Does Hard Rock Café give gambling? Yes, and also digital

Who does not know the Hard Rock Cafè brand were even as only as a symbolic memorabilia of a journey from which to return with one of its iconic shirts that remember well where you were? In reality we are talking about a much more significant brand than that it represents a company to say the least Florida in the Hospitality industry which is now about to tie its name also to legal gambling in Europe starting from England.

Who is the Hard Rock Cafè and what are its plans

Let's imagine that many people do not exist in the world who do not know theHard Rock Café, a name of planetary fame that has earned a place in the collective imagination thanks to its presence in 240 cities of the world distributed in almost 70 different countries and thanks to a marketing capacity that made the brand totally recognizable by anyone null

Behind the Hard Rock Cafè there is theHard Rock International, the control holding company that has just communicated the acquisition of license to operate in London in The Ritz Club In fact, opening their interests to legal gambling also in Europe, where this involvement was now unpublished and commenting on it through the voice of its president Jim Allen: "We are very happy to extend our offer to London, where we will bring our famous hospitality, gaming and entertainment where hard rock was born".

This interest that "does the pair" with the research by the Hard Rock International of a license to operate similarly also in Japan, where such an action would create a very significant first time.

Casino yes, but also online

But this newfound interest in legal gambling is not limited to terrestrial realities, this because in 2022, a year characterized by the Pandemia of Covid-19 that has detonated the online game industry, the Hard Rock International also gave life toHard Rock Digital Arm: Department of the brand which has as its objective the development of digital realities capable of "attacking" this sector.

At the head of this department it was placed A very interesting triumvirate formed by Rafi Ashkenazi, former CEO of the Stars Group, who will be CEO and executive president, by Marlon Glodstein, a former manager of the Stars Group who will instead be CEO and executive CEO, and Matt Primeaux, who instead was the Former president of Fox Bet now included in the staff of the Hard Rock Digital Arm as CEO and President.

An action this that is interpreted by the insiders in a double key: a way to "mediate" the crisis of terrestrial stations by opening up to the digital game, which instead is experiencing a very significant moment of prosperity.

In short, an action plan very well articulated which coordinates choices capable of revitalizing the interest in physical casino game through a new point of reference in Europe while a specific department will impose the weight and importance of the Hard Rock Cafè brand also on the web, where instead you do Wait for a period of "fat cows" that Hard Rock International does not have the slightest intention of getting escaped.

Our conclusions

What to expect from the future? According to the premises we can only imagine growth for Hard Rock International And for all the realities it represents: a growth that we are sure will develop differently in each of the sectors in which the brand is active, however exploiting a coordinated action between all the departments that make it up. Which at least on paper suggests a period of success and satisfactions that is compared to the future of the company.

As far as we are concerned, we are very curious to see if such an iconic brand in the sectors in which it was born, raised and established will be able to do the same even in the universe of Online game, but in doubt we are ready to bet that it will succeed.

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