Macao, La Las Vegas D’oriente who invoices more than the original

We are talking about Macao, by far one of the most particular cities in the world: born as Las Vegas d'oriente has grown to the point of overcoming it by turnover and amount of audiences per year, this by inaneing a series of record numbers for any aspect concerns the city and its management. Let's find out closely with this in -depth analysis.

Macao, the unique city that makes Asia play

In the past it was only a fishing islet, then it had been conquered by the Portuguese becoming a strategic point in the Pacific Ocean, then returned under control of the Chinese government to which the island belongs: it is Macao, a real pearl of the East for many many reasons, the first of which is that it is the only Ctà of China in which gambling is legal, instead very prohibited in the rest of the territory. Result? Macao has become quickly The new Las Vegas, the asian pole of the tourism of the game, growing dramatically for proportions and pomp as only the Chinese industry is able to do.

Let's talk about the city with higher population density in the world With 20,000 inhabitants per square kilometer, in which to make room for hotels and casino the government had to reclaim the sea by combining two islands to obtain five more square kilometers more. There are forty -one Casino in Macao, which employ 20% of the local population: exactly, One in five people In the city it is involved in the gaming industry which, as has also happened in Las Vegas, implies an incredible "fire power" in terms of tourist accommodation.

Despite being a territory of China, the journey from any Chinese city to Macao is considered an international journey, but despite this there are millions people who come to play in the city every year: a tourist mole that required the construction of dozens of resorts , to the point that until 2009 the average of 16,4 rooms per day! An easily calculable and figable transformation: from 1998 to today, what has been added to the territory of Macao in terms of terrestrial masses and buildings is equivalent to almost 1,000 football stadiums!

Macao vs Las Vegas

And so Macao has grown, grown dramatically by optimizing his space although limited to host more and more players from all of Asia, quickly gaining the primacy of favorite tourist destination for players from China, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea: millions of people all year round they have done grow turnover exponentially to the point of making Las Vegas pale, the world capital of gambling that had been taken as a model.

To make you a simple example we take as a reference of the 2017 numbers, the most recent for reliability: in that year Las Vegas had made 6 billion dollars, who went up to 12 billion considering all the Nevada, while Macao had closed it by touching the monstrous figure of 28 billionnull A difference due to the natural catchment area, formed in the case of Macao by a much wider population potentially capable of reaching the city, but also from an exceptional strategic planning work done on all levels.

But also macan (or perhaps better to say above all Macao) has undergone an incredible blow this year, this euphemistically "particular" 2022 in which the travels have suddenly blocked all over the world creating serious damage both to the tourism industry and a that of Gambling. What entities of damage do we talk about in the case of Macao? Both tourism and earnings they collapsed by 82.5%, stopping the total earnings of the first nine months at "only" $ 4.3 billion: a situation that as imaginable is having very serious consequences that at the moment do not allow to predict future scenarios.

And all this simply happens in a city, a small island alongside the peaceful coast of China, in which a good part of the gambling activity of the entire planet has been concentrated.

Our conclusions

Probably 2022 will not be the right year to buy a plane ticket and go to see with your own eyes what a place like a place means Macao, however, it is something that will be done in life sooner or later: a little for the pleasure for the game and a little to satisfy curiosity towards a hypermodern game pole, hyper -technological and created at the table to emulate, reach and beat a myth Universal how Las Vegas is

Who knows when the right conditions will return to give us such a journey, maybe it will be even before what we can imagine and would be a truly special way to go back to traveling and having fun with the game to the point of reaching those that now as now They are the most important and rich casino from all over the world, those of the little great Macao.

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