Gambling: a story of 4000 years as big as the world

For those used to having fun with the digital game it is perhaps strange to think that the most modern and technological slot-machine online actually has more than four thousand years of history and a legacy that has moved so much for the world during the centuries To make the game one of the few forms of expression and absolutely global entertainment that can be found.

The first game found? A Chinese lottery of 2,300 BC

The timeline of world gambling has an start date that really goes back in time, in the particular of 2,300 years from the birth of Christ: at that moment it is the oldest lottery ticket ever found, a discovery in China that has thus become the symbolic starting line of this line of time.

In truth we do not know if the idea of game with prizes in economic values existed even previously, the one just mentioned is precisely the first finding certainly, but what certainly leaves no doubt is the after: the game has left its tracks in every era and all over the world.

There are findings of dated dice 1.500 a.C. Which testify how also in Egyptian culture the game was a normalcy as it was also in Roman times, when it had already become a tradition (so much so that we dedicated an article on purpose).

As for the cards, on the other hand, we have to return to China: the first discovery was right there and dates back to800 d.C, it is not clear how they were used in terms of the rules, but what was certain that they resembled not a little to those we are used to now.

And then? The story continues

Entering then in more recent periods (probably around the year one thousand the game was not very well accepted) the testimonies resemble each other until it reaches a fundamental year of this timeline: the 1763, when the Casino de Spa, the first casino in history, opened in Belgium.

From that moment on, the history of the game was strongly conditioned by the existence of the casino, which somehow became a symbol of it: every new invention, whether it was a roulette or a slot machine, found consecration once it entered to do part of the casino offer.

From then on, it was the casinos that spread all over the world taking always different shades finding in 1931 Another symbolically very important date: it is the year of the liberalization of gambling in Nevada and, in fact, that of the birth of Las Vegas as we know it.

The last fundamental date of this eternal evolution story? The 1996, the year in which Microgaming opens the first Casino Online as well as precursor of the multitude of offers and technologies we know today.

Our conclusions

It is a long story made of exciting games that not only is not over yet, but instead it is finding a new turning point thanks to the digital game that we also live every day.

And it is precisely this to be the beauty because we are also part of this story, between the last play made at a slot or with that at a lottery of 2,300 BC. In China the step all in all was not so long.

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