit/debt cards and bank deposits.

Customer service

Another time we are dealing with a customer service always available and easily accessible using the live chat in the section.


Ruby Fortune is in turn certified by the MGA (by the Malta Gaming Authority) and also offers the senior senior seal.

All Slots Casino

To conclude this selection, so much precisely to the taste of the Croatian players, there is another great quality site that makes casino games a pride: it is all slots casino, which with its single -brand nature is lucky enough for all slot lovers and digital tables.

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Games catalog

Squado yes, but not just any brand because All Slots Casino hosts only microgaming titles, which of course is as always a guarantee of quality.

Welcome bonus

The same system that we have seen previously: the welcome bonus rewards for three consecutive payments with a 100% premium up to $ 1,500 total.

Game bonus

Waiting for new promotions to present, we can still anticipate that it usually offers rich deposit bonuses on all transactions made.

Payment methods

In this case, the admitted payment systems are a little less, but Benaccette Credit and debt cards, bank deposits and Skrill are still Benaccette.

Customer service

A well -made service that can be reached every day from 0 to 24 both through the email shown on the site and using the live chat.


All the guarantees still come from the Malta Gaming Authority, in particular from the MGA/B2C/167/2008 license, but there is also in this case there is more the eco -friendly safety certificate.

Is the Croatian legislation on the game more permissive than the American one?

Although there are not many kilometers that separate the American border of Trieste from the Croatian one, it is significant to note how much road runs between the two legislation, above all considering that to get to Croatia we pass through the beautiful coast of Slovenia where the casinos certainly are not lacking null

The answer to the question in question is precisely yes, the Croatian law is certainly more permissive than ours in terms of gambling, so much so that arriving at Umag and going down the coast to the coast to charm the game rooms are really several, at What are added those of the Zagreb and Dubrovnik area.

In short, in a few kilometers the situation changes a lot and this also explains why the American casinos always arise close to the borders with more permissive countries than ours, just think of the Casino di Venezia compared to the Slovenian and Croatian ones or the Casino di Sanremo compared to that of Montecarlo null

Casino Croatia: what does the online casino law allow?

Just like in Slovenia, even in Croatia the activity of an online casino is totally equated to that of a traditional casino, which of course means that digital game has been allowed for some time and that it is completely part of the funny habits of fans Croati.

Clearly the freedom to play does not ignore having to refer to online casino with major certifications capable of guaranteeing users' safety, but as we know the quality is not lacking in this world and therefore there are many possibilities.

The most famous casino in Croatia

As already mentioned previously of casino in Croatia there are really many compared to those who have in USA and over the years they have spread even more thanks to the large chains, Admiral above all, which are acquiring or opening more and more beautiful null

Organizing a weekend of playing in Croatia, as well as in Slovenia, is a really simple company: distances allow in some cases even visits during the day, but staying in these countries is always very convenient and booking a hotel with casino on booking. com is much cheaper than you can imagine, for this reason we offer you the most reachable casinos from USA:

Casino Hotel Mulino

It is located in Buie immediately after the border with Slovenia, which makes it the Croatian casino closer to USA.

Grand Hotel Casino Adriatic

It is located in Opatija (Abbey in American) and is probably one of the most historic and loved casino in the country.

Platinum Casino Split

Going down to the coast and arriving in Split we find this mess which is also the most loved in Dalmatia.

Admiral automatically club

Maybe not the best casino, but it is the first of the Admiral chain when you arrive in Rovinj of Istria and gives the game to Croatia's game.

Choose the perfect mess? Eye to bonuses, safety and customer service

On this page we are dealing with the topic of Casino Croatia, but clearly these are always valid guidelines whatever the country from which you play and concern the most important evaluation criteria when studying a new casino that we are curious.

Of course, the idea of "perfect casino" is closely connected to the specific taste of each of us and is therefore not generalized, but there are instead points to consider real must: we all look at the titles made available by an online casino, And this is normal, but it is also essential to verify that bonuses, safety and customer support are equally valid.

What makes these points so important? Let's find out.

Bonuses and promotions

It is clear that the fun in an online casino comes from the games catalog made available, but bonuses and promotions have the opportunity to increase this fun making the game richer and more convenient while the player is "pampered" by his portal.

However, there are several ways to be rewarded and now we list them one by one, instead referring to after their study:

  • Welcome bonus
  • Game bonus
  • Deposit bonus
  • no deposit bonus
  • Loyalty programs


All the fun and convenience of the world have a sense of existing only if an online casino is able to guarantee as much security and reliability, this is because the protection of our personal data and our rights of players must be regardless of any possible " counterpart "in terms of entertainment.

Safety must be verified and the certifications that we have often appointed serve precisely to this: playing in a certified casino already means a priori playing in a safe mess, if the offer also provides for quality payment methods, here we are already really on one Excellent road.

What not all players keep in mind is that security means so much to start personal safety, both in terms of fun, since it also concerns the chances of winning, and in terms of protection towards the risk of gambling dependence: A truly priority aspect with total importance.

Customer care

It never happens too often that you have problems when referring to quality game portals, but there is that sooner or later something happens and at that moment you will surely want to deal with a quality customer service.

How do you evaluate a customer service? First of all it should be verified when it is reachable (taking into account that the tops are open 24/7 all year round) and then the communication methods that can be used to get in touch.

What should be expected from a quality service? It must be easy to achieve, professionally courteous and above all decisive in a short time, and this is why we always proceed also to direct test.

All of Casino Croatia bonus and more

A little while ago we mentioned with a synthetic list what are all the forms of bonuses with which players can be rewarded, a variety that is precisely the same for the Croatia casinos as for those of the whole world and which we now want to explain in a more in -depth way null

An important aspect to be taken into account, however, is that not all online casinos offer all types of bonuses, which therefore is not exactly to be taken for granted.

no deposit bonus

It is not very common but is spreading more and more, and consists of a small prize that is offered immediately to the registration so that you can start playing even before proceeding with the first payment.

Welcome bonus

Perhaps the most loved bonus by the players, because the richest: it is the offer with which the portal welcomes in new subscribers, guaranteeing a crackling debut thanks to bonuses on the first deposit even capable of doubled it, or maybe free turns or even press cash backs press null

Game bonus

The more the experience of use proceeds the more the game bonuses that we do ours and there are really of all kinds: free spin, free play or special promotions on selections of titles, but there is no really limit to the variety.

Deposit bonus

Let's imagine getting more and more than we deposit: 50%, 70%, 100% or even 150% more, this are the deposit bonuses with which to always find in your pocket an added value in game credit, or the most gift welcome there is.

Program VIP

It is always right to reward the loyalty of customers and all the best online casinos do it through these programs based on points collected played after playing and on ranking to be climbed to unlock increasing prizes and advantages.

The most popular games in Croatia casinos

If at the beginning we told you what the three online casinos most frequented by Croatian users are, now we want to take a small step back, telling you what (based on the statistics on traffic volume) the most loved games and software house as a consequence are ( more popular.

Curious? We will not let you wait:

Best casino games in Croatia

In your opinion, what can be the favorite games in a country where all gambling fans can go to a casino every time they want?

It is clear that the online game is also influenced and in particular the most popular game areas are:

  • Board games and card games
  • poker
  • Slot-Machine

Best software manufacturers in Croatia

Once the most used games have been identified, it is also very simple to deduce what are the most responsible software houses of the online fun of the Croatian players, a discovery not so surprising if we consider that the top producers are always winning.

Even if a note must be done: Microgaming detaches the other producers in a rather clear way, attesting to the real superstar.

The most used producers are in order:

  • Microgaming
  • EvolutionGaming
  • NetEnt
  • PlayTech

Playing for free or with real money, what is the difference?

For someone it will seem strange even just reading it, but in truth the possibility of playing for free exists and it is also very advisable when you are still in the learning phase and you are used to making mistakes.

What is intent on playing for free? It is intended to play in demo mode using a virtual credit which, unlike real money, makes us immune to losses (as well as from winnings though).

Who likes to play without being able to win? There are various reasons to play in demo mode and they are all quite intelligent, especially in certain cases:

The advantages of playing demo

What are these advantages that you have played without real money but with virtual credit? Here are the main ones:

  • You get used to a platform before putting hand on real credit
  • Game strategies are developed but sheltered from any loss
  • We learn with new games without risking losing anything
  • You can try everything, even things absurd by gaining experience in peace

Do Croatian users play in live mess?

An interesting discovery is that linked to the volume of play and players that characterizes the most loved casino casino sections of the game portals in Croatia, because it testifies how the innovation of the live game is also proving engaging for this market, confirming more and more Our belief that it is the last real revolution of the digital game.

But beyond the general success, what are the most chosen games among the live tables of the Casino Croatia?

  • ROULETTE live
  • Poker Live
  • BlackJack Live
  • Baccarat Live

Can you also play from smartphones with apps in Croatia?

A rich and advanced game universe like the Croatian one is naturally as well as in terms of game on the move, this is because in Croatia it is also allowed to have access to the mobile versions of the game portals, which most of the time happens precisely through the apps null

Playing from smartphones does not mean having to have apps for iOS or Android available, however much this is the most widespread possibility, because some casino for example choose to opt for versions of their site optimized for mobile.

Deposit and cash out: the most popular payment methods in Croatia

Already speaking of security, we have mentioned how important the presence of the most reliable payment methods in online casinos is: when we carry out the cash in or cash transactions we meet at the moment when our privacy is technically more exposed and it is essential to do account on an extra safety.

Clearly it is not only the security that benefits from it, because even the speed and comforting of the operations have to earn, perhaps allowing us to use our usual payment system.

Then? What are the most used in Croatia?

  • Bank deposits
  • Credit or debt cards (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro)
  • paypal
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Paysafecard

How to trust the safety of these online casinos?

We never get tired of returning to the security topic, also because we are sure that you never have enough since you have been since all information for your protection, and this time we want to answer any possible doubt that still remains.

How do you trust these online casinos? To begin with, as we said, there are certifications that remove all uncertainties, it is on those that depend on the possibilities of winning, the protection of personal data or the quality of the software used, but we also recommend that you have direct experiences to verify the Quality of the game portals and to rely on our reviews to always discover something more.

Casino Croatia: final conclusions

Here we are at the greetings, that as always we like to make you leaving you a last comment with which to summarize in a few words everything we discovered thus speaking thus in depth of Casino Croatia, a comment that comes from our "instinct from players".

As seen in speaking of the Slovenian reality, it is really interesting to confirm how much difference there may be between countries as close as USA and Croatia when it comes to traditional casinos, but it is also interesting to note how digital game instead unites them in front of a Panorama almost completely similar.

And if after talking about Casino Croatia you want to further deepen differences and similarities between USA and other close realities, at this point we also recommend that you also discover all that there is to know about Slovenia casino!

📕 FAQ Casino Croatia

🥇 How much does it cost to stay overnight in the Casino Hotel Croati?

As we have best deepened by talking about the most famous traditional Croatian casinos, the cost of living and hotels is not forbidden in the country at all and the presence of many casino hotels allows you to optimize costs and times by offering very advantageous solutions.

🥇 Croatian casinos offer bonuses like the others?

Of course, by reading this page you discover how the world of online casinos in Croatia is completely international and therefore also the bonuses and promotions are completely similar to those of the large portals. What are the most common bonuses? We suggest the relative paragraph of our in -depth analysis.

🥇 What are the top casino in Croatia?

On this page we present the three online casinos most used by Croatian users, but we also give you all the indications to evaluate each portal in the best way, including the most popular ones in Croatia.

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