Gamification and slot: what has changed, why and where it will bring

Have you ever noticed how much the slot machines have changed in the last decade? Of course, they are not the only games to be "grown up" over time, but undoubtedly they are the ones who most felt the effects of gamification: a phenomenon exploded precisely for ten years to which we can see the effects really several areas of the everyday life.

What does "gamification" mean and how did you change the slots?

It is more or less since 2010 that this term exists, a word that tries to enclose all the effects caused in reality by a rather vast series of dynamics that are now considered a real philosophy by companies: gamification It means trying to bring users closer to a product (and at the same time creating a winning product) using everything that the digital revolution has put available to capturing the attention of the public immediately becoming a standard of the moment.

It is a commercial method in all respects and as such it can have more or less success based on what the product we try to sell it by using it: in principle it works and works well in everything, but an example of its triumph are really the Slot machines, which have been revolutionized constantly by evolving practically simultaneously with all the other technologies available.

The result of this continuous evolution? A huge and ever growing success, because at all times users found themselves in front of the software eyes capable of implementing perfection All the news of the moment: We passed from the rollers to which to pull the arm to the digital ones on the internet which shortly after enjoyed 3D graphics and then enriched themselves with the streaming in high definition later became 4K. But not only that, because an effect of gamification on slots was also the increase in the quality of the audio, increasingly immersive and protagonist, and the introduction of gameplay capable of exploiting all the most modern technologies to spread the appeal of the software proposed.

What about the themes?

But a macroscopic example of the things of the gamification on slot machines is that of themes on which they are set: those that at the time were combinations of colored fruits are now hyper -technological projections capable of absolutely breathtaking effects that do not ignore a source of inspiration that is always very specific.

We just need to browse on the page dedicated to slots of the games catalog of any online casino to note immediately various hundreds of different themes and inspirations To which they rely on to meet the taste of users: it is an all in all simple principle that has been made possible by the increasing diffusion of themes that have become popular enough to find this intended use.

In short, if one time we sat in a stool by putting a cent of the dollar in a two quintal heavy slot machine in which three rollers were able to offer us only a number of combinations through which to enjoy a "carousel of fruits" waiting for triple Bar, today playing a slot has almost the charm of an action film, the speed of a laser impulse and the completeness of the web: they are in all respects game capable of always impersonating The technologies of the moment.

Our conclusions

In this case, the possible conclusions are mainly two, one strictly linked to slot machines and the other instead more general about what we can expect from the future: as we can simply believe that more and more will be linked More for the effects of gamification and therefore, whatever the technology or fashion of the moment will be, they will be a mirror in a perfectly integrated and efficient way.

As for the general considerations, we can say that it will not only be up to the evolving slots by going more and more hand in hand with technological progress: gamification will be a fundamental cornerstone for any product category and will lead us to live in an ever more full world of web , graphics and other "special effects".

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