Glory of the game: here are the most famous prawns of all time

Gambling means chasing, dreaming and in some cases also studying or finding new techniques to try to guarantee great winnings, an ambition that unites all players in the world, novices or professionals who are: a great dream that some have achieved up to To the point of becoming real heroes of gambling, remaining forever impressed in collective memory as the greatest players of all time and today we want to tell you who they are and what their story is.

The five greatest players of all time

Every art, sport or activity of any kind has its own Gotha of the best who have been able to interpret it and so it is also for gambling, with the difference that, for example, speaking of football there is still discussion if it has been stronger for Pele or Maradona, as in music there are still those who squeeze for the Beatles e Who instead for the Rolling Stones, while for the game there are no doubts about who the real stars are and now we present the real top 5.

The undisputed king of this selection of gambling heroes is certainly Archie Karas, universally recognized as the most famous player of all time, a position gained with a very symbolic starting point: in 1992 Karas had himself lent $ 10,000.00 by a friend richer than him and then going to Las Vegas, in particular In the Bione Casino, where he had found himself beating "sacred monsters" such as Doyle Brunton, Chip Reese or Stim Ungar poker, in a few days to do more than $ 17,000,000.00, exploiting his starting capital to perfection. One of the most explanatory anecdotes in his case is however linked to the dice, a game in which he was able to literally make all the $ 5,000.00 chips present in the mess until he reached, to the sound of episodes of $ 100,000.00, the beauty of $ 40,000,000.00 of final booty. The epilogue of him? In 1995, when in just three weeks he lost $ 30,000,000.00 remaining without more money, but still in glory.

Second only to Karas in importance there is then Kerry Packer, which in turn remains in history both for winnings and for losses having won more than $ 30,000,000.00 at the MGM Casino in Las Vegas and other $ 10,000,000.00 playing in Great Britain, but also for having lost $ 20,000 .000.00 in one evening in a London casino. An anecdote about him that is worth telling to better understand the type of person is linked to a game of poker with a Texas businessman who during the game of boasted with him of his $ 60,000,000.00 assets receiving as a response From a package simply an invitation to play it with him with his head or cross.

Less famous for career, but certainly unique fortunately was instead Stanley Fujitake, which in 1989 playing dice had gone to win more than $ 1,000,000.00 at the California Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas managing to put 118 winning launches in three hours and five minutes: a more unique case than rare remained well imprinted in the History of the game.

That's all? Of course not

Specifically in the Hall of Fame of the Blackjack one of the most important names that can be found is that of Edward O. Thorp, which already in 1962 became very important with his book "Beat the dealer" which in essence is considered the fundamental text on the count of the cards aimed at winning with the BLACKJACK, a book that opened the doors of this game to generations of new players then renamed "the mathematics", among which names such as that of Peter Griffin e di Stanford Wong, to which a method of counting has also been "dedicated" which today is defined as "wonging".

But there are not always names to remain in history, this because one of the most famous Blackjack players (at least in the short span of time when his story has unfolded) actually has no name and remained in the annals as "The barefoot player“: A mysterious individual who came barefoot and with only $ 400.00 at the Treasure Island casino in Las Vegas to win more or less $ 1,500,000.00 in one week. An incredible booty, however, then dilapidated in the following few days until everything is losing.

Our conclusions

Whether you believe it or not are only some of the most important names of the History of the game, people who have managed to affect their presence at the green table making sure that they never forget: a destiny that perhaps many will not be interested as the stakes, but which for others instead is much more important than any figure.

And what do you think? Would you like to get rich or covered with glory more? We would certainly prefer a middle ground made of both luck and fame, but in the world of game apparently the middle streets are never really contemplated.

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