Famo strange? Here are the most particular casino in the world

The game is a game, whether it is a slot-machine to play on your smartphone or a magnificent table of the Casino di Monte Carlo the true heart of the moment lies in the adrenaline received from the pleasure for the game itself for itself, though As they say "the eye also wants its part" and it is therefore interesting to find out what the strangest and most unique casinos are in the world in which to live your passion, but also enjoying a context of Gico decidedly very very particular on the scenographic level.

Place that you go, casino you find

There are those who have seen it with their own eyes and those who only through films or documentaries, but we are sure that anyone without pronouncing the word "las vegas" runs with the mind to the thousand lights of the city, the magnificence of his mess and the Architectural extremism that characterizes it, to the point of finding a corner of Venice as well as the Eiffel Tower, passing through a glimpse of Bellagio.

But if imagining Las Vegas in some way gives the right to always let alone some strangeness of the top of the lines, it is different it is to imagine the other casino in the world, which more normally bring us the elegance and the pomp of the Casino di Monte Carlo or that from Venice. Is it really all here? Of course not, because the game is widespread throughout the planet and there are examples of more unique than rare casinos Really everywhere, disseminating real pearls around the globe. Do you want some examples? We are here on purpose to tell them.

To leave with "heating" quotes we undoubtedly want to start mentioning the Venetian's MA slot, which deserves the honors of the news as the largest casino in the world, this with its half million abundant of square meters of surface, but another very interesting example is also theX-Train of Las Vegas, which is one of the most famous casinos in the world for luxury and pomp and which is hosted inside an incredible train stopped at the track.

Casino in which we would certainly like to go for an episode is then the North Cadbury Court, in the English Sommerset, which is nothing more than a very famous bunker in which you can hardly stand by keeping your head straight and where more than thirty people cannot enter to play in a more unique than rare atmosphere and to say the least "collection ". And if you like this kind of underground situation, it could be right for you Desert Cave Hotel, located in Australia north of Adelaide: this casino was built in one of the local mines of abandoned opal and offers a very particular experience in stone, tunnels and exclusivity.

It doesn't end like this

But the bizarre in this world are not counted, up to a slightly absurd particularities like the one for which the Golden Palace, in the United States, which for "prestige" advertised the purchase for about twenty -five thousand dollars (and of course also the putting on display in its rooms) nothing less than a renal calculation by William Shatner, the superstar of the American TV that impersonated Startrek's captain Kirk.

Oh yes, the search for the uniqueness of a casino is the very part of the art to open and manage one, aspect that was completely clear to the founder of the Resort World Genting In the proximity of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia: grown up dreaming of transforming the mountain on which he worked into one of the most unique casinos in the world, in the end he managed to transform his imagination into a fact and today it is possible to reach the gentter and his own Location at more than two thousand meters above all or less an hour of cars starting from the city center.

If you are not a mountain lovers but you still like the idea of playing in the open air, then it could be right for you Sun City Casino Resort: built in the proximity of Johannesburg allows you to play immersed in the South African savannah, this as well as to relax with a safari, two golf shots or with a hot air balloon ride between one game session and the other. The beauty is that this "Wild" experience is offered by one of the most sophisticated and elegant casinos that are in the world.

Our conclusions

Incredible but true, in some of these cases the ending should be precisely this, but it is a particularity that all in all does not surprise us because the passion for the game is "pyrotechnic", made of adrenaline, passion and fun, therefore comes from itself that these characteristics become keyword Also of architecture, atmosphere and details of the casino in which to live our passion.

If you think about it, the digital game in online casinos is not different, in which we can find any type of theme, inspiration and philosophy to the point of being able to choose them even on the basis of this. And the same goes for the games themselves, for which the clear example are the Slot-Machine and their infinite variety of variants.

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