Gambling and superstition: fortunately an eternal link

Gambling is passion, fun, in some cases calculation and almost always a question of superstition. But what are the rites, beliefs and the most widespread beliefs related to luck in the universe of players? We tell you some of it with which you can simultaneously smile and ask you if it concerns (or could ever concern) you too.

Is the luck in the game really all lucky?

As we all know the "luck is blind"(And" The bad luck of it sees very well "would add someone else), but if so it is really because you do everything to call it to you or even, at least in a few a little exaggerated cases, think you can unleash it at any time to be necessary?

If it is all a matter of case, what are the lucky and rites and beliefs capable of changing the mood to any carved player in the world? All in all, how can an amulet influence in a lap of roulette, if then is the ball to decide who will win or not?

The topic is fun, very, but it is also serious because the same is seriously taken by those who live it firsthand. And it is not necessary to be players to be superstitious, it is clear, but it comes by itself that cases of superstition are concentrated in the world more particular Since luck and bad luck they are responsible for winning or losing money.

But we now enter a little more specifically and we go to see closely which are some of the most widespread beliefs in the world of gambling, beliefs clearly born in the traditional mess that now (at least in part) also involve those who play online.

The most common beliefs

What are these beliefs? If they are actually so significant? We immediately make you an example: try to give one “Pacca” on the shoulder To a habitual player who is going to sit at the game table ... just the one to see him leave waiting to stop the "maleficio". A simple touch on the shoulder in such a moment is in fact considered sufficient to lose the fortune to which he was going to meet, finding the bad luck at the table instead.

And if the same is not enough for you to whistle, cross your fingers or cross the legs or even just to lose sight of the sight even for a moment the ball that runs on the roulette or the gaming dice that roll.

That's all? Not even by mistake, because the real casino players do not leave the house without first having left all the lights on, they wear red underwear and make sure to go play if possible accompanied by a woman. All this, preferring preferably from a side entrance to the game room and not from the main door.

One of the funniest curiosities is the "absolute prohibition" of meeting monks or nuns when you go out to go play, just as a bird is completely welcome that lets you go to your needs right on the player or on his car, still to more if the poop in question is that of a owl.

And all this without entering the world of lucky numbers, in which 13 e 17 They continue to be the masters at least in Europe, where the first is considered very lucky while the latter is instead nefarious (17 in Roman numerals you write XVII, Vixi anagram which means "I lived", implying that I was dead). Even in China and Japan, bad luck goes by assonance, in the first having the number as a bogey 4 (which sounds similar to "death") while in the second fearing the number 8 (reminiscent of the sound of "suffering").

Our conclusions

What to say? From our point of view it is above all an aspect to count: superstition is part of the tradition of the game and even this is enough to consider it in any case pleasant and positted.

But as always, it is a question of balance because a too absolute link with one's beliefs (whether we talk about getting lucky that of motivating bad luck) in extreme cases could even lead to a cognitive disorder towards the reality that surrounds us. As we say, you have to play in moderation, and it is with as much moderation that our little great rituals must be followed to propit to a kiss by the much beloved blindfolded goddess.

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