Reloadbet and a special welcome bonus only for the casino

Here we are still dedicating an information space to a welcome promotion, this time that of Reloadbet, which has the merit of increasing the convenience of quality to the point of "forcing us" to consider it as a noteworthy news capable of bringing not Few advantages to those who decide to deepen it to the point of making this portal their new person for online fun.

Reloadbet? Not one, but two welcome bonuses

from ReloadBet We talked not long ago through a very complete review that revealed all the vices (few) and all the virtues (many) of a site born from sports betting that has now abundantly "emancipated" itself as a great quality and popular online casino online null

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As always, it is not our intention to repeat ourselves by telling more times all that concerns this online casino, which can be found in the above review, but it is still important to underline two fundamental characteristics: the first of which is that it is An online casino Authorized by the Government of Curaçao which does not appear in the list of the Customs and Monopolies Agency, but which is in any case certified and equipped with an international license.

And the second? The second fundamental feature is that it is a portal born from Sport bets which to date not only proposes a top quality Sportsbook, but also a casino area born as a collateral project that has now taken so as to make Reloadbet a Casino Online Known by all fans of the genre even when bets are not part of their specific area of interest.

Why important? Because this "double" physiognomy is also translated into facts in a double welcome bonus which allows all new Reloadbet users to choose the right way to be rewarded as more just for their main passion: in fact, there are two welcome bonuses, one for the Sportsbook and another instead entirely dedicated to his online casino.

These are two interesting bonuses even if not "exaggerated", of which, for obvious reasons, we are particularly interested in that intended for the casino area That we will deepen below, leaving instead a visit to the Reloadbet website all the explanations for that relating to sports betting.

The welcome bonus of the Reloadbet Online Casino

And here we are in detail of the welcome bonus that Reloadbet has decided to allocate to all the new subscribers who will choose to join the platform enjoying precisely of the online casino that the portal has built with great success over time.

As anticipated, there is no mention of a "monstrous" promotion neither by amount nor in the way of being issued, revealing itself rather A simple and solid bonus That arrives in direct routes where any welcome bonus should always arrive: a concrete convenience that allows you to start having fun immediately inserting the turbo.

What does this welcome bonus consist of? There is talk of a Bonus on the first 100% deposit up to a maximum of $ 300.00 Additional credit thanks to which, based on the point of view you prefer, it is possible to play immediately twice as far as it is invested or do it by spending half.

It is not precisely a promotion of those designed to reach some "Wow Effect" which is not always useful in fact, but rather to really give the guarantee of a downhill start characterized by concrete convenience.

Our conclusions

In short, Realadbet is a large sports betting site that over time has also built a great quality online casino: two united but different realities that both enjoy a dedicated welcome promotion that is capable of rewarding all users as it is best to be in each specific casenull A truly virtuous layout that convinced us not so much for questions of form as it is of substance.

What to say more if not that Reloadbet is a quality referent whatever your specific passion in terms of gambling? And this is certainly not only his promotions, which are certainly important but still secondary compared to what is the fun offer itself for itself: a very first -class availability of game ideas.

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