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When you think about casino games, one of the first types you think is the category slot machine onlinenull Widespread now globally, these software represent the latest evolution of the old terrestrial slots, which certainly remember characterized by a mechanical arm for the activation of the rollers.

The advent of gambling on the web has completely revolutionized the now dated physical technology and today it is possible to have fun with the slots VLT, that is the Video Lottery Machine, which represent the avant -garde of the most dated Games terrestrial casino. So let's see what they are, how they work and what characterizes the innovative type of slots.

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What are VLT slots

To understand what VLT slots are, you need to know first of all that each of these machines is connected to a server principale which controls any data of the same. Contrary to what is true for traditional terrestrial slots do not have an internal modem, but are connected to a single national server that administers the technical specifications of the single gaming device depending on the room in which it is present. The substantial difference with the other types of slots, therefore, lies in different control systems.

This evolution of traditional slots was inaugurated in our country in 2008, with law no. 184 e D.L. 39/2009null According to the laws, the payout of this type of product is established on Three basic criteria:

  • Installation room;
  • Circuit attended by the single game;
  • National circuit that is giving away the most consistent prize pools (or jackpot).

Another peculiarity consists in the fact that in a single physical gaming device they can be Present more video games And, frequently, players have more than one screen available to follow their game sessions. For online titles this does not happen, they cannot be multi Games, but the general functioning complies with any other requirement described above.

How VLT Italia slots work

VLT Italia slots are electronic devices that host Casino Games: inside, in the physical version, there is more than one game, they are managed on centralized server and have one or more touch screens; the Online titlesOn the contrary, they are single game, but they are controlled by a centralized server.

Any device authorized to operate in our country has ADM licenseTherefore the players who approach this type of Games do not incur scams and operate on a video lottery that responds to the laws provided in our state, as happens for other types of online gaming.

The VLTs that can be found on a casino site in our country have the same functioning as physical appliances, except for multi -game functionality, therefore they are connected to the national circuit And they can enjoy the bonuses and jackpots made available by the latter.

The most played VLT slots are played

Among the most popular Slots Video Lottery there are titles issued by first -rate providers, such as the Novomatic and the IGTnull So let's see what are the most sought after and appreciated titles by those who play this type of casino Games:

  • Book of ra
  • Book of Ra Deluxe
  • Dolphin’s Pearls
  • Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe
  • Lord of the Ocean
  • Cats
  • Sphinx
  • The Big Easy
  • The Wild Life
  • Cleopatra

Fans of online Slots will certainly recognize many of these titles, also famous for their non -vide -spoom versions. The difference with the latter also consists in the fact that in physical appliances the episode range is quite limited and ranges from a minimum of 0.10 cents to a maximum of $ 10. The web games, on the contrary, offer the same payouts scheduled for classic online slots.

Where to play VLT slots?

Almost all online casinos offer, to date, a well -fed section of VideoLottery Slots. We have selected some of the most popular in possession of AAMS license and therefore absolutely safe respectful of the gambling legislation. All the software made available by these platform are free from scams and those who play must not fear any phishing or scam operation. To play safely, you could therefore visit the website:

  • 888casino, active since 1997, offers a large schedule of Games casino and a very varied promotional and bonus campaign and able to satisfy any type of player. It also has an excellent mobile app;
  • Starcasino, with an extremely tempting welcome bonus, is one of the largest gambles of gaming. Comfortably divided into sections, the site is also suitable for the least expert, which can enjoy extremely efficient customer assistance;
  • Bwin, Casino and Bookmaker site, allows you to range among many videos, sports betting and the most loved card games. It also has 4 mobile apps for iOS and Android;
  • BIG Best in Game, excellent for the promotional offer, which offers both a no deposit bonus and a bonus on the first deposit to those who play for the first time on the site. Equally rich is the policy for users already registered.

The advantages and limits of VLT slots

Video -Righty Games casino undoubtedly have many advantages compared to physical machines. The first consists precisely in being able play from your home, connecting to the Gaming portal directly with a pc desktop o mobile devicenull Unlike traditional web slots, however, it is more difficult to trace a casino which, in addition to the paid version (and therefore to play with real money deposit) also offers free demos.

It is also very important to have a knowledge of the episode limits, which are much more stringent than those of other web software. The videolottery bets operated on physical devices, in fact, do not exceed 10 $ and the minimum episode possible is just $ 0.10. They are therefore gaming devices that can be defined within the reach of any type of player, despite those who generally play with higher amounts could find this particularly annoying limits. It is therefore preferable, if you want to bet major amounts, Play on Web Videoltery.

Another undeniable advantage consists in the safety offered by this type of games. The AAMS license is an undeniable reliability guarantee, also the extraction system and payout is regulated by the national circuit, which protects from any tampering or scam internal to the system. Due to this, however, the Legislative Decree 6.06.2014 issued by ADM has a stability one Fortune tax, which retains the 6% on any win over 500 $.

Tricks and tips to win VLT slots

There are no tricks or secrets to make sure to get winnings to video racks. Nonetheless, there are some specifications, proper to this type of Games, which is worth considering in order to build the best strategy for your game sessions.

The fact that these games are connected to a central server implies that Every user who plays contributes to "loading" the device, which reached a predefined charging level delivers the corresponding payouts, depending on the Art provided for the individual title. Sometimes it is easy to understand when the videolottery is about to provide an interesting payment, since they often appear on the screen Bonus symbols or they occur more consecutive winning lapsnull On the contrary, when in the top 20 or 30 spins there are no interesting returns could prove to be still necessary for some time before seeing free turns or the best winning combinations.

In the first case, of course, it could agree increase the episode And hope that the bonuses that increase the potential return are triggered with it. In the second case, on the contrary, it would be preferable Keep your bets in $ to the lowest possible amount, waiting for the virtual device to start returning winnings.

The RTP of VLT slots

Among the many advantages of the video lottery, of course, there is to be considered the Payout levelnull The latter is much higher than the Art expected for physical devices, which stands around 68/70%. The bar slots, in this sense, can define themselves in the least convenient, considering that those who play online, instead, can count on a return to the player always higher than 90%.

The minimum Art limit to 90% is imposed by ADM, therefore all the video lottery that have similar license always have one equal or greater percentagenull The best virtual game rooms that host the products Novomatic e IGT (with attached free demo), moreover, they are held well above the minimum percentage. To have a confirmation of this, just consult the RTP expected for all the slots mentioned above.

GAME RTP Estimated
Book of ra 95,5%
Book of Ra Deluxe 95,10%
Dolphin’s Pearl 95,13%
Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 95,13%
Cats 94,93%
Sphinx 97,01%
The Big Easy 95,01%
The Wild Life 96,16%
Cleopatra 95,02%

Differences between VLT slot and bar slot

As we have already mentioned, the differences between slots bar And the video lottery (on deposit or free) are different and rather substantial. The former are still present in various types of physical stores, such as tobacconists or a dedicated game room. To reach them you have to physically go to the place and buy a balance in coins, therefore having the opportunity to play your favorite games from your PC or smartphone offers a first undoubted advantage.

Those who play and point to a winning in real money, moreover, must necessarily consider the difference in return to the player foreseen by the two types of gaming. Video lottery guarantee a RTP greater than 90%, according to AAMS laws, while the bars often do not exceed 68%, therefore obtaining a payment while playing in the same title is undoubtedly more difficult.

One of the most important specifications also concerns the individual game sessions. In the Earthlings, those who play interact individually with the turns of the videoslot, therefore it is the only one to "load it", before the same emits a payment. The video lotteryOn the contrary, being connected virtually to the general server, they acquire the episodes in real money than all players and take much less time to return the win.

As for the quality of the desktop or mobile game play, it is extremely high, therefore suitable for replicating in all respects the non -virtual gaming experience, adding an undeniable comfort in addition.


The evolution of the digital game has found one of its highest expressions in the Games Video Lottery. Those who play on the internet can enjoy many advantages, including that of accessing the major machines (also in free version) and enjoy the virtual gaming experience every time it has a desire and in every possible place.

The possibility of recharging the balance available with various deposit methods avoids files to the physical stores and allows you to access within a few moments to the Play Game you prefer. The range of episodes in real money, on virtual -type videos, is also higher than that of physical appliances and, before playing with their own balance, many dealers sites allow you to test the free demo version of the title you prefer.

Among the Video Lottery Slots most loved by Americans we can mention the Novomatic and IGT securities, which offer Payout far superior to the minimum limit imposed by state laws. Those who play these titles can also count on the presence of regular license, various bonuses and on the possibility of obtaining the many jackpots made available by the national circuit.


  • How to win at VLT slots?

    There are no strategies to ensure one or more winnings for video Lottery Machine. Nonetheless, these videogames must be considered to return winnings much more frequently than the physical ones, since they acquire the episodes of anyone who uses them in the American territory and foresee a much higher RTP value.

  • What are the best VLT slots in USA?

    Novomatic and IGT are the most appreciated and sought after provider in our country. Among the most popular titles, in fact, we find Book of Ra, Cleopatra, Sprinx, Dolphin's Pearl and several other videoslots released in the last 4/5 years on both suppliers.

  • Are VLT slots safe and legal?

    Yes, all the video slots in possession of a regular license issued by the Customs and State Monopolies Agency can be considered absolutely safe and respectful of the laws on the right in our country. This authorization also guarantees the absence of any tampering and eliminates the risk of falling victim to scams, phishing or data escapes.

How to win at VLT slots?

There are no strategies to ensure one or more winnings for video Lottery Machine. Nonetheless, these videogames must be considered to return winnings much more frequently than the physical ones, since they acquire the episodes of anyone who uses them in the American territory and foresee a much higher RTP value.

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