La Fiesta Casino: for all a welcome party of $ 3,000

Who knows you don't be in the mood for celebrations, because the The casino party It organizes us a really very rich welcome party that can only capture the attention of anyone, especially those who are looking for a new online casino to refer to or those who do not want to lose for any reason in the world A welcome bonus of this level.

La Fiesta Casino and its bomb bonus

Let's start from the beginning, briefly presenting The casino party, a relatively new game portal that is based on Curaçao and which is strong in an international license issued by its own government. An incredibly rich casino in terms of catalog and quality of titles that we reviewed by thread and sign, but of which we want to tell specifically the promotion of entry reserved for new members.

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Oh yes, the fiesta casino of quality has really several, but in this case we want to focus on its welcome bonus, for which it is enough to register and carry out a Minimum deposit of only $ 20.00, but which clearly becomes even more effective by depositing more important figures: this until it reaches a maximum of even $ 3.000,00!

But this welcome bonus also has another quality that we always like so much and that "we sponsor" as one of the best promotional forms that there are in circulation: the Fiesta Casino makes the beneficial effect of our welcome bonus hard Really for a long time And it reaches this result by rewarding all three the first deposits we carry out on the platform.

Three very rich bonuses on deposit, the first of 400%, the second of 100%and the third of 200%: a way to welcome us not only to words and to give us the opportunity to find the perfect combination to start our gaming experience between the pages of the casino.

In short, a really complete promotion that now we specifically explain in a slightly more schematic way.

The welcome bonus of La Fiesta Casino

We have already told this for the broad lunch this welcome bonus by La Fiesta Casino: a promotion that rewards with additional percentages all the first three deposits up to a maximum of $ 3,000.00 total.

But how do you start again in particular? How does this bonus work and what are the codes needed to activate it? We explain it to you below by resorting to one of our loved schemes:

  • first payment: 400% deposit bonus up to a maximum of $ 1,000.00 - to be activated using the Bonus1 code
  • Second payment: 100% deposit bonus up to a maximum of $ 1,000.00 - to be activated using the Bonus2 code
  • Third payment: 200% deposit bonus up to a maximum of $ 1,000.00 - to be activated using the Bonus3 code

A very very simple principle which, however, proves to be equally effective in terms of wealth: very high for all those who will take advantage of it and completely generous For all those others who will only be partially enjoying it by depositing lower figures: all this to reserve a front row seat to enjoy the exceptional games catalog of La Fiesta Casino, which has more than one hundred tables counting only those live live!

Our conclusions

In short, on the one hand we have an excellent game portal like the Fiesta Casino, while on the other there is a very rich welcome bonus capable of putting us in your pocket up to $ 3,000.00 Additional credit to start a new game adventure: what more do you need to strain the antennas a little and evaluate the question in a more in -depth way?

Already in the introduction we have underlined how this offer is expressly dedicated to all those who are looking for a new point of reference in terms of online game and to conclude this article we can only reiterate the concept: the one put on the plate by La Fiesta Casino It is the famous "offer that cannot be refused" and we are sure that many of you will be able to have fun with a promotion like this.

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