Gratorama casino? Immediately no deposit bonus, then welcome

If you are among the many who love to play for free by hunting for no deposit bonuses that some online casinos offer to new subscribers? Then attention to Gratorama Casino, who in his welcome package includes a $ 7.00 one that allows you to play immediately, before having to proceed to the first payment on the platform. Let's find out everything there is to know.

Gratorama casino? First of all $ 7.00, then the welcome

If you like to keep you informed about all the big news of the online casino, you probably already know Gratorama Casino, and this is the case even if you regularly follow our pages since we reviewed it not long ago, but this is the first time you hear about it then pay great attention because we want to reiterate a particular concept: its bonus policy, which there It goes really a lot to genius.

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What do the promotions of Gratorama Casino have to like us so much? Simple, it is a game site that falls within the selection of the portals that offer a no deposit bonus And this is enough to convince us a priori of his promotional policy.

The no deposit bonuses, as we well know, are prizes that allow you to play immediately Simply by enrolling in a portal without having to even proceed to the first deposit: a real monument to the played game that we have always appreciated a lot.

These are always quite contained promotions in terms of an amount, but this is certainly not penalizing since it is free credit literally received without commitment with the only act of registering on the site, and in the case of Gratarama Casino Let's talk about $ 7.00 who do only "appetizer" to the real welcome bonus.

The Benvenuto di Gratorama package

In short, when we refer to Gratorama Casino it is more correct to speak of a real Welcome package Rather than simply a bonus, this is because enrolling in the portal is an action that is divided into two moments each of which is entitled to a prize.

How do you make this welcome package? Here is summarized all below:

  • Signing up: No deposit bonus of $ 7.00
  • Storage area: 100% welcome bonus up to $ 200.00

So just register on the site to get the no deposit bonus immediately, when the first payment is made, welcome you, which in this case is precisely a Bonus on the first deposit of 100% up to $ 200.00: a non -astronomical but certainly consistent figure that serves to give even more convenience to what was paid.

If we consider it an advantageous promotion? Of course yes and a lot, this is because it proposes a formula that at the same time rewards the game itself by also offering an added value As far as we decide to invest in our fun.

Our conclusions

The bonuses are always beautiful, it is clear, but it is also true that there are bonuses and bonuses and not necessarily their quality depends on the amounts to which they give access: as far as we are concerned for example A no deposit bonus of $ 7.00 such as that of Scontorama Casino is worth a lot, much more than the figure itself for itself, and it is so precisely because it rewards so much to begin the very desire to have fun with gambling.

The rest is then the famous "icing on the cake", which in this case corresponds up to $ 200.00 in cherry: a quantity of game opportunities that know much more about feast than simple tasting.

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