Tourist forever in South Tyrol: 1.8 million at the Scratch

Whether it's a Christmas gift or a "moral compensation" for this complicated 2022, a boy of 21 from Pergine Valsugana has secured support for the future really bad: a nice prize immediately and an entrance of $ 6,000.00 per month For the next twenty years to come. How? Making the dream of many by winning at the scratch card "tourist forever".

"Tourist forever" in South Tyrol: the lucky winner is 21 years old

We are sure that both you and most of the people you know do not see the time that this 2022 end with the hope of really turning the page, a feeling that everyone share but that few will be able to apply well as the lucky winner of the Scratch and winTourist forever"That last week he won the first prize by purchasing a coupon from $ 5.00 in a receiver from Pergine Valsugana, in South Tyrol.

It is A 21 year old boy who lives in the village, a young man who in the time of a "grated" has been transformed life, or if not life for sure every year to come until the distant 2040!

Oh yes, let's talk about one of the most succulent prizes that there is in the scratch card and win with a total collection from More than $ 1,800,000.00 In the face of only $ 5.00 of a coupon, but above all with a issue really capable of making it dream: $ 300,000.00 collected immediately, $ 6,000.00 per month for the next 240 months (20 years) to be concluded with a final balance of $ 100,000.00 ... if it is not a Christmas present, this does not really know what one might ask, all the more at the end of a year that has created many problems and concerns most of people in the world.

In short, if the lucky twenty -one -year -old until a few days ago maybe he was wondering how he would have made his way into the uncertain future to which we meet conquering a solid economic serenity, here is that the blindfolded goddess decided to kiss him on the forehead giving him the answer more welcome that he could never imagine.

And other $ 100,000 in Bussolengo

But last week he also gave a nice surprise to a pensioner in the Bussolengo area (VR), a country in which he purchased the winning ticket, deciding to try his luck with a "Billionaire"From $ 5.00. He received the coupon in his hands, came out of the receiver and immediately returned visibly agitated and red in the face, he could not literally believe what was going on and immediately returned to the counter to ask for confirmation: A win of $ 100,000.00.

“Speaking from behind the plexiglas barrier and the mask did not understand what he said, so he stretched the ticket to me. He was very agitated and at some point he also asked me if I wouldn't have stolen the coupon. So I told him to go to calm down at home and to return when he preferred to start all the practices necessary for the collection of the winning ", this is the short report that the owner of the receiver made about those few minutes that was enough for the lucky winner To receive a five -zero Christmas gift and a really happy new year.

Apparently then the man also went to several other receivers to further verify his win, and then finally return to what brought him so well so as to start all the practices for the collection of his win: also in This case we are sure that for the lucky protagonist the general balance of 2022 has definitely improved.

Our conclusions

And these are only two examples of the winnings made in the last few days with the scratch cards, two beautiful shots that "demonstrate" how luck, however blind, can still know how to choose with a benevolent eye someone to whom Change life in a moment: very pleasant that it is in this case so much of a young man who will find a beautiful help for the future, as of a pensioner who will undoubtedly be much more peaceful now.

What about more? Apparently luck is around these days and of course the news is heartened us all with the hope that one day or the other it can happen to everyone such a blow, capable of transforming dreams into reality.

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