Game and sport have something in common, science explains it

Someone could find it a forced comparison, on the contrary, others could see it as obvious, but now science thinks about defining once and for all what is the link between the gamblers and the sportsmen. A simple bond, but completely decisive to better understand gambling and his fans so much to start in terms of security.

What unites a gambler to an athlete?

Let's start immediately from the answer: a gambler and a common athlete have research adrenaline, and not in terms of "phrase made" but of physiological effect. To say it is precisely a scientific study that has worried about comparing these two forms of entertainment on the level of the consequences on the mind, or better to say of passion. Just as a sports habitué suffers the lack of training after only a few days of inactivity, so even a gambler will suffer the same penalties if he is without playing. And if in the past this is missing has been given to the Game dependence (that exists, but which does not coincide with passion) now it is instead explained better by going precisely to "point" precisely the adrenaline as a cause of both the sensations of lack of both by the sportsman and by the player.

Of course, those who train every day also enjoy different effects, such as the satisfaction for the improvement of their physical condition or the gradual overcoming of their limits in terms of performance, But the psychological effects are the same: kept away from their favorite activity both will immediately feel so much to start the lack of adrenaline that releases practicing their favorite activity.

In other words, this study also explains the success of gambling in general (that we speak of Casino Online, lotteries or sports bets): a success that was mistakenly reduced to the hope of making great earnings in a short time, but now explained with the constant search for adrenaline Regardless of what is the final outcome of the game or bet made. Whether you win or get lost how long the important thing is to play, to the point that gambling can somehow be considered as a mental sport.

What is adrenaline?

At this point it is worth explaining briefly what it is and how it acts Adrenaline, a hormone naturally produced by the human body that is issued in the circumstances of greater psychophysical pressure as in cases of emotions such as danger, fear, stress and many other equally strong.

Its release serves to put us in a position to have all the fundamental resources to respond to a situation in any case of emergency, this because adrenaline enhances physical abilities, increases mental concentration, reduces the sense of fatigue and allows an immediate state of total lucidity.

Whether it is to launch with a parachute by a skyscraper in the city center or to place a bet, a play or a winning bag prediction, the adrenaline acts in the same way by putting us at the mercy of its effects, including a sort of immediate dependence on Sensations that gives, which is why the paratroopers as the players try to try again.

But there is something more At the same time normalizes and extreme The role of adrenaline in the life of each of us: it can also be the lever with which we are led to passionate about something. The twists and turns in the films, the emotions aroused by advertising, the sensationalist phrases in the newspapers or the special effects of the television shows are looking for an opportunity in the release of our adrenaline to create strong bonds with us, stimulating it.

Our conclusions

As anticipated immediately, this study certainly does not come to reveal anything unimaginable, but however it has the advantage of explain better What is a very important concept so much to start in gambling: the addiction that can derive from it.

The pleasure for the game that generates the desire to play once again and the compulsive need to do it continuously are certainly not the same thing, but they have a thin border in the middle that must be known and always held a lot under control: as well as it is completely normal to feel the desire to try again the same adrenaline discharge that made us feel good previously, it is instead completely wrong to have an uncontrollable need. And it is also for this reason that as always we invite you to practice the Safe game Always keeping on the side of those who play for passion and not by psychological necessity.

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