10 million scam then used for gambling in Saluzzo

The Guardia di Finanza of Saluzzo (Cuneo) managed to come to head and put an end to a scam that had been going on for some time and that reached a total of about 10 million $, three of which were then used for the game Online and playing room: a real criminal mechanism which, after long investigations, has found a conslCusion with an arrest for scam, fraudulent bankruptcy and tax evasion.


It is an investigation born in 2014 which led the Guardia di Finanza of Saluzzo to proceed with the arrest of the suspect, for which the disputed loads are different and all very heavy going From fraudulent bankruptcy to tax evasion for a corporate instability of 10 million $ Managed in what was a real scam in all respects.

The facts date back to a few years ago and the investigations started starting from a system of Fake life policies That the defendant, precisely an insurer, had issued on behalf of a second insurance company and then used its proceeds as "personal wallet" for substantial illegal expenses before declaring bankruptcy.

The scam sentence was the first to arrive, testifying that the insurer took over abundant illegal funds that after the sentence were taxed, leading him to arrive at a total evasion for 6 million $ null But the sentence for scam naturally also gave investigators the opportunity to better understand the movements in question, ascertaining withdrawals and payments for more than 3 million additional, funds that was then discovered that they were used precisely to play gamble, doing so reach the total amount of 10 million to the scam.

Game activities

It is not clear whether the game activities occurred by "passion" or as an attempt to clean up illegal funds, but what is clear is that they were invested in casino, at play online and in speculative investments Of course in favor of the accused.

A naturally very large amount of money that immediately captured the attention of the investigators, effectively aggravating the position of the accused, who is accused of having prepared a real system of fraud capable of making him move far higher than what he could normally have aspire to.

This to the point of considering that the casino game in itself it became an integral part of this illegal mechanism which at a certain point was completely easy to reconstruct in each of its passages by opening the doors of a new process And, likely, even of a new sentence.

At this point, in fact, the new legal implications of this bad history are expected, which however already leaves us immediately with the certainty that this certain type of apparently profitable activity does not actually find long life before always precise controls and punctual of the Guardia di Finanza.

Our conclusions

At this point we are waiting for the future evolutions of this story that we could define as "criminal but at times comic". Clearly there is nothing fun in such a scam that has also penalized people who have been involved without knowing it in this system, but the choice to proceed in such a quantity of game activities despite knowing that they could emerge very easily remains singularly singular , the more once the fraud and tax evasion has been acclaimed.

The result? We will find out at the concluded trial, but certainly this news will help to discourage any similar initiatives by other attackers who at this point cannot underestimate the ability to investigate the police, who have made themselves absolutely ready.

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