Jacks or Better: rules, strategies and free game

Those who are lovers of poker and slot machines in the same way have a way to combine the two passions: i VIDEO POKERnull Those who are not practical of this type of casino game, probably, ignore that videopoker are those with one among the highest RTP ever. Based on the developer, the version and the betting level, the RTP varies from a minimum of 96% up to peaks of 99.70%.

This created a very interested audience to video poker and, consequently, a good range of available variants. Among all these one of the most popular is Jacks or Better we are talking about in this review.

What is the Jacks or Better?

The protagonist of this article is a Very popular video poker, both in traditional gaming houses where you can find different of these in the slot machine area, and in online casinos.

The main objective is to make points according to the logic of classic poker, the one with the five covered cards. To play and have fun, it is good to have the staircase of the hands in poker games clearly. The main difference is that other people do not face but the house challenges each other.

The best casinos to play Jacks or Better

Although video poker are not the center of casino attention, these cards -based games are well present in the game homes on the web. Once the demo version has been tried, the time could have come to challenge the luck, here is the list of the ten best casinos where you can play Jacks or Better.

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Jacks or Better game rules

The card game you inspired is five cards poker often called "American"null The main difference with a normal game is that other players do not challenge each other, there is no relaunch or bluff. However, the basic logic is always the same: five cards are received and you decide which ones to change. Each hand is consequently very fast and takes place in a couple of screens.

Video poker have one very minimalist graphics, seems to have stopped in the 90s. Anyone used to colorful and lively slot machines may need a few minutes to follow the gameplay. Those who already prefer classic slot machines, with few rollers and without too many pyrotechnic effects, will probably have an immediate feeling with this electronic poker.

Main rules and operation

Made some hand, preferably Free on some demos, you easily enter the perspective. The first thing to do is to set the episode. This is selected in a number of coins, which is associated with an amount in $ to have the economic value of the bet.

Generally you can bet from one to five coins (also called credits or tokens). As the number of tokens increase the value of the prizes that can be obtained increases. However, this progression is not linear but exponential. That is, by betting five credits, the potential prize on a paying point could also be greater and not exactly five times that obtainable from an episode of a single token. Consult the Payment table In poker videos it is a very important piece.

Hand At least one jack It means recovering what was aimed. All the other higher combinations, even a simple pair of two, provide a win. This already makes it clear how much more interesting it is than a slot machine where with combinations with low value symbols, the win does not cover the episode of the spin.

Here is an example of the first paid, in coins, starting from the highest points up to the lowest:

  • royal scale from 250 to 4000;
  • Color scale from 50 to 250;
  • Poker and 25 in 125;
  • full da 8 a 40;
  • color from 5 to 25;
  • scale from 4 to 20;
  • Tris to 15;
  • double couple from 2 to 10;
  • A couple or a jack (or upper figure) from 1 to 5.

The numbers indicated are not multiplication values but directly prizes in coins. A jack, or a couple of any kind, recover the amount aimed, almost gave a free game. All other combinations generate a profit. The value of coins can also be reduced, for example on $ 0.20, thus giving the opportunity to try their luck even to those who do not have a bankroll of important size.

Gioca a Jacks or Better

How to play a Jacks or Better game

By starting the game you get the Cinque bonus cardnull Of these you can decide which one to discard and keep. Therefore, the cards change and any points are welded to the player. In the absence of these we lose what was aimed.

No relaunch, no darkness or darkness, as in Texas Hold'em, less than ever bluffing. It is played against the house, not against another player. The goal is to close a paying point not to beat an opponent.


Some examples of hands can give an idea. From these then you come to elaborate one real strategy On what to do in every situation.

Let's imagine that the five cards are a 6 and a 2 of paintings, a 9 of spades, a 4 of flowers and a king of hearts. In this case four cards are taken keeping only the king. If instead of the king, or another of the cards, there had been a jack then it was held. The Jack is the minimum paying point, the others go in this case discarded hoping to close a better point.

If, on the other hand, the starting hand sees a trio of 5, a 2 and a 7 the move to do is hold the trio to go looking for a poker of 5. The Tris is already winning, break it is a crime.

The examples could go to boasts for several and each hand could make history in its own right.

What is the difference with other videopoker games?

The main difference with others the video poker is the payout offertonull With this variant you arrive, setting the maximum number of tokens, up to 99.50%. This means that the advantage of the house is only half a percentage point.

Solo Deuces or Wild, another popular variant, offers a major RTP, 99.70%, but the minimum paying point is the trio and the maximum for the royal scale is equal to 800 credits.

There are dozens of variants available online. The main difference is always in the premium table and Artpnull These are influenced by the minimum paying point, which in turn does it on the strategy to be adopted. Each video poker must always be played at maximum coins but changes in regulation can make different ways adopt to conduct each play.

Strategies and tips to win at Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better, like other similar games, may appear very mechanical, almost boring, to an initial hasty look. In reality there are several strategies that can be implemented.

The first advice to follow, which should become a modus operandi, is to always set up the maximum number of coinsnull Rather than less coins associated with a high value, a lower amount for each token is preferable.

Making a practical example: if we want to bet only 1 euro per game does not make sense to associate this value with the single credit. It is preferable to choose a value of $ 0.20 and place 5 tokensnull The total of the hand is the same but it is accessed to decidedly greater potential prizes. In addition, the greater the number of bets bets and the lower the advantage of the house is less.

This is not the only strategy, there are others to adopt. Here they are:

  • Delete the fifth paper if you have four cards for a color scale even if that card can give a color or a torque;
  • Never divide a staircase or color already closed unless there is the possibility to complete a real scale;
  • Do not separate a full, a double couple or a trio;
  • Keep a tall torque unless you have four cards in sequence for a real scale or color scale;
  • Do not keep a high card together with a low value pair (as is done in traditional poker).

Gioca online gratis a Jacks or Better

As seen this is one of the variants more challenged, when it comes to video poker. For those who have never tried this game, or for those who are not accustomed to this version, trying the free demo is an obligatory step. It can be done in the section above this page, this makes sure to get used to the typical graphic graphics a little "flat" as well as to become familiar with the game.

Gioca a Jacks or Better

Our conclusions

Online casino know well that video poker are among the proposals that they have the least advantage of the housenull However, they also know that they have a good following among many players and therefore cannot exclude them completely.

The game like this is certainly not very dynamic if compared to a latest generation slot machine but the easy rules to learn and that pinch of strategy are in a way to make it really interesting. A delicious RTP just wait to be grabbed by the player.

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