Scratch and win: short story of the game that changed everything

Who is it that has never "scratched a scratch"? THE Scratch and win They have now become so part of the habits of people who are now an affirmed reality also in their online version, but probably few ask themselves when and how they were born or to those who have to invention. Let's make this short journey in the history of a bestseller game that we can still consider young.

Scratch and win, since 1994 with love

Everyone has a "uncle of America" and this also applies to the Scratch and win, who in their American version are twenty -six years old, they are still young to the same ones, but which are born in American "relatives" who instead were born twenty years earlier, in 1974: year in which the Scientific Games Corporation had managed to create the technology necessary to print the coupons for the first time for how we know them, starting the mania for the scratch games.

As for our beloved USA, the year of birth is the 1994, more precisely on February 21, when Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, at the time of the Prime Minister and then President of the Republic, signed the financial law that opened to the debut of the scratch cards as a special measure to raise funds to be allocated the salvalavoro plan to remain necessary in A moment of economic difficulty.

The first scratch card ever? He was called The Fountain of Fortune And he depicted the Trevi fountain, but above all he had a very simple operation: scratching fountains were discovered and the more they discovered the greater it was the prize that could be won. It cost 2,000 lire and equally was the lowest prize, while the highest prize reached the beauty of 100 million lire. It had lasted only a month to immediately leave room for La Fontana della Fortuna Mundial, a title dedicated to the World Cup that would have started shortly thereafter, but still remained in history.

What happened after? Precisely success

From 1994 onwards the history of the scratch cards has become a history: year after year they evolved to propose a multitude of variants that have slowly conquered the country becoming a real collective passion and gaining more and more credit among the lotteries.

If at the beginning of their path a coupon represented most of the time a "nice" way to get a rest from the tobacconist, now as now it is instead a daily habit that often becomes a reason itself to leave the house: this also thanks to Scratch and win that have come to allow you to win too millions.

But speaking of winnings, who got the first win in the history of scratch cards? He was a 35 -year -old from Lucca in 1994, who with the Fontana della Fortuna was the first ever to win 100 million lire, but a double win of 2013 remained in history, when in a few hours an anonymous Foggiano had managed to win $ 1.000.000 And immediately after, this time a, a high lucky anonymous Bari had immediately won a prize of $ 200,000 as well as an annuity of $ 6,000 per month for 20 years. Puglia lucky enough to enter precisely history.

Our conclusions

In short, the scratch cards in USA have had such a success that they become synonymous with instantaneous lotteries and Scratch Games, a success that after twenty -six years is always perpetually on the rise thanks to the new online version that allows you to play at any time.

Yes, now there are many online casinos such as FantasyTeam, which allow you to have access to the digital version of all official coupons: a new way of "scratching" which, after winning the receivers, is now also conquering the web.

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