Slotum Casino offers richest players real top bonuses

They are called high spending players, or at least so he defines them Slotum Casino, the first game portal to which we see a distinction between types of players and which rewards more who spends the most.

Slotum Casino ed i High spending players

Have you ever wondered if there are differences (or if there should be) between those who play a lot and who instead spends less for their online fun? Slot casino Not only if he asked, but the answer is really very interesting

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We must say that for us too it was more or less than a first time, because before knowing Slotum Casino we never found the official definition of "High spending players ", That is, those users who bind to a platform already knowing that their game budget will be higher (and much) to the general average.

Whatever you can think of these obviously safer players than your funds to the point of playing figures for others very important, it must be said that it is a difference that in some way is perhaps right to consider And Slotum Casino does it in a very simple way: if you are a high spending player then you are entitled to different bonuses commensurate with the entity of the budgets invested.

How do you "standardize" this difference? In theory it does not seem to be easy, but Slotum has succeeded in a really brilliant way: if the minimum deposed for a "normal" player is $ 20.00, to be considered high spending players, one of at least $ 500.00 null A nice difference, which however is also such in terms of bonuses.

I Bonus per i High spending players

Slotum Casino has decided to make "justice" to the high spending players by proposing them bonuses completely commensurate with their profile, this starting from Welcome bonus when they make their debut on the platform.

An example? What follows is the "regular" welcome bonus, that is, intended for all those who will register today on Slotum Casino (bonus on the other of the highest level regardless):

  • First deposit: 100% bonus up to $ 100.00 and 100 free laps at the rhythm of 20 free spins per day for 5 days.
  • Second deposit: 50% bonus up to $ 100.00.
  • Third deposit: 75% bonus up to $ 100.00 and another 50 free laps, 25 free spins per day for 2 days.

While for high spending players? The speech naturally changes and the figures rise very significantly, so much so that the welcome bonus for them is the following:

  • First deposit: 100% bonus up to $ 1,500.00
  • Second deposit: 50% bonus up to $ 1,000.00
  • Third deposit: 75% bonus up to $ 1,000.00

Clear principle no? And it is not just for welcome bonuses, because even the game promotions are based on completely different figures That we suggest you discover even just out of curiosity.

Our conclusions

We found this Slotum Casino solution interesting, because it was set in the right way : the idea at the base is not to entice those who cannot invest enormous figures (also because a mimimo deposit of $ 500.00 would not be essay or possible for the most), but to recognize the value of the money invested with those who instead It can, resuming in all respects the idea of the Privé present in the great mess.

In a nutshell, another way to offer to all the same games, the same servizi, but differentiating the expenditure levels with those of the bonuses to which you have access: principle definitely right And we are sure it will also prove winning.

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