Vip and gambling: who they are and which games they prefer

Gambling is a common and transversal passion in which it does not matter what path you arrive, which social segment you belong to or what your economic capacity is: anyone can respond to the identikit of the real player, who is a rich VIP or any common citizen. But who are the VIPs that sooner or later could you meet by playing? What are their favorite games?

Game and VIP, an "unsuspected" bond

Somehow the presence of several VIP Among the ranks of the most passionate players is also useful to reiterate a rather important concept: the winnings are yes an attractive goal, but the real reason for the passion of the game is the game itself, a mechanism that involves the same way even those who do not have Particularly need for "easy money" coming from an already rich work area regardless.

And it is a passion that knows no boundaries, because among the celebrities that love gambling we can find all the origins: from the gods of the International Star-System to the least universally known national VIPs who make news in USA but that no one (or almost none) recognizes abroad.

To begin with "noble" examples we like to mention Ben Affleck, which appears to be thus entitled to the game to the point of having been hunted by a casino from Las Vegas once surprised to count the cards during a game of BLACKJACKnull Less "scientific" is undoubtedly the playing style of Sean Connery, who is instead a passionate roulette player with a very particular style: he always focuses on 17, number baked by many who is his favorite ever (to the point of having won 15 million lire in 1963, figure to Huge time, effectively hovering a famous American casino).

Also Robert De Niro, a beloved protagonist of Casino (film by Martin Scorsese considered almost as a "manifesto" for gambling), is a loyal gambling, but in addition to that played it seems to be interested in the game rooms itself For himself, since in the years he has invested millions becoming a member of luxury resort chains with casinos attached to both Antigua and Barbuda and in the Philippines.

And the American VIPs?

As mentioned above, however, this passion does not concern only foreign VIPs, because even many American celebrities are known to be great passionate of the game, some of which have risen to the honors of the news for this "small weak" of them.

The most famous in this regard is undoubtedly Marco Baldini, historical co -author and shoulder of Fiorello both on the radio and on TV, who was at the center of a ten -year game story that has resulted in the publication of the book "The player" in which he speaks of his relationship (not particularly healthy in truth ) with the game that led him to a conclated ludopathy that had serious consequences in his private and professional life.

Similar fate that of Abundant (at the time Enzo Ghinazzi) with a passion for poker that over time led him to lose many of the earnings made with his profession, but who after a trod period led him to become one of the most active commentators and opinion of professional poker in USA.

Ended like this? Of course not because too Karia fricciarelli, famous soprano and ex -wife of Pippo Baudo, is a passionate player who has also admitted a strong sympathy for online videopoker; as well as Emilio Fede e Mara Majinchi For years they have been among the most assiduous counters of the casino of northern USA to the point of having made themselves self -tidy for no longer being able to have access to the green table.

Our conclusions

In short, the list is long, also because those we have spoken are only some examples of the most famous gaming enthusiasts of both the national and international scene, which in truth sees much more names to confirm what is being asserted at the beginning of this article: that is that the one for the game is one transverse passion which does not concern only certain social classes or more "needy" economic levels.

Of course, finding himself at a game table with Ben Affect or Robert De Niro perhaps there would be some problem to see their episodes, but beyond the difference in economic capacity the principle remains actually the same: we are all bitten by the same passion.

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