Musicians and play? Millionaire stories of casino and gamble

There are passions that act as a "social level" and one of them is gambling: in front of a green table, inside a casino or with cards in hand we are really all the same, all simply fans. It therefore comes from itself that in the ranks of the players there are everyone, even the superstars of international music, that compared to the other players, however, they have a difference: their game stories often translate into millions (won or lost that are).

All to dance the music of the game

It is just like that, being a gambler does not respond to a precise profile: it does not depend on what work you do, on what the lifestyle is or which car you drive, it is just a question of passion that can be born inside To anyone, thus leading everyone to sit ideally at the same table. Let's say "ideally" because in the game, at least in a good part of those from traditional casino, the budget you have available certainly makes the difference: imagine sitting at a table with Puff Diddy, who would be discovered first?

And Puff Diddy is not only an example, but he is also the protagonist of one of the short stories that we want to introduce you to talk about the passion for the game that bites specifically The great stars of international music, shows of the show that as we can easily imagine are capable of putting on this passion truly unimaginable figures for ordinary mortals.

Curious of Puff Diddy? Starting with him has somehow one who of evocative, because the well -known rapper (aka Sean Combs and first in Arte Puff Daddy) is so far from the game that he is considered a true pro in the blackjack, game with which he won (and lost) true fortunes. How close is the relationship between Puff and the game? So much so that he was the guest of honor to the inauguration of the Harrahs of Atlantic City, where he not only sang but was also chosen to make the first episode.

From Lemmy of the Motörhead to Jennifer Lopez, passing through Frank Sinatra

After making Diddy inaugurated this article to Puff, the first we want to talk about is the legendary and late Lemmy Kilmister dei Motörhead, that among all the players was perhaps the most similar to us: Lemmy was so passionate about the game in general that he spent millions (in this yes, perhaps it was different from us ...) having fun in all possible ways, from blackjack to poker passing by passing For the most diverse videopoker.

By slightly changing the musical genre, another star who has moved fortune with the game is 50 Cents, name that has to play a bit like a mockery for one who managed to win $ 500,000, hitting a bet on the New York Giants Super Bowl qualification, his heart team. Him's specialty is precisely this, sports bets ready on baseball.

A little different style that of Frank Sinatra, which instead was much more like game rooms and tables with great episodes in which he directly expressed his passion for poker, BLACKJACK e baccarat, who already lived artistically as a star of the Sahara Hotel & Casino of Las Vegas, where he sang together with Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin, Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford bringing the Rat Pack on stage.

But the game is not only a male passion, just as it is not only "individual", because for example in the case of Jennifer Lopez It is a real "family question": the very good, beautiful, very powerful J.Lo has been repeatedly "spokesperson" of the game lending itself on several public occasions to promote the herade industry, but the true superstar in this case He is his mother, who was able to overcome the beauty of $ 2,000,000 by hiding slots.

Our conclusions

And these were only examples, because the list is clearly longer and the names that compose it expand wide in the History of the musical star system: a world that is not only rich in economic terms, but in which the combination with the game, especially if as a casino, is innate even as part of the same show capable of attracting the masses to itself.

But it is nice to think that despite the whole patina, the millions, the champagne and the private rooms of the whales, that of the game is precisely a "democratic bite" that goes to leave your sign both on the stars of world music and to us, that Maybe we would not have been sitting at a table with Frank Sinatra but which we still live his own passion.

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