The Venice casino, the oldest in the world but increasingly modern

His name is Cà Vendramin Calergi but the world knows him simply as "Casino di Venezia", the first ever in the world to have opened its doors to the public of the players, who for four centuries have considered it the most fascinating and inimitable place in which Enter to live your passion for the game. A primacy that has required great ability to update itself over time to always remain at the top.

Venice casino between past and present

It was the 1638, almost four hundred years ago, when the Venice casino opened its doors in the same location where it is possible to visit it now, wanted by the Loredan family who commissioned its construction with the explicit idea of dedicating it to anyone who would have liked to reach it for fully live a game experience.

This is a primacy more unique than rare In the world, not only because no other casino can boast such a long date experience, but above all because no other casino in the world has ever managed to stay at the top without changing but simply updating.

There are many primates of the Venice casino But the most important is certainly this, the ability to meet the time adding possibilities without distorting itself: a choice that has inevitably left its prestige to the point of making it a myth also for Las Vegas and Macao, a city symbol of the game D Modern gamble in which, however, there is no lack of tributes to the wonderful Venice and his casino.

To give an example of this refresher capacity it is enough to mention the planetary explosion of Las Vegas, which has released the concept of "American casino" in the world soon entered the collective imagination every where "forcing" the Casino di Venezia ad. open up to that same direction.

The chosen solution? No change, no revolution, but simply growth: This is how in 1999 the Venice casino opened its detached venue known as Cà Noghera, a reality completely in step with the American concept open next to the city airport so as to live in full the new era of the game of However, without damaging the tradition and prestige of that past.

And in the digital era?

Surely many things have changed over the centuries: games, technologies, people and also the passion for gambling themselves have changed, what has never changed are both the Casino di Venezia understood as a historic building and its ability to interpret the moment proposing winning evolutions.

Gambling has certainly changed a lot between the "before and after" Las Vegas, but it has certainly changed more in the last decade with theaffirmation both of the internet and the digital game: an unimaginable frontier that has questioned all the land casinos of the world including that of Venice, which, however, also in front of this new epochal change has been able to respond as always in the right way.

How? If he had opened a new location to deal with the spread of American casinos, he has now opened anAnother virtual To go instead to meet the digital era: in fact, an online reality of live tables Through which to sit at the historical stations of the Venice casino from wherever you are, thus combining the maximum of modern technology with the maximum of tradition that exists in the world.

A change that also allowed to keep up from a financial point of view, at all irrelevant detail in an era in which none of the terrestrial casinos finds himself passing by too well remained worse after a 2022 that imposed the closure of the doors for almost all the year.

Our conclusions

What will be the future of the Venice casino? Speaking of Gambling we not only bet that will continue to exist, but we are also rather confident that it will always be updated by remaining a polar star of gambling for a long time.

Today, as today, in no field it is easy to find a company capable of offering four hundred years of know-how, experience and prestige, it is therefore essential that the Venice casino continues to shine and represent the magic and prestige of the game for a long time in time.

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