Pinnacola Online: Discover the best sites to play

In online casinos, more and more software are spreading that allow you to Play Pinnacola Online, a true classic that is finding in the world of digital game a "second fortune" due both to the passion of anyone who already knew him in his traditional version as of those who fall in love with it by discovering it in a digital version.

Although not a real representative of the most typical Casino games, this title He is enjoying enormous success And we therefore decided to dedicate a complete guide to him.

How to play Pinnacola Online

Have fun with the online pinnacola It is as simple as it is in its normal version: It is a game in which they participate up to a maximum of six players and which uses two decks of American cards that include 2 jokers per deck.

Each player are distributed 13 carte, while the remaining part of the deck is placed in the center with the latest card discovered by creating the so -called "well".

At each turn, a card is fishing and you insert it among others in possession hoping to be able to use it to create some winning combinations that you will then have to put down remaining less and less cards in your hand.

When a player "closes", that is, he discarded the last card remaining definitively without, the hand is over and proceeds with the counts points.

The victory depends on how many points are chosen as a threshold to be reached, which normally consists of 1,500, 2,000 or 2,500 points.

Pinnacola rules

The Pinnacola rules are very simple and Everything is in memorizing them, an operation that takes place very naturally after playing us a little.

More than rules in reality we speak cards and combinations scores That we must create in order to put as many cards on the table: a variety that on the first may seem chaotic, but which is precisely assimilated quickly through practice.

First of all, it must be said that the cards do not all have the same value, but they can be united in Some levels of reference:

  • Cards from 2 to 5 - are worth 5 points;
  • Cards from 6 to the king - are worth 10 points;
  • Axes - are worth 15 points;
  • Jolly (o Matta) – 25 points.

To these is added then the value of the closure itself, which appears to be of 100 points.

What are the cards combinations?

  • poker of 5 cards - 40 points;
  • 10 card poker - 80 points;
  • Poker d’Assi - 120 points;
  • Poker in Matte - 500 points;
  • Pinnacle (scale of at least seven cards) - It is worth as much as the cards contained and it is necessary to close, if "clean" (therefore without the use of a crazy) the score doubles;
  • Pinnacolone (Full scale from Ace to Asso) - 1,500 points and immediate closure of the game.

Where to play Pinnacolo Online

The online pinnacola is a game easily available: normally inserted in a "card games" or "American games" section, this title is becoming very popular and therefore the choice is not lacking.

Considering that the mess and the betting sites with games are many, but that they are not all the same, we decided to do A selection of the best portals with ADM / AAMS license on which it is present and is interpreted by excellent software:

  • Snai;
  • william hill;
  • 888 casino;
  • SISAL;
  • Leo Vegas;
  • Netbet;
  • Digital game;
  • Starcasino.

Pinnacola free card game

There are several possibilities to have fun at Pinnacola free card game And it is appropriate to bring them all so as to offer you not only the opportunity to have fun without obligation, but above all the possibility of impract you with its operation In order to increase your chances of winning when you then go to the paid version.

Having fun for free is a concrete possibility (apart from bets), so why not exploit it even by playing with the online pinnacola?

  • Free Play - This mode, allowed only by some mess, allows you to have fun with any game free of charge without even having to register for the site, however, being a completely playful option does not give the right to collect the profits obtained with the winnings;
  • Demo mode - similar to what has just been explained, the demo mode gives way to impract with the software using them completely free of charge without spending or gaining real money, but unlike the Free Play mode assumes that a user still proceeds to register for the site by carrying out at least the first deposit;
  • Free spin - Among the most loved bonuses by the players are the so -called free laps, token that allow you to pay free play with the titles in the catalog seeing the possibility (albeit in the face of terms and conditions) to collect any winnings obtained;
  • Deposit bonus - Another promotion that allows you to have fun free of charge is then the deposit bonus, or a promo that offers users the possibility of being recognized an additional portion of credit compared to what is paid in deposit, also in this case the winnings obtained can come Collected against terms and conditions.

Tricks and tips of the online pinnacolaco

More than real tricks, there are certainly Some fundamental advice that allow interpretation the online pinnacola by meeting many more successful possibilities, advice that can be considered as some basic strategies to approach the game.

  • Card value - Before embarking on paid games it is advisable to learn properly the score of the cards so as to calculate it mentally in an immediate way;
  • Use of Jolly - When you have a joker in hand it is advisable to use it as soon as possible, so as to avoid having to pay the "dear score" if someone else closes the hand;
  • Do not insist - it is not advisable to insist too much on the search for a combination for which the missing card hardly "exit", in such a case it is actually much better to change play so as not to lose precious hands;
  • Discarded cards - Before discarding any card, it is advisable to verify that it is not a too precious "gift" for one of the other players, who could use it to make points or even close the game.


  • What is the online pinnacola?

    The online pinnacola is the version reserved for digital casinos of a card game considered as a traditional classic, a title that is now available on more and more portals and that is enjoying incredible success thanks to a very simple operation that it puts in condition of "Dominating the situation" already after a few attempts.

  • Can you play for free pinnacle online?

    Of course you can play for free pinnacle online, just choose a digital casino that allows one of the various ways in which to have access to free games, which in particular are the following: free play and demo mode through which to have fun without winning or losing money Real, deposit bonus and free spin that instead also allow you to collect the winnings.

  • Where to play pinnacle with real money?

    To play Pinnacolo with real money, just refer to one of the many casinos who, often in a section called "card games" or "American games", inserts this title in its catalog: to make the choice even easier in this guide There is a selection of the best portals in circulation that include the pinnacola in their offer.

What is the online pinnacola?

The online pinnacola is the version reserved for digital casinos of a card game considered as a traditional classic, a title that is now available on more and more portals and that is enjoying incredible success thanks to a very simple operation that it puts in condition of "Dominating the situation" already after a few attempts.

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