Slot-Machine: a passion with many curiosities to discover

The slot-mathechins, physical or digital they are, represent one of the greatest attractions that exist inside a mess. We know the operation, the jackpots and all the thousands of versions that exist, but are we sure we know everything? Are we really sure that there are no curiosities capable of really leaving speechless? Here are our favorites.

The most incredible curiosities about slot-makes

Considering that it is a game that has existed since 1887 and that has spread to splashing all over the world bringing a lot of variants as a dowry, we can WELL WELL WELL THAT THE CURIOSITY ABSEMBER ARE REALLY MANY, but there are some that we can consider in some way "fundamental“. Some examples? It is necessary to mention the most consistent win of history, or the officially luckier man in the world, just as a few historical nod or unexpected curiosities cannot be missing.

Starting from the historical nod we can say that the first slot machine, instead of sound coins, repaired the win with gummy candies in the shape of fruitsnull A curious detail that perhaps not everyone knows, but that really anyone without wanting to want to identify with the slot machine itself: it is precisely to this detail that the colored fruits have always been present on the slots rollers. Turning to the most substantial records we immediately mention the highest Jackpot winning in history, made on March 21, 2003 by an American player in Las Vegas, more precisely at the Excalibur Hotel playing with una slot MegaBucks: we talk about Just over $ 39.7 million In one game, a truly impressive win that had exceeded the previous record of only $ 300,000.

But if already winning such a figure with a single play it is a gigantic stroke of luck, there is someone who has done even more, the man we consider in all respects to be the Fortiest player in the world: it is a war veteran who managed to make two Jackpot winnings in the same casino and on the same slot, winning first by sixteen years later $ 4.6 million and then $ 21 million.

There are not many words to define a fortune like this and we are sure that the player in question has felt very pleasure, but do you know another interesting curiosity? It is scientifically proven that slot-makes give pleasure even when you lose, this because sounds, graphics and game dynamics still stimulate dopamine production.

The slots and people a little "particular"

If what we have seen are curiosities related to the slots in themselves and to the luck that they can lead to some people, now we want to talk about other curiosities still linked instead to some "criminal minds" that have dedicated life to the slot-machine for hurling them without having to rely on the blindfolded goddess.

The most stained of all of all has undoubtedly been Ronald Dale Harris, an engineer from Nevada Gaming Commission who had to plan the slots for work, actually deciding when and how to make them win. The inspiration of him led him to create a sort of "backdoor" based on the order and the speed with which to insert the coins in the machine to hurry it at will. But something must have gone wrong since they arrested him.

The most fascinating name by talking about crimes and slots is, however, that of Tommy Carmichael, who at sixteen had been united by studying a system based on a coin linked to a thread to play free video games. After years spent trying to defraud any slot on the market, Mr Carmichael has reached the point of obtaining access to the Las Vegas International Game Technology to get technical information on slot machines. The next step was to buy one to disassemble it, study it and tame it by creating a tool capable of making him earn about $ 10,000 per day hurbling slot.

The police interest in him and the relative arrest is inevitable, even if once his sentence Tommy Carmichael was taken for granted, he was then immediately assumed by the International Game Technology as responsible for security systems.

Our conclusions

How many would still have to tell, those you have just read are really only a taste of all the stories related to the myth of the slot machines, a very loved game that however someone instead detested to the point of advising them as the "game of the Demon ": it is about Fiorello the guard, who had dedicated his career as mayor of New York also to fighting gambling, this to the point of entering a gaming room set up on a ferry to Long Island literally picked up the slots and then throw them in the water null

And this was really the last of the curiosities we wanted to tell you, sure that some will come back to you the next time you will play one of the most emblematic games of digital and traditional casinos around the world.

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